by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.07  GEORGE J. MUELLER 

Like many transcontacts also the DocMUELLER series, extending from October 1992 till September 1993, started spontaneously. In the course of a relatively long exchange of thoughts former college physics teacher Dr. George J. MUELLER answered post mortem to scientifically oriented questions posed by VD/ES and entered into the computer by HOMES. Some contacts took place in form of verbal dialogues between MUELLER and the experimenter who, at the first contact, did not recognize the name of his drop-in partner and did not remember the transimage that had appeared on his TV set 18 months earlier, on April 22nd, 1991 (see Ill. 50). The term Mark IV, not familiar to HOMES and used by MUELLER for identification designated the Spiricom installation which MUELLER had developed in cooperation with the mediumistically gifted technician William O’NEIL, a collaborator of METASCIENCE, USA, whose founder and chief had been George W. MEEK (see F-38.6). 

In order to convey to the reader an insight into the course of the event, here is transcribed the slightly shortened report HOMES has placed ahead of the copy of the original recording. MUELLER’s way of speaking accentuates clearly the syllables, the radio speaker is slightly hearable in the background. The dialogue lasted 4 min. 25 sec. 

October 13th, 1992, approx. 1 p.m.: While washing up in the kitchen I clearly heard within the music broadcast (USW) out of the loudspeaker of the small radio standing on the window sill three times the words ‘HOMES record’. I went to fetch from the working room my cassette recorder with microphone, placed both onto the stool/arm-chair near the radio and switched on ‘recording’. Now a radio speaker started speaking (news at noon); I said nothing. Suddenly I heard the words: Here is Doc MILLER. First I did not understand well, therefore I put the question. In this moment I did not know how I should react for which reason my questions came unreflected. And I did not know with whom I had to do.

Here is Doc MUELLER. – Who is there?

Here is Doc MUELLER – Doc Miller? Who is Doc Miller?

Made contact via Mark four – Can you speak a little more distinctly?

Please pass my regards on to Mr. MEEK and Mr. SENKOWSKI and pass on my thanks to both. -  I understand that.

To me it’s immaterial whether you believe me or not. The purpose is the research, not the discussion. – Where are you? From where do you call me?

In the existence. Existence is living. Living is experiencing, no matter when, where or how it happens, for everything happens now. – I’ve got this. Does time only exist for us men?

The illusion of your time is a sticking together of further illusions. - The general state of our planet is a serious state.

Yes. The quality of life of your reality is not on a level worthy of evolution. – Can man in this moment do something decisive in order to … the planet?

Abstractions that determine the universe do not base upon the intellectual power of mankind. – How will all that misery on our planet end? Who is speaking there with me?

Man always possesses what he is prepared to loose at any time. – I did not get that. What are the worst reasons that … the destruction of our earth?

Do not search for reasons, please, because your overall logic is wrong. – Isn’t man right from his birth negatively polarized? That is the question.

God is in everything. What you believe has nothing to do with this. In everything/all is perfection. Your situation is becoming more frightening. – Yes, we know that.

Will stay in contact with you. Contact end. – Yes, I’ve got most of it. Hearty thanks. I have heard ‘contact end’. I will listen to all of it (again).

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Also the second MUELLER-HOMES dialogue on October 15th, 1992, 10:45 a.m. began unexpectedly. The earthly music program on USW was interrupted for 4 min. 50 sec., and a voice got in touch as follows: 

Here is Dr. MUELLER – Hello, Doctor M., you wish to tell me something?

Hello, Mr. HOMES – Hello, Doctor. Would you like to tell me somemthing?

All communication systems on principle are directed by the mind. Telepathy. Only then you can hear me via radio. – Yes, I understand.

(See JUERGENSON at CETL, April 27th,1993:  that slowly men become conscious of it that actually man is a part of the apparatus and the apparatus a part of man, as well as JUERGENSON’s explanation). 

Therefore two-way-contacts end with the experimenter’s death because the required vibration is no more existent. Yes, that is also my opinion, Dr. M., can you speak in English with me? Hello. –

The assumption I were on higher levels is incorrect. – Is incorrect. Dr., will these contacts become better worldwide in the course of time, or will things continue with these individual cases?

Refer to the mediumistic contact of April 14th, 1920. At that time I have not been in the world yet.

