by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997)  

F-38.12.03  MANFRED BODEN 

Manfred BODEN died on March 23rd, 1990, from the 15 months earlier via computer announced cardiac failure. That same day, at about 3 p.m., HOMES received a telephone call from Mrs. T.W. of Griesheim (Germany), a lady unknown to him. She informed him that Manfred BODEN (of whom she knew only his name) had mediumistically asked that HOMES should write the sentence Lieber Manfred, wir sind hier (Dear Manfred, we are here) into his computer, what he immediately did. At 5.30 p.m. the formatting of the disk had been changed to „MANFRED BODEN“, but did not contain any text. When he checked at 8 p.m. he found (CHARLY was BODEN’s CB radio name): 

Here MANFRED. Contact via Mrs. T.W.. It is beautiful here. Contact via Centrale. Know THOMAS. Will make contact via T.W. and Centrale. CHARLY.

After her telephone conversation with HOMES, Mrs. T.W. made the attempt to reach BODEN mentally and asked to transmit a to her incomprehensible message for control purposes. She received is positive. To the question for whom this message was destined, she received: MALKHOFF. And Life so empty, death so fine, pray, thanks. MALKHOFF explained that about four months before he had agreed with BODEN the code word ‚positive’ as the sign of survival in the case of BODEN’s death. Life so empty corresponds with BODEN’s mood during the last months of his life. In the early morning of March 29th, 1990, immediately before his leave for the parting ceremony that was to take place in the crematorium of Baden-Baden, HOMES found in the computer under „HALLO ADOLF 90“: 

Congratulation on my funeral. Find myself in a known world of unlimited diversity. Everything is possible. Medium level of existence. Past, presence and future combine logically with each other. I search the experience since my cycle of reincarnations is at its end. There are an infinite lot of systems. I feel like living a dream. Here a big number of disoriented (ones). All is interconnected. I need rest and concentration. CHARLY.

The next spontaneous contact occurred on April 4th, 1990, via computer. Some parts are identical with the preceding message. In this text appears for the second time the meaningful notion positive.  

Manfred to Station Rivenich. I receive you via intuitive insights of your consciousness. Find myself already in the state of quietude and time of decision. Have taken part in many incarnations. The (one) before last was female. Do not need the for me impending cycle. There are systems in big number. Through reincarnations we help in our way in shaping/working out your world. Everything creates itself. You will not be able to understand it. The orientation of my consciousness is positive. Your conception of karma is far more complicated than you think. All is possible, since all exists. 

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About seven weeks later, on May 22nd, 1990, produced via radio/TV set a dialogue of 17 questions and answers between Manfred BODEN and Adolf HOMES. Here is an excerpt: 

Do you have a name?  No, no name.

In what time do you live?  In no time. Time does not exist.

Did you never have a name?  No.

Yes.  Aren’t all contacts madness/lunacy for us? (There) is no madness/lunacy, only order.

Do you know Manfred BODEN? Am the Buehler BODEN – contact end. (Buehl = town in south-west Germany where Manfred had lived.) 

Despite of having twice negated the notion ‚name’, follows at the end an identification by indicating the former place of residence. One can connect the denial of a name with an earlier message at HOMES: At the beginning and at the end of an incarnation the beings/entities have no names, as well as with a VOT received by the author: The name gets lost in heaven. Further indications regarding the basically no longer relevant names given by the deceased are found occasionally, e.g. also with BENDER

A further contact with Manfred BODEN occurred on August 3rd, 1992, at 11:20 a.m. in form of a breaking in into USW music broadcast recorded with a radio recorder. The text spoken in syllables penetrating through the still audible normal song program is relatively well understandable. 

Here speaks Manfred BODEN. Here speaks Manfred BODEN. We greet Station Rivenich and Luxemburg. All what you see is not real. Close your eyes and turn your look (eyes) inwards. Poor is your world, because you are blind. Love and unity: important conceptions. Conceptions live, dead live, computers live, everything lives. Broadcast disturbs contact. Greetings to SENKI and my family. Contact end.

After his return from several days of voyage, HOMES found on December 5th, 1994, a message on the disk under „MANFRED BODEN 4

The realizations of sage entities suggest again and again the presumption that a last absolute truth does not exist. All that exists at all appears to be (found) in the subjectivity. Therefore the question on heaven and hell will be of no avail as well. Beings/entities who/which seriously aspire to heaven will find similar patterns of behaviour in the non-space-time. We can all obtain knowledge, if the consciousness remains open to everything. Hence, we all should not advocate/be of the opinion to know a lot, for all contains/implies open field structures which irresistibly change in all directions. – The great human weakness is the manipulation by everybody of you seeking his advantage anywhere. This also applies to/proves right with many of us. The difference between man and spirit consists only in the removal of the physical. All appearances of so-called paranormal kind in my last human life found on our realities.

The last contact via Homes' PC appeared on April 22nd, 1997

Here contacts Manfred Boden ex. Buehl-Weitenung via Adolf Homes. Hello, Senki, old friend, do you remember the time of our getting to know each other over there? (I) stay in my apartment now and then. Could have done more for myself and transcommunication. Could not cope with the loneliness and did not mind your words. Have met your father, also over here a peaceful rowdy. Is not interested in TC, but is alright. The ascertainment (that) the world was fairly bearable, life not black, man good at bottom, took me a lot of courage. The insight to learn, to use and to master not only the energy of your nature, but also one’s own personal power of mind/mental strength continues to be the command of human being. You understand, Senki. We all greet you, Adelheid and all friends, until soon, dear Senki. The Buehler Boden 4.11.1996. (November 4th is the author’s birthday!)

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