by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.05  HANS BENDER 

Well-known German parapsychologist Prof. Emer. Dr. Hans BENDER of the university of Freiburg (Germany) expired on May 7th, 1991. Adolf HOMES had not had any relations to him. To the first announced contact in 1991 followed, between February and June 1994, seven further transcontacts via telephone, radio, computer monitor, and computer store. 

Like with other TI, it sticks out that in the multifarious contents mostly just touched on subjects change jerkily within one and the same contact, wherein short interpositions interrup a subject that thereafter is taken up again. BENDER’s style sometimes appears to be ‘elated’, his manner of speaking lays much emphasis on the syllables (see B-11.2, Ill. 15). 

On June 19th, 1991, after having received an annmouncement of a transcontact, HOMES had to leave his house for professional reasons, before however switched on his receiving devices. At his return they were in switched off state and the tape was at its end. When checking he found a recording of 10 minutes and a half duration under the name Hans BENDER. Later it turned out that, with identical time indication, an identical text had arrived in Luxemburg on CETL’s PC, opened and supplemented by remarks of MUTTER, Elise Karoline HOMES, his mother. At CETL HOMES’ version is complemented by the below added two passages. Divergences: geobiologisch (geobiological) instead of genbiologisch (genebiological); missing is “lasst Eure Aufgabe nicht…”  (do not let your task ….); the closing is simpler: “gruessen Sie alle” (greet you all or regards to all). 

Only in Luxemburg:

Station Centrale to station Luxemburg 19-06-91  10:30 Elise Caroline HOMES greets all (those) interested of stations Centrale and Zeitstrom (Time Stream). To furnish a further proof of our collaboration we transmit you a text that this day has been put through also to my son Adolf. I hand the device over to a newcomer in our group. 

Same wording in Luxemburg and in Rivenich:

Here makes contact the deceased Hans BENDER from Freiburg. Through our concentrating on you (pl.) many physical processes pass off within you. The word copy however is not in place. By means of a not yet existent instrument with a to you unkonwn high vibration a communication with apt men would be possible at any time. You are right with your decision to be sparing of publications since you are still a target of ridicule for too many people. – The friend Ernst SENKOWSKI rightly presumes a with you unconscious personality structure that, however is backed by a conscious will, as well as an on your planet permeable genebiological filter (that) enable mental meetings of different worlds, also instrumentally. – Each of you receives those contacts from us which we deem right on the basis of his state of consciousness and the state/condition of his soul. It is possible that in case of tape recordings conversations are listened to by us (or conversations between us are listened to, which, however, frequently are not correctly listened to by you. Many times this are also thoughts of earth-bound mental beings. They believe to still have a physical body. This experience, too, is important for you, for without any success the interest soon dies out. In the moment of this message I am visiting Freiburg and am feeling very well.  – Persons who in contact experiments with us have or get a negative feeling are not yet ready (for such) from their state of consciousness, they still should wait. Very pleased was I when at my passing I noticed EDISON, Dr. SWANN, Dr. MUELLER, and RAUDIVE. I was even very pleased about a scientist defunct before me, who during (his) lifetime had been an objector to our existence. We were opponents only on your side. Here they are astonished about the giving of names, but only by that way we can make ourselves understandable to you. – As to the immortal soul, so we tell you that it is present in the entire universe and can be everywhere at the same time. I would designate these practices with the term telepathy. It is of godly structure, it feels mourning/sadness and rejoicing/happiness like we do. An example would be a physical finger print that survives for milleniums although the person concerned is dead since long. But there are men who are closer to their soul than others. – We (the) dead aim at creating an instrument by which positive men are enabled to contact our mental/spiritual world. – Please give my regards to Dr. SENKOWSKI, Dr. DELAVRE, Mr. MEEK, as well as to Dr. DETERMEYER and Mr. STEINER. Contact ended.

Only in Luxemburg:

Hans stands on informing that he regrets the matter/affair of Strasburg. He had to experience personally what doubt can stand for. …. I close this contact. Elise Karoline HOMES.