With his belief man cannot move a lot. Only the recognizing of probabilities allows the psyche to forge ahead to other reality systems. – Oh, I see, I’ve understood partly.

Please have Mr. SENKOWSKI give my regards to Mr. MEEK and the METASCIENCE group. Contact end. I have caught this. Dr. M., I thank you very heartily for the transmission and hope for further contacts via this radio. I greet you all most cordially.

The indication to April 14th, 1920, refers to a by WICKLAND in “Thirty years among the dead” quoted mediumistically received TI about the development of a TC instrument in the Beyond (see A-6.0).   

DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI sent HOMES two questions directed to MUELLER. After several successless attempts, on October 21st, 1992, the provoking of a contact at 2:05 p.m. was successful. The voice came from an older radio switched on in addition to the ‘kitchen radio’.  

I call for Dr. Mueller from the so-called Beyond. Hello – Here is Dr. MUELLER. How can we explain (to ourselves) the transcommunicative concerted action of the entity in the Beyond, the apparatus in the Beyond, the earthly person, and the earthly apparatus? What are the objects particularly of your apparatus in the Beyond in the TC with us? – My answer to both questions: As is known to you, the entire human body possesses an energy that you understand as electrophysiology-energetics. Through touch-contact systems with your apparatus in connection with intuition centres of your body and your psyche generates a corridor or channel. Our thoughts arrive with you at that time when all five notions tally. This refers to the communication via apparatus. Dr., how do the mediumistic messages come about without apparatus? A channel without apparatus comes about through enlarged telepathic brain activity structures, as well as desire and aim. In all cases very strong motivation is required. Dr. M., would you like to give us another information? (Mueller breakes in on Homes:) Please accustom yourselves to a completely timeless dream-like state. By this the fear reduces, because without fear you have a greater readiness for coordination. Pass my regards to Mr. SENKOWSKI and METASCIENCE. Contact end. Contact end, ask for further contacts, cordial greetings. 

The questions are not fully answered, in particular are not mentioned the virtual apparatus in the Beyond. Nevertheless to VD/ES a continuation of the exchange appeared to be meaningful. Under October 26th, 1992, three double questions to Doc MUELLER were formulated. On November 4th, 1992, at 4:55 p.m., Konstantin RAUDIVE informed in a telephone dialogue recorded by HOMES: 

The questions that were put by colleagues DELAVRE and SENKOWSKI to our collaborator George Jeffries MUELLER will be answered before long.

Six weeks later, on December 16th, 1992, HOMES, via computer, put a query to Mueller. In the morning of December 17th, 08:30 a.m., he found on the monitor the specified answers, each one prefaced by answer to …, and he printed them. Here below follow the answers joined to the respective questions: 

Here is Doctor M. The questions of the friends S. and D. are known to us here.

With which fields or energies do you influence during a transcontact the to us known physical fields? Heterogeneous electrostatics – electron physiology – mysticism – radar – telepathy.

Can we perceive or measure these fields or energies also independently from the radio contacts? No – your measurements are not correct.

By what way is the normal function of the radio changed? By divining/tracking out transmission vibration unclear.

Is there a certain point in the radio receiver that is modulated by you? No, nein (no in German).

Do certain local or global environmental factors exist by which the transmission of your transmessages is influenced? Generated cosmic nodal points of coordination can be made (or: Generated nodal points of coordination can be made cosmically).

Can we derive from these specific times favourable for transcontacts? No, because our physical laws in essentials (essential points) segregate from yours. Please pass this contact on to both friends. Please give my regards to all men on your planet. Here is Doctor MUELLER via ident Mark 4.  17.12.1992 – Contact end.

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On January 16th, 1993, HOMES discovered on the monitor a spontaneous message from MUELLER which disappeared immediately after it had been passed on to the author by telephone. C stands for CENTRALE, R for RIVENICH, ES for SENKOWSKI. 

Doc M. makes contact via C with station R. Please memorize immediately since minimum efficiency cancellation. Coordination points take rise from both sides through psychic creative activities, the human mental powers are overcharged. An increased psychic vibration is required, under preconditions learnable. Learning process. On our side always adaptations for contacts to other forms of existence are necessary. Your instruments do not exist for us, therefore all contacts with humans are made via the mind. Telepathy. Then follows divining/tracking out energy. All earlier information from me remains valid. The assumption of many men that we were considerably more intelligent than they is incorrect. Our vibration is a completely different one. Many beings/entities in our world are more stupid than men. Please understand me right: a realistic dream world wherein all is possible. Therefore your structure is very important for us. Give my regards to Metascience Foundation, Mr. MEEK, Mr. SENKOWSKI and to all men with good intention. Doc MUELLER 16.1.1993.

