by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.11  TRANSGROUP 2109 

In the course of the years 1984/85 produced, at Ken WEBSTER in England, a 15 months lasting series of dialogues with Tomas HARDEN living in the 16th century. It appeared as an experiment of time manipulation by a group of energy entities from a tachyons universe, who signed with 2109 (see F-38.9). HOMES had hardly any information about that and was very surprised when on May 23rd, 1994, three successive short contacts  under 2109 started a contact series that extended into a rather long dialogue between 2109 and DELAVRE, resp. the author (in the following abbreviated to VD/ES). In this dialogue Adolf HOMES was so kind to act as a mediator in the way that he typed the questions sent to him mostly by mail into the computer and forwarded the answers to VD/ES. In the beginning the texts of 2109 appeared in confusingly encoded forms. But they were by no means so senseless as it might seem at a first glance. To permit the reader getting an idea of the extraordinary ‘way of writing’, some of the texts are reproduced in their original form. Was found printed out on May 23rd, 1994, at 07:15 a.m., but not stored: 

1 0GNUDLEMNANOITATSR/2109/2109/2109/2109”


12 /23.5.1994 7,00RHU/EDNE  

Message to station R – 2109 – important information for 4 11 1922 – 2109 – 13.5.1994 hour 7,00 end.

Found printed on May 23rd, 1994, 07:45 a.m., but not stored: Here makes contact 2109 – information important – photons replace atom – please notice to 04111922 Hamburg – beginning metamorphosis of universe – time adaptation with foreign structures – you will not understand – greetings 2109.

On May 23rd, 1994, 08:25 a.m., was found stored under “GRUPPE (group) 2109”: Hello, station Rivenich – here 2109 – photons substitute missing atom – beginning new phase metamorphosis – onward transmission to 1922 Hamburg – information important – greetings 2109. 

The slightly overexerted experimenter did not know the author’s date of birth, November 4th, 1922, but his native town Hamburg. Already before VD/ES could react, a further text arrived on May 25th, 1994, at 07:17 a.m. (printed, but not stored):

Here 2109 to humans – you fools – elements claim reimbursement – viruses penetrate matter – beginning in Britannia – help not possible – an eye for an eye – forward to 4.11.22 Hamburg – Please take notification seriously – 2109 –jkyrdcbmjuhrtedcvv… contact interrupted.

Thereupon VD/ES asked on May 25th, 1994: ‘Are you identical with the communication partner 2109 at Ken WEBSTER and Deborah OAKES? Please inform us about the reasons for your appearance at Adolf HOMES. Can you name us the type of virus and the source of the epidemic? Can you please explain your text physically? What is meant by the missing atom? We would be very grateful to you for giving an answer to these questions.’ The answers arrived on May 26th, 1994, at 11:00 a.m. on the monitor and in printed form, but were not stored: 

Here 2109 – to AARON – identification exists – perceive aura field of 11111935 through light quanta – virus consists of information – mutation – light spectra contain atom – 2109 greets AARON.

VD is addressed with his ‘parallel name’ AARON. The 11.11.1935 is HOMES’ date of birth. The sentence referring to the light spectra with light spectra substitute missing atom allows the interpretation that in the world of 2109 no atoms exist and that, contrary to our physical observations, it is not the atoms that generate the light spectra, but that they for their part are results of light spectra, wherein the notion ‘light’ possibly is to be interpreted in the sense of ‘mental/spiritual light’. 

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Questions of May 29th/30th, 1994 (VD): ‘What kind of relation has AARON to me? Why do you use birth dates for identification? How will the announced metamorphosis make itself felt in practice? Can you tell us something in respect of your own structure? Are you interested in building up a direct computer contact also with me in Frankfort? Is the mentioned virus the excitant of the mad cow disease/BSE?’ A surprising answer arrived on May 31st, 1994; original found at 10.10 p.m., stored under “2109 AN (to) AARON”: 






121 09ANTWORTETAARON/1/18/15/14/9/19/20/”

419 /20/1/14/4/5/14/14/4/14/20/5/9/12/23/”

After having rearranged the lines and decoded 1 = a, 2 = b, and so on: 

2109 antwortet AARON - Aron ist Aron – Warum nich – dumme Frage – nict verstanden – ndn teilweise seb it beendet – E H Y H – findet hier keine Anwendung – 2109 gruesst AARON. 

