by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.10  UMBERTO URSI 

Virginia URSI, head of the CE.M.M. group, had invited HOMES and the author to a congress held in Milano by the end of May 1994. HOMES had never had any contact with Mrs. U. before. On May 24th, 1994, 09:12 a.m., he found a not stored computer outprint in Italian language, which he transmitted to the author via telephone. UMBERTO is the name of Mrs. URSI’s son who had died many years before. 

UMBERTO contatte Virginia URSI – pronto mama – Qui UMBERTO vivente – tecnica difficile – mi duole una ferita – buon riposo mama. 

UMBERTO contacts Virginia URSI – hello mamma – here (is) UMBERTO living – technique difficult – a wound gives me pain – good repose mamma. 

The following day this text was supplemented by a previously by MUTTER announced short telephone contact in which, at 3 p.m., RAUDIVE in UMBERTO’s name addressed Mrs. URSI. The context results from the transdialogue. 

Here Konstantin RAUDIVE speaking. Mr. HOMES, I would like to pass a message on to you that perhaps you will not understand because it is in a language you do not command. Please record the message nevertheless. – Yes, I am doing it. I have been waiting for the contact here because my MUTTER has hinted at a telephone contact at 11:17 a.m. We know that you have been informed of it. Thus the one fits with the other. – Yes, that is fine, it makes me glad. 

This is a message from a young man, Umberto, a member of our group who has not yet acquired the skill to bridge himself but he asks me to forward the following:

Mama, I am contacting you from the royaume of light and love. It has become much easier to get through whole sentences and to forward a message to you than it was while experimenting with Hans Koenig. It was true, Mama, it was no fake. For me it was a few moments of truth, for you it was years. The new physics as well as the techniques of photons has made this possible. The new voice bridge is a big help to realise this. I am trying to contact several stations in the meantime. Mama, do not worry anymore. I love you, your son Umberto.

The recording of this telephone conversation was remitted to Mrs. URSI in Milano. When meeting the also attending spouses HARSCH-FISCHBACH it turned out that in Luxemburg a radio recorder in OFF state had recorded in Italian language under the name UMBERTO at about the same time the text transmitted by RAUDIVE in English to HOMES. Neither HOMES nor HARSCH have command of Italian. The hint at the UMBERTO contacts realized by Hans Otto KOENIG several years before is noteworthy. At that time deceitful manipulation had been imputed to KOENIG. HOMES did not know of these occurrences and coherences.

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