The author asked HOMES to pass on the question: ‘Several times you used the word vibrations. We would be very grateful to you if you were able to explain to us the meaning of this word in your sense. 16.1.1993’. HOMES to SENKOWSKI: ‘This morning I saw to the computer. The screen was empty. Using the dollar-sign key I called up and noticed that the diskette formatting had been changed to “colleague SENKOWSKI” and Hamburg”. I called up Hamburg” and 12 lines showed up. See computer print-out. In this moment I am at a loss to follow the whole because I do not know what Esprit represents. It now is 7:05 (a.m.) and I will call on you at about 9 o’clock. Also the text was printed, although I do not yet master the function since Fritz (MALKHOFF) wanted to do all this. The matter is growing into madness.’ Beginning and end of the printed text: 




Dear Mr. Colleague SENKOWSKI. Since our vibrations consist of esprit, cosmic legalities, or, if you so wish, of elements of nature, they are not measurable by you. They however are measurable in spaces free of gravitational fields. Esprit on principle creates everything in all worlds. Esprit identifies itself with all consciousness. With the experimenter on your side esprit needs both brain halves. You will understand my exposition. I greet you and thank you. Doc MUELLER 19.1.1993.

On February 21st, 1993, the author handed 13 new questions out to HOMES, who took a glance at them, put them aside and also later did not type them into the computer. On February 23rd, at 6:30 p.m., spouses HOMES heard that the printer of the system in ‘on’ state was working. The automatically printed text was found under “DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI”, and on the diskette as well. Here the answers are written subsequent to the respective question.  

Contact via station R. Dear colleague DELAVRE. Your questions are known to us since their formation.

Where is commonness between your and our physical laws?

Repetition cosmic conformity with natural laws.

Can you directly interfere with individual electrons of our communication systems?

For you not measurable light sources hit your wave ranges. Through adaptation coordination connection. –

Are you yourselves composed of known or unknown elementary particles?

Mind/spirit can never consist of particles. –

Is it possible to gain a construction principle for TC systems from the by you mentioned physical factors ‘heterogeneous electrostatics’ and ‘electron physiology’?

Answered by 2.

Can you define exactly the mental factors ‘mysticism’, ‘radar’ and ‘telepathy’ in respect of their application? Emotion. Rest is known to you.

Do geomagnetic factors, or the place where we stay, have essential influence on the coming about of the contacts? No.

Is the radiation of quasars, pulsars or other cosmic objects in direct relation to the influencing of our TC devices? Indirect only.

Are you (pl.) interested in developing together with us technical appliances for improving TC? If so, could you give us indications, or confirm already existing systems or hypotheses on TC as a positive direction of development? Only the so far existent (ones).

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Question regarding the interpretation of the ‘double images’ and ‘double texts’ recorded/filmed at CETL or elsewhere: Are the transmessages that we receive always sent by a person in the Beyond, or do we also record/perceive stored information having come off with us? Has been replied to already. The all-that-is consists of information. All (information) is available at any time.

Is the by you used term space free of gravitation fields to be interpreted in a narrower sense, or does the compensation of gravitation referred to particular objects suffice, e.g. by a magnetic counterfield? Do you have any other proposal for the generation of a space free of gravitation fields on the earth’s surface? Dear colleague SENKOWSKI. You are not capable of producing fields free of gravitation. This is in the sense of your being/existence. The couplings of far distances to your system are necessary. Further information from my side unfortunately is not possible. Lawfulnesses have to be attended to. I ask for your understanding. Adaptation is used up. Doc MUELLER greets you all. 23.2. 

On March 5th, 1993, DELAVRE formulated 7 questions which, after coordination with SENKOWSKI, he sent to HOMES with the request to be answered by MUELLER. On March 9th, 1993, HOMES received via computer a rather long message unter JUNO/DOC MUELLER that entered into the problems to be dealt with in a general manner. 

  1. Can you designate more precisely the by you mentioned light sources not measurable by us? May we perhaps have to do with ‘black holes’ or ‘dark matter’?