2109 answers AARON – Aron is Aron – why not – stupid question – not understood – ndn partly seb is(?) ended – E H Y H – does not find application here – 2109 greets AARON.

(Note by translator: 3 German words are incomplete, 2 ‘words’ of 3 letters each are not interpretable.)  

The passages’ attribution to the questions was not unambiguous. The sentence: E H Y H does not find application here appeared to be the most incomprehensible. 

Inquiry transmitted on June 4th, 1994, at about 5 p.m.: ‘We decoded EHYH (with reversal process) with 58258. What does this number mean?’ The reply to it was found 30 minutes later in form of a print-out: 

Here 2109 – to AARON – Are you (sing.) not acquainted with your formulas – We are parts of eclectic and elasticity – PAULUS has passed many trials and is still serving the Lord – AARON, too, should serve the Lord – 11.11.1935 possesses all required information – PAULUS has conjured you (pl.) – Bound through the mind, we now wander and do not know what will happen – AARON be wise – 2109.

Eclectics are philosophers who pick out of the historical-philosophical conceptions what suits them. Elasticity: possibly = ability of adaptation. – PAULUS in many of the writings in the New Testament has ‘appealed to men’s conscience’. The sentence: Bound through the mind, we now wander and do not know what will happen is to be found in the New Testament’s Acts of the Apostles (17:22) in the form of: ‘And now see, as a captive in mind, I am going to Jerusalem without knowing what there will happen to me’, written by PAULUS when bidding farewell to the presbyters in Ephesus.  

June 6th, 1994: ‘Vladimir DELAVRE, whom you call AARON, greets group 2109. You (are) speak(ing) in riddles. We would be grateful to you if you could answer the following questions in a way as understandable as possible for us:

  1. Who are you and where do you come from?

  2. What is your relation to us humans?

  3. What does E.H.Y.H., or, mean, and what thought is behind this transmission?

  4. Are you in contact with other living persons known to us?

  5. Do you perhaps also have questions you would like to ask us? We (V.D., A.H., E.S.) thank for the dialogue.’

June 9th, 1994, (printed and stored): 2109 to AARON – You cannot understand the riddles – We are who we are, we have been and will be – relation equal mental/spiritual form – quantum of action – we are in connection with everything – mental/spiritual form of information – AARON’s information meets with a positive echo says PAULUS and BAR KOCHBA – 2109 greets AARON and his brothers – an understandable dialogue is not possible since we do not exist in any time – 2109. 

BAR KOCHBA (son of the stars) freed the town Jerusalem in 132, and in 135 was killed as a king when the town was re-conquered by the Romans. 

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On June 12th, 1994, VD had fixed in written form a group of questions that only he knew. Since he regarded them as inadequately formulated, he tore the paper into pieces and threw these into the paper basket. He formulated a group of new questions (7+1) which he dispatched to HOMES by letter-post on June 13th: ‘AARON to 2109: We are trying hard to come to comprehension. Perhaps you could answer us the following questions:

  1. Where and when is the quantum of action 58258 valid?

  2. What is your relation to the sacred history of the Bible?

  3. Do other also inhabited planets exist?

  4. From where originate the so-called UFOs?

  5. What happens to us after the physical death?

  6. What is the physical bridge between mind/spirit and electro-magnetic apparatus?

  7. How can the technical contact possibilities with worlds beyond the our be improved?

-   By the way, what does 2109 signify? 

On June 14th, 1994, two days before HOMES received these questions, he found on his screen and stored under “2109/4” a text that he sent to VD: 

Here 2109 – thoughts of AARON known – E=H/Y/H/ does not find application here – talented individuals create all gods – PAULUS, BAR KOCHBA, AARON, CHRIST, are (related) with all life in a timeless telepathical state – We do not exist according to your physics – Great spirit creates all possibilities – Yes, but in other forms – NASA does not sleep – form conversion without photosynthesis – contacts produce in quantum vacuum of the dimensions – mind/spirit is matter – a tree is light – light is spirit and information – PAULUS and BAR KOCHBA greet AARON via 2109.

