by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.01  MOTHER / CENTRALE 

In the coming off of the first trans-contacts of Adolf HOMES in 1988/89, and in his later activities till his passing in 1997, his mother MUTTER ELISE KAROLINE HOMES played an important role. She had died at Adolf’s birth in 1935, and his intense longing for her - motivated by Rainer HOLBE’s RTL broadcastings of the serial „Unglaubliche Geschichten“ (unbelievable stories) – was the release for his VOT experiments. After long weeks of fruitless endeavours he heard subsequent to his greeting the reply And we greet you. He attributed this voice to his mother and subsequently – for the most part via the Commodore C 64 made available by Friedrich MALKHOFF – developed a longer series of contacts in which MUTTER and CENTRALE appeared as the main communicators. Then a nearly complete spectrum of trans-messages and dialogues came true via radio, TV, telephone (on its answering machine, too), and the elderly C 64, which in the end, was replaced by a PC. Also during this time MUTTER again and again acted as a helping mediator, gave personal advice and announced impending contacts.  

Like she had opened the first communications, wherein she addressed Adolf with the name „Juenken“ (diminutive for ‚Junge’ (boy) = laddie) with which she used to call him in the local dialect, it was also she who addressed the last message to him. Later contact experiments made by Adolf’s spouse Rosi were merely sporadically successful. In 2002, however, he made contact via the German medium KARIN SCHNITTGER (see F-37.13.2). 

Juenken, here your mother gets in touch via computer contact – With this contact I take precedence over other contacts – Last time I was allowed to get in touch with you via radio contact – Some words were misconstrued – Love is, except of the fact that we all live, the greatest truth – Many of us are happy here – Others are not – Everything is very beautiful/fine – We have a lot to do – Actually I have given you little thought – Only by your calls I became attentive – Since then I am applying for TC – It is similar everywhere – Many here do not know that once they have lived in an other reality – Since three months earthly time I am with the TC centre – I had to enter into an other reality – Your passing to us will only take seconds in your time – I greet you – Your mother. (May 9th, 1989) 

Here your mother makes contact, hello, Juenken. Have no fear. Your moment of death is not specific. It is solely because of your pains that you know that it will happen soon. My friend over here, Hans Bender, and I will give you a fine reception. End of our information. Mutter (September 1997)

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