by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


After ‘MARC’ (Franz SCHNEIDER) had mediated TE CLAUDIUS during several years (see F-37.10), he expired on May 19th, 1993. MUTTER (via telephone) and MUELLER (via computer on September 22nd, 1993, see above) announced that S. would make multiple contact. The text appeared at the same minute in the computers at HOMES and CETL. 

This be the first contact of the other man Franz SCHNEIDER from the third level. My transition had been well prepared from all sides. I am exactly at the place that I could imagine on your side. A world of for you unimaginable grace and beauty. My consciousness is now free of all worries of your sphere, and I exist practically in a wished-for dimension that enables me very much what to you still remains concealed. A timeless continuity surrounds me. Many of you are blind yet and do not see the light that shines within them. The love of omnipotency however is in everything. I have brought forth my present state already on your side with the help of CLAUDIUS, with whom I am united now. On our and your side we will be active as soul guides. 

My dears, do not believe in hallucinations, for every thought is reality. Therefore we here do not know any difference between thought and realization. Release yourselves from the doggedness of your daily life and become open and creative. You will not repent it for many who arrive with us become embarrassed because they were too much attached to their physical life. In the moment of this contact I am with you all, in Darmstadt, Mainz, Kirchzarten, Luxemburg, Rivenich, and Goldbach. Yes, in Sailauf too, my Giselchen (his spouse). Some mediumistic persons will feel it. Beware of the false prophets against whom you have been warned from here repeatedly already, and at all times keep the love in your heart. By (means of) it I now end this contact that has come through with you via several channels. MARC, FRANZ, CLAUDIUS. 27.9.93 hour 9,52. 

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