by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.06  AUGUST HLOND 

Among the drop-in communicators having ‘come along’ at HOMES in the course of the years, former Polish Cardinal HLOND holds a special position. The in itself remarkable spontaneous computer dialogue between a TE writing in Italian and the experimenter ‘answering’ devoid of understanding in German language, four days after this contact received additional weight by a transimage on the TV set that, a few minutes before, had be annnounced via computer by MUTTER (Ill. 51). The ‘paranormal character’ of these events was confirmed by an extraordinary dialogue via telephone which the author, a few weeks later, had the opportunity to have in Mayence with his deceased friend Klaus SCHREIBER and the Cardinal (F-38.4). Altogether there are signs of a complex communicative network that can convey a faint impression of the to us unconscious resonances based on similarities of structure, resonances that build the background of our space-time world, resp. of our wake consciousness. 

On January 2nd, 1992, towards 3 p.m., HOMES, after a rather long interruption, felt induced to make a contact experiment with his C 64 computer. At that time the system consisted merely of the computer and a monitor without floppy. Immediately after he had switched them on, the normal status information disappeared before the eyes of the surprised experimenter, and all of a sudden appeared the first sentence of the ‘dialogue’ reproduced completely here below. The original appeared in the mode of 40 signs per line, without line numbers. The translationn is set behind in brackets. The spacings lacking between the words in the Italian text have been introduced. 

Qui (here) Kardinal August HLOND Amore (love) Adolf HOMES. Are you the Cardinal? Si (yes) Can you have a dialogue? si parlare difficile (yes speaking difficult) Do you belong to the groups Zeitstrom (time-stream) and Centrale? si sette settimana (Yes, seven weeks). How can you perceive me? spirito (mind/spirit) Can you show yourself via televison? si or (yes, now). What language do you write? non capitano ((do) not command) Can you repeat? no Can you perceive me well here? si I have no device for memorizing this, may I film it? si May I ask further questions? nessuno desiderio io amore ora germanski. (no desire I love (noun) now German) There yet is no point in going on since I understand nothing. si Dio ist Largo August HLOND terra 1881- 1948 fine. (yes God is generous/open August HLOND earth 1881-1948 end).  

In earlier VOT experiments HOMES several times had heard the word ‘Cardinal’ and, among others, had asked the author for information (letter of December 20th, 1991). Therefore he immediately reacted with: ‘Are you the Cardinal?’ – To the question whether he could show on television, HLOND answered jajetzt (yes now). Presumably he understood ‘show’ in the sense of ‘manifest’. The most important sentence is io amore ora germanski. Correct would have been ‘io amo’, ‘amore is the noun ‘love’. Germanski is the Polish word for ‘German’. The sense consequently is: I now love ‘German’ or ‘the German’. 

After the author had been informed by HOMES, he found in an encyclopaedia the confirmation of the life dates of Cardinal HLOND, who till that day had been absolutely unknown to him. Among other things he read: ‘H. has been a vigorous ecclesiastical advocate of the Polish policy vis-à-vis the German minority and, since 1945, of the Polish claims regarding the ‘Oder-Neisse-Linie’ (Der Grosse Brockhaus, Wiesbaden, 1954, volume 5, p. 467). It is suggestive to relate this statement with the Cardinal’s that he now loves the German.  Further investigations led to a book of the former priest of the town Neisse, Frank SCHOLZ, in which HLOND’s comportment against the German clergy in the territories east of the line of demarcation (allegedly with the Vatican’s support!) is evidenced. Under this aspect the Cardinal’s contact can/may (among others) be understood as a consequence of his new attitude. 

Already during the author’s first investigations HOMES received on January 6th, 1992, at about 9 a.m. a computer text: 

Hello, chap! As soon as I end this contact set your camera up in the sitting room, switch TV set to empty channel and film the flickering. The Cardinal sets great value on showing himself. … The Cardinal who was named August HLOND will no more make contact in Rivenich. The transmission of January 2nd, 1992, is of importance for him. Mr. Dr. Ernst SENKOWSKI is in the know. Special greetings to him. …  Now follow my advice. January 6th, 1992 MUTTER. 

After the experimenter had filmed with his video camera the text shown on the monitor, he installed same in front of the TV set tuned as advised. About 12 sec. later appeared a man’s portrait for 6 – 7 sec. and was filmed. Despite of  manifold endeavours, the search for a picture of Cardinal HLOND’s last years, from which one could see a clear resemblance, was not successful. On February 10th, 1992, at about 6 p.m., deceased Klaus SCHREIBER called on the author by telephone and mediated a conversation with Augustyn HLOND, wherein the correct Polish Christian name Augustyn was used (at HOMES simply August) (see F-38.4). 

Many years later the whole affair found an interesting ‘epilogue’: The Vatican wanted to beatify HLOND, what (for the time being?) was shelved subsequent to an objection by the German Conference of Bishops.  

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