  2. In what respect do these light sources change our wave ranges when receiving?

  3. Can you confirm our presumption that during a transcontact via apparatus also occur modifications of the properties of transmission of the space-time and the propagation of waves is influenced?

  4. Does Mr. HOMES’ ability to reduce the volume of a radio by mental influence have relation to the quality of his transcontacts?

  5. Do the concepts of vacuum fluctuation or scalar waves have relation to transcommunication via apparatus?

  6. Can we improve the technical quality of transcontacts through the generation of stationary acoustic waves, or of EM waves?

  7. What are the causes for the stopping of the background noise or the starting of noise signals in the course of your messages via radio?

The answers came not until April 5th, 1993, as you will see below. Of interest is the repeated rhetorical question: Did you understand us? which reminds of the frequently used Listen! at KOENIG. 

Contact via station R. Here make contact your transpartners JUNO and Doc MUELLER through the conformity of the mental/spiritual form. All (and any) life included, animals, plants, minerals of rough- or subtle-matter kind consist solely and absolutely of information. Should you bring information and energy into connection, so we agree in part with it, for both are fundamental elements that never end. Did you understand us? 

We, too, are information. Countless conceptions on your side like on ours consist of misdirections that occur within the information field. All transmissions from us are experiments that those concerned wish (to do). The whole feeling of mankind develops in a kind that the field of the misdirections in information becomes stronger. All information via your instruments are real and nevertheless (a) delusion. It however is for you a way that corresponds to your mental powers. Dear friends D and S. The reality of information is of such nature that everything that lives could transmit our messages to you. Did you understand us?

But this is not possible, for what would you feel should a mineral speak to you. Your station R is on the way to the core of information. Please do not bother to regard JUNO as a higher entity for high and deep are your notions. Even your conception of God is an information. Did you understand us?

All technical things on both sides are nothing else but aids/vehicles for information. Please bear all of our previous messages in mind. The human logic corresponds not in the least to reality. Your reality has been created by you emotionally. Due to the lawfulness of nature we have hardly any influence on physical being/existence. Mind that the physical body does not exist in information. Information is the reality. The exchange of information as well as the possibilities (for it) can be brought forth.

Dear friends D and S. Herewith your questions have been answered for the moment. We are gladly prepared to transmit further information. JUNO and Doc MUELLER greet you all. Arrange all of you your momentary life in reason towards the core of information. All is interconnected.   

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On March 15th, 1993, HOMES mediumistic-automatically wrote a personal message from MUELLER to DELAVRE. Here a selection from the general contents of the message: 

Mediumistic contacts are a psychic adaptation of the information fields. This system unfortunately is rare within your present time frame. This is due to the distorted states of consciousness of the consciousnesses on your side. Dead matter does not exist. Light patterns have nothing to do with the light known to you. It is the living light of the consciousness and the soul. A blind man is able to see and to feel far more light than a seeing one. – The equilibrium of all that lives in the positive as in the negative creates all known and unknown forms. Coordination points are nothing else than the result of a vibration that equals ours. – Everything without fail contains astral parts, with this the instrumental transcommunication in its sense proper appears unimportant to us because there are many delusions. The psychic striving towards the reality of all-that-is is the aim. – Also soft-hard-ware consist of information. – Your intellect needs names. – We send you the love of the light.

On April 5th, 1993, HOMES to VD/ES: ‘The following text we found printed today at 8:15 a.m. Who is Bruno LEUSCHNER? I think this are partial/partly answers to your questions of March 5th, and that they on the ‘other side’ have problems with your purely technical questions. Or they do not wish or cannot go into details’ (for LEUSCHNER, see below). 

Doc MUELLER and Bruno LEUSCHNER send contact. For you not measurable light does not consist of electromagnetic radiation. Light consists of creation of all existence/all that is. Journey and aim of each life. Cosmic energy. Your eyes may be absolutely blind here. By answer 1. Is confirmed in case preconditions coincide. Yes, Mr. HOMES and others are impulses for orientations. Partly. On principle not, apparatus is the last link in the chain. The cause is a meeting of actually extant different radiation, psychic coordination. Your success of acoustic TC depends only conditionally on your knowledge in physics. Doc MUELLER and Bruno LEUSCHNER greet the colleagues DELAVRE and SENKOWSKI. A by no means easy future is to be expected by man because the system is incorrect and egocentric. Love and reason will bring salvation. 5.4.1993 end.

