by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


On April 5th, 1993, the name Bruno LEUSCHNER, unknown to all the persons involved, appeared for the first time, without any further information, together with the name Doc MUELLER in a transtext received by HOMES (see above). From the data accessible in the library of the Universitaet Mainz (university of Mayence) an evident identification of the communicator first was not possible due to an identity of names. Upon the author’s recommendation, HOMES, on April 7th, 1993, typed a request for elucidation into the computer. Expecting an answer, he switched on the radios, the cassette recorder, and the TV set before he left the house at about 2:30 p.m. When he returned at 5:10 p.m. all the receiver equipment was on, the recorder, however, had switched off at the tape end. About 15 minutes counted from the tape starting point the music program stopped and a dark voice spoke a rather long text relatively slowly. After the date had been mentioned the recording of the normal radio program continued.  

Here speaks Bruno LEUSCHNER. Dear Dr. SENKOWSKI. Nine years of pain are my identification. Am in touch with Hitler. Hated him till 1965. Now forgiveness, although sometimes I still have the feeling of the physical pains. An amputated leg is still giving pain. We both were victims of lack of reason and realization. Know your father well. He is connected with you telepathically. There is a great lot of resemblences. Close friendship binds HLOND with your father. … We all greet through the all embracing love.8.4.93.

The search thereupon continued by the author with regard to the person turned out: LEUSCHNER, Bruno, socialist politician, economy planner, born 1910 in Rixdorf, died 1965 in Berlin. Son of Wilhelm L. executed in 1944 by the national socialists. Because of his participation in the illegal resistance of the KPD (communist party of Germany) in Berlin, he was arrested in July 1936 and in 1937 condemned to 6 years imprisonment with hard labour. Till 1942 he was incarcerated in the ‘houses of correction’ of Brandenburg and Sonnenburg, and then was detained in the concentration camps of Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen till the liberation by the allies in 1945. From August 1945 till his death in 1965, B.L. has been acting as a leading economy politician of the DDR (German Democratic Republic). (“Neue deutsche Biographie (new German biography), volume 14, Berlin 1985, Drucker und Humblot; shortened). 

The statement nine years of pain are my identification is thus confirmed. About two weeks later Fritz SCHENK, author of the book “Mein doppeltes Vaterland” (my double fatherland) and former close collaborator of Bruno L., answered the author’s enquiry regarding the in the TI mentioned “amputated leg” with ‘no’ and added the handwritten supplement: ‘… but he was handicapped by difficulty in walking, because the ill-famed “Prügel-SCHUBERT” (thrashing SCHUBERT) in the concentration camp Sachsenhausen had smashed his splint-bones, from what he endured great suffering”. (Letter of April 24th, 1993). Though there is no literal conformity, this information can be interpreted as an analogous confirmation of L.’s indication. Like HLOND, WIESINGER, and others, he thus belongs to the group of communicators whose existence and circumstances of life were unknown to the experimenters and could be clarified only through great expenditure of energy for search, or  by ‘coincidences’.

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