by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.04  ABX-JUNO 

In connection with the ABX DEAV contacts at HAERTING (see F-38.8), several TI received by HOMES are noteworthy. After a first contact made via radio on Christmas Eve 1990, with greetings to the families HAERTING and FORNOFF, on February 25th, 1993, began to manifest, at 3:00 p.m via MW (two devices at 1480 kHz), an extremely slowly spoken message whose interpretation was wearisome. It had a duration of 11 ˝ minutes, can, however, easily be spoken within 1 minute. Before the voice began to speak an additional noise set in, furthermore the USW Eurosignal was to be heard, which normally cannot be received via MW. This signal and the slow speaking of the deep voice had characterized the messages that had arrived under ABX-JUNO at HAERTING and his group in Darmstadt in 1987. 

Here speak(s) ABX-JUNO. You will not recognize my voice known to you. This is due to the difference/diversity of the forms on your side. I send you a transmission for the FORNOFF group and confirm herewith all information from entity CLAUDIUS. Don’t get puzzled by the signal sound. It is produced by us. The soul CLAUDIUS disposes of such a great potential that this never can be expressed through a medium. Please have confidence. Accept (my) thanks for all your endeavours up to now. Please pass (my) regards to Mr. FORNOFF, Mrs. SCHAEFER, Mrs. HAERTING, as well as to all friends in your group. 

A rather long computer contact of March 9th, 1993, which answers questions posed by DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI (see F-38.12.6), starts with the identification: Here contact you your transpartners JUNO as well as DOC MUELLER (see below) by means of/in consequence of the conformity of the mental/spiritual form. On an automatic print-out of May 4th, 1993, 8:30 a.m., the combination of these two names is extended by MUTTER/E.C. HOMES

Dear friends in Darmstadt.. Why do you regret the natural development of entity FS? (‘death’ of Franz Schneider) All physical serves the mental/spiritual. Our messages correspond to our consciousness, not to that of omnipotence. For us the moment of your time does not exist. Please have patience all (of you). The obstacle proper is the different programming of the consciousnesses. Only a few of you are capable of adapting to our way of thinking. With the physical end of the individual changes the programmed consciousness. The contacts with Peter HAERTING are a successful experiment. They however end with the decease of the matter (the material body). 

Also in the contacts (1995/96/97), mainly addressed to Jochem FORNOFF, it sticks out that several transnames are combined so that one gets the impression that basically the occurrences were controlled by a complex structure presenting itself under different and/or changing names. Important appears to be the last computer contact of August 23rd, 1997, because it represents a plausible model of ITC. 

In a contact with station R4 the gravitational conditions known to you are modified by us, so that in the quantum vacuum electromagnetic forms can be generated that reach all (the) devices in R4. The transoperation however functions in the main owing to the receiver’s mental disposition and his overall frame of mind, whereon also earlier existences have decisive effect. With you the translation begins, a.o., in the consciousness impulse, never in your appliances. Notwithstanding the contact attempts of both sides continue to be important, for the respective system’s building elements (components) will have favourable influence on the translation. – All your religions are merely facets of an enormous mirror. It be said clearly to you here: God is the principle itself, the cause in everything that exists. This law has validity in all galaxies. (August 23rd, 1997, PC printout)

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