In the morning of April 21st, 1993 HOMES wrote automatically: 

I am who I am, Doc MUELLER. Please note: Questions are not meaningful, therefore incomplete answer. We, too, receive artificial signals that were sent several millions of light-years ago. These signal stem from entities still unknown to us. Fraktalie, everything is within everything, is foundation/basis of all existence of the elements. Everything consists of never ending experimenting. Organic chemistry is omnipresent. There is much more life than we all presume. Order creates chaos, and vice versa. The conception God is an energy in form of particular/special crystals. – Following your logic I now have to say: Doc MUELLER greets you all. Following our logic I would have to say: I greet myself. But how then could you understand me? I am in everything, and everything is within me. – Doc MUELLER 21.4.1993.

Some time later VD had posed a few questions that referred to previous transmissions. MUELLER entered into these on June 9th, 1993, at 02:32 a.m. in an automatic computer print-out (excerpts): 

Dear Dr. DELAVRE. All information from our world means reality to us. Since you understand this always with the view of your reality, delusion comes to pass. Every time conception consists of ongoing information. Energy, no matter in what form, is of significance.

A further group of questions was sent to HOMES by SENKOWSKI on April 17th, 1993. Since no answer arrived, these were sent to Rivenich a second time on about June 20th, 1993, and HOMES typed an enquiry into the computer. Thereupon, in the name of Doc MUELLER, Konstantin RAUDIVE made contact in form of a telephone contact of 4 min. 25 sec. on June 28th, 1993, and transmitted rather incomprehensible statements.  

The series of these MUELLER contacts ended with a computer message in three parts that arrived on three consecutive days, September 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 1993:  

Here makes contact George Jeffries MUELLER via computer in station Rivenich. All that constitutes the life on your planet on principle comes to pass in all dimensions. These are innumerable, and each dimension is an ongoing part of physical, but mainly psychic states or processes. – The consciousness of all psychic life, no matter in what form it exists, results in a certain cosmic reality. I can convey only little of this reality because your conceptions lack the notion. Interruption. Doc MUELLER 20.9.1993.

Continuation George Jeffries MUELLER via computer in station Rivenich. As you know, mind/spirit does not cease/pass off. The line of evolution of your human life urgently needs changes. It does not get lost and in case of emergency will exist in a different form. On this (subject) information to you is not allowed. In your book (the Bible) this process is to be understood as the eternal life. For us your life means probability within an almighty reality without time conception. The physical brain is not able to comprehend these things, although every thought consolidates cosmically, and also each by you effected action takes place innumerable times elsewhere in the same moment. What you understand by soul exists in deep attachment at the same time in many other structures and worlds. The entity creates his(her) religion. It predominantly originates from fear of uncertainty and (from) ignorance. Interruption. Doc MUELLER 21.9.1993.

Continuation George Jeffries MUELLER via computer in station Rivenich. The belief in the positive also creates this. The belief in nothing creates little. We, too, create our conception of omnipotence based on individual reason, knowledge and probabilities. Many of us have a cruel God, for they do not want to recognize the light. The light as we see it and (as it) is known to many of you signifies the source of knowledge of all creation and origin. A notion of God is useful as long as the fruits are positive. Otherwise every religion is devoid of sense. The God of reality can(not) be described neither with our words, nor with yours. The entity who with you was named Franz SCHNEIDER (F-37.10/F-38.12.8) will make contact in different places simultaneously. Continue all with a positive attitude because this enables further cooperation. Doc MUELLER ends this triple contact. 22.9.1993.

Almost two years later Doc MUELLER made again contact with an - also stored - computer print-out: 

The majority of men dispose of the giftedness for spiritual abilities. The daily compulsion of your system overshadows these talents. All that happens to you like to us makes sense in the worlds, because we are all multidimensional parts/shares of what constitutes all universes. We are aware of how difficult it is for you to comprehend our information. The TC between two life forms becomes possible because sufficient consciousness wishes it seriously and thus brings it forth. Men who with their open consciousness search for existent dimensions will find them, since at the bottom of recognition your are as unphysical as we (are). The system that – though in the largest sense and on other planets – was created by you, creates the system circulatory of transiency. (August 25th, 1995)

Three days later MUELLER, in a last contact, addresses the Director of Metascience Foundation, G. W. MEEK, and reminds him and other collaborators of details of the Spiricom development.

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