by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


Regarding these contacts see under F-38.4 RAUDIVE the message of July 23rd, 1988, announced via telephone and a few minutes later recorded by the author at the telephone, and under F-38.13 ‚EXTRATERRESTRIALS’. On June 14th, 1994, 2109 answered at HOMES via computer the question: From where originate the so-called UFOs? with NASA doesn’t sleep. 

March 6th, 1989, radio: Here speaks Wernher von BRAUN, the scientist. Get in touch with HOMES via radio of the dead. There are many extraterrestrial beings/entities who/which are not identical with spiritual beings/entities. These extraterrestrials are in touch with the American government. There is radio contact to the earth. The extraterrestrials come from the planet (Tamar) and in their entire development are more advanced than the earthly man. The first contacts of the extraterrestrials to the earth were (1954). Meanwhile regular meetings between extraterrestrials and earthly men are taking place. These are top secret. End of the message. 

W. von BRAUN frequently is introduced as an engineer. In fact he had studied physics. Tamar and 1954 are uncertain, Tamar possibly is identical with the similarly sounding name given in the message of July 17th, 1992 (see F-38.13). 

September 15th, 1989: Humanoid beings, as you call them, will look after the planet earth from 1990 onwards. We, the deceased humans, have contacts with them like we have them with you. The earthly man is no longer in a position to save his planet in the long run. The extraterrestrials like ourselves have utmost interest in preserving the entire universe in its natural disposition. Testimonies that you regard as fables/myths and legends shall not be repeated. For these purposes the extraterrestrials must study you. Some of them are already residing among you. All this has a positive import. Remoteness creates nearness. Replace the word discord by love. 

Already in the message (1968) reproduced in excerpts in F-37.3, RICHET had claimed with the same meaning that the deceased were in contact with extraterrestrials. 

On June 1st, 1992, arrived under Wernher von BRAUN a third message in which he referred to the previous ITC congress in Sao Paulo, in which would have participated not only deceased but also energies unknown to the humans.  

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