A remarkable correlation results from the mentioning of the name STEINER, of whose relation to BENDER not one of the persons involved knew. When the author inquired, Alfons STEINER surprisingly explained that in a conversation held in Vienna on May 29th, 1984, on the issue of the continuance of life (after death) and the reality of transcontacts he had shown scepticism, and that then BENDER had promised he, if possible, would after his death let him have a message via a third person. A further correspondence is suggested by the indication to Strasburg. Elmar GRUBER, who wrote the biography of his academical teacher, knows that BENDER during his time in Strasburg out of scientifical scepticism had applied a trick in order to prove a by him presumed deception by a volunteer. His deportment would almost have cost him the sponsor’s support. 

Here speaks Dr. Hans BENDER from Freiburg. – I would like to contribute to parapsychology being looked in a binocular manner on your side. Please deliver to Mr. GRUBER, Mr. BAUER or LUCADOU the message that the psychology of mankind is getting into the irrational and the principles of research are not right. You lack the parallax of the order of magnitude and manifoldness. I recognized this too late (when) with you. – One should no longer regard the individual and the endurance with logic only, for this logic is subject to principles of judgement/estimation that are not beneficial for man and the universe. The dangers of your contemporary work is (are) identical with the result of the Western church. Therefore free yourselves from the rigid attitude of tradition and open yourselves to the new forms of probability of a genuine system that I am now learning to know. – I greet all scientists who seriously endeavour doing their work. Dear friend ELMAR, you were presentient of it. – This said to you Hans BENDER. (February 24th, 1994)

Resumption of the contacts via instruments. Your reality system is one of countless ones, but all pass off simultaneously. – The system proper of all that is consists in the continuous changing of all consciousnesses. This fact establishes the different logic and therefore renders the communication with you and other life difficult. – Because of innumerable dimensions in form of thoughts that you can realize also materially, you have the possibility to produce a lot of what we cannot bring about in that manner. Instead we have been given substantially more alternatives. Things that you create mentally form always part of life after death and beyond it, whether they appear as real or not. This also bears on your religions. You will find what you created mentally, for example, a good God or a bad devil. Between them there yet are innumerable facets. Hence concentrate on your deep consciousness and on what you deem to be positive and good, even though we regard your logic as a hallucination. Good and bad do no longer exist for me, for the fear of the bad is merely a mass projection, over here like with you. My personality core consists of several Is. One of these in your moment is making contact in Rivenich. Through that I feel a considerably greater psychological structure, and also my form of perception is richer than is yours. Here, for you in the Beyond, I have to do with entities that with you did neither learn to write nor to read and nevertheless possess more knowledge than most of you. They lived in Australia and Brazil. (March 7th, 1994)

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In the message of March 8th, 1994, at least 8 details of BENDER’s looking back on his life can be confirmed as correct in the light of/from the biography (GRUBER: “Suche im Grenzenlosen” (Search in the limitless)). The roots of a  touching situation go back to March of the year 1925. At that time BENDER, together with a friend, was on a cemetery at the lake of Geneva to visit the grave of Madame DE STAEL. When reading the epigraph ‘Why seek ye the living among the dead?’ (LUKAS 24,5) BENDER spontaneously bursted into a flood of tears. This event appears to have been an anticipation of the news of his beloved mother’s death that reached him many years later in the same place, and thus for BENDER has a deep emotional implication. HOMES did not know any details of BENDER’s life, in particular he had not yet read the biography. February 5th, 1907 is BENDER’s date of birth. 

Here the spook-BENDER speaking five two one nine zero seven. I begin with details for identification. – Dear friend. I will try to let all momentary experiences flow into your psyche. – All your experiences (note by translator: in the sense of situations lived) are coded messages. There are little coincidences. – People who don’t believe you shall simply let it go. Greet Mr. SENKOWSKI […], my friend ELMAR and all men. – Why seek ye the living among the dead? End. (March 8th, 1994)

The following radio contact, announced via telephone by MUTTER, passed in form of a dialogue and is distinguished by several paranormal music sequences. It is here reproduced including the experimenter’s complete remarks: 

HOMES: ‘Now a radio transmitter strikes in lightening-like, a relatively serious music that well is very beautiful, but that is of no use for me at this moment. I’ll try to turn it away. I’ve medium wave around 1440 (kHz). It has gone now, not yet completely, now it is off. – The music transmitter strikes through again, that’s all the same to me now. I’ll let it go on now. But on this channel I never had a transmitter with such clarity.’ 

Here the spook-BENDER speaking via apparatus in Rivenich. Spook-Bender? Please pass on your message understandably for me, Mr. B.

My messages correspond to your vocabulary. – The extrasensory perception does not permit the coincidence. – Every probability at all imaginable is at any time in a position to become present. – The information of the unconscious is the live message of the universe. Had many discussion(s) with Elmar GRUBER. Elmar says a personality core of the entity seems not to exist because mental adaptations are necessary. I share this opinion for parts of my I exist on your planet. The knowledge of one part is accessible to all parts. Manipulation never exists since (the) information always is parts of the soul as well as of the universe. Hyperaesthesia. The term double-I in my view is incorrect, because the barriers of consciousness on your side are illusionary. Thanks to Elmar for the explanation. Can you tell us any more, Mr. B.?

Why seek ye the living among the dead? Contact end. (April 8th, 1994)

HOMES: ‘Now the music transmitter sets in again. … I thank you (pl.) – till (hear you) later.’ 

From the checking of the recording resulted that the two short sequences preceding the beginning, and after the ending of the contact, are a characteristical excerpt from WAGNER’s overture of the Flying Dutchman. Three arguments are indicative of a paranormal fade-in: 

1  HOMES’ attempt to find a free frequency by changing the tuning of the receiver remained without success: the music came back.

2  Although in the original overture the theme exists once only, it appears twice, with an interval of around 9 min. We cannot have to do with a normal radio broadcast here.

3  There exist two relations: BENDER’s father was a declared adorer of WAGNER, his mother founded the Richard-WAGNER-Verband (association) in Freiburg. 

On May 12th, 1994, a team of the SAT1 TV station filmed at HOMES a short acoustic contact via radio/TV for a broadcasting on May 19th, 1994. The within this connection unusual term intervention means ‘interference’ and ‘entering into a reciprocal engagement’.  

Here spook-BENDER. Dear friends. Your metamorphosis has begun already.The intervention of the ages becomes understood/understandable. With this the contacts to you are furthered, since the transformation effects this. Greet all men on your planet. This said to you Hans BENDER. Why seek ye the living among the dead? Contact end. 

The following dialogue of June 9th, 1994, is the only case in which HOMES broke a contact off because of a disturbing foreign voice: 

All occult practices explain themselves in the spiritual form of thought in all psychoanalytical processes of the world of the spirits. The medium’s interest opens the doors. The spiritual world contains/includes all ever imaginable phenomena. – The mediumistic ability is the interest in oneself in connection with the uncertain, and here too many cooks spoil the broth. Yes, this is an old proverbial saying with us. The for you paranormal is an efficacious element of nature. You may/can contact any being/entity for every ghost/spirit exists. Contact God, so he will answer. The same applies to Lucifer or the so-called superordinate conceptions. (Thinking), the lucidity of the soul, disposes of all knowledge. The mental/spiritual forms are indescribable also from my view(point). Therefore in all dimensions all things are possible.   

BENDER made contact again in July 1995, and after more than two years for the last time addressed the author and HOMES. 

Look, dear friend Senkowski, our messages base on a different logic. Perhaps it has escaped you that here living humans and ghosts/spiritual beings all have different opinions and, in case they are capable of contacting persons living with you, also express it. We here hold this circumstance to be of great importance, because you should not in the least proceed from there being no disparities of views any more in our worlds. With this knowledge, in the end, can also be explained the incongruities on your level, because only the total knowledge of man makes sense in the multiversum. – You are right with the assumption that a chimney sweeper arriving here from you(r side) will not immediately become a professor. All things in the worlds are worked for, although our existence appears to be easier from your point of view. – A creator cannot be explained. We all exist solely within him and through him, in which the personification should not find application. Please inform my friend Ernst Senkowski that an innovative field like the research of the immortal human or entity will be able to make its way. Look, dear Adolf Homes, from my present standpoint I am allowed to live/experience every moment of my life with you once again with all clearness. Don’t believe this were easy. The psyche of an earhly man would not bear up against this pressure. Just recently I visited my oak-slope on the magical hill. It had become my second home. – Why seek ye the living among the dead. Your cross-border commuter Hans Bender. (August 30th  1997, PC print-out)

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