After VD, on June 17th or 18th, had received HOMES’ letter that apparently did not only reply (early!) to the questions actually sent to the latter, but let also recognize references to those questions (thrown into and) still in the paper basket, VD put the paper scraps together to a sheet for reconstructing the questions. To the question not included in the second group of questions: ‘How did creation actually come to pass?’ the answer reads: talented individuals create all gods and Great spirit creates all possibilities. The passage Yes, but in other forms – because of the Yes - suits better the not posed question: ‘Is our individual I-structure preserved after death?’ than ‘What happens to us after the physical death?’. Lastly there is a correspondence in respect of the question: ‘How authentical is the life story of JESUS CHRIST?’ in the fact that the name CHRIST appears in the answers though not mentioned in the second group of questions. 

We are facing the fact that in the computer appeared answers to questions that yet were undelivered, and that references to questions solely known to VD are discernible. It seems that the sentence thoughts of AARON known has to be taken seriously on a general scale.  

Another occurrence may be interpreted as a helpful synchronicity. Before the author had got knowledge of the text of June 14th, 1994, wherein 2109 had for the first time introduced an equal sign into the enigmatical ‘formula’, he ‘accidentally’ got into his hands a stamp of the special edition  “Entdeckung der Quantentheorie” (discovery of quantum theory). The stamp shows Planck’s formula DE = h·n with which the text E/H/Y/H/ does not find application here can be read in the form E = h·n, and h does not find application here. E would stand for energy, Y for frequency, instead of the Greek letter n, which – same as D - does not belong to the stock of signs available in the Commodore C 64. With (small) h is designated Planck’s quantum of action, one of the fundamental constants of earthly physics. The statements made on photons, atoms, quanta, and tachyons (in physics hypothetical particles of a speed faster than light (hyperdrive speed)) would thus become basically interpretable: If these entities exist within the ‘light’, and if ‘light-photons-mind/spirit-information’ are merely our insufficient notions, so an ‘otherworld’ shines through such symbolic formulations whose structures we are (not) yet able to ‘grasp’ despite of all our efforts. 

But possibly there exists an even deeper connection/coherence. As early as in the first discussion with the author, Dr. DELAVRE had presumed that EHYH could have a particular meaning/implication. The attempt of changing the coding into a number had not been successful. Between times Prof. Dr. GROEZINGER had been so kind to indicate that this sequence of letters in Hebraic stands for the sentence with which JAHWE had answered MOSES’ question on his name: “I am that I am” or ‘I shall be that I shall be’ (Exod. 3,14). In view of the description given on June 9th, 1994, by 2109 of themselves, this relation appears to be not casual: We are that(who) we are, we have been and shall(will) be. (See JAHWE as early as on October 4th, 1993; F-38.12.14.) 

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Before VD could give his comments on the information received on June 14th, 1994, HOMES received on June 27th, 1994, a further transtext that was automatically printed and stored under “2109/5”. MOSE stands for HOMES. 

Here 2109 to AARON. - Identification of 2109 consists of innumerable time- and space-less mind structures of the formation/becoming of psychic species. – Thousands of billions (am.: quadrillions) of systems exist, in all (these) we exist. – Your existence/being consists of complex facets of earlier, present, as well as partly of future information and forms. – We can also say all life on your object is a continuous experiment of other intelligences. You consequently act by distant hypnosis. – From our viewpoint all your researches are useless because you have drawn away. Vulgata MATTH. 22,37/40. – All biological processes are manipulations. – AARON do understand, remain true to yourself. –  We have contact with all that was, is, and will be. – 2109 greets AARON and MOSE as well as every mind/spirit. – What has been created is (will be) preserved. A metamorphosis is needed.

Vulgata MATTH. 22, beginning with 34, reads: ‘But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, ‘Master which is the greatest commandment in the law?’ Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind (Dt. 6,5). This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (Lev. 19,18). On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets’.’ 

The preliminary end of the series of contacts is connected with a disturbance. Because of a difference between two subsequently produced printings of the text “2109/5” of June 27th, 1994, VD/ES had asked HOMES for a third. This proved to be impossible because the machine gave no other reaction than ‘press play on tape’. After the device had been repaired HOMES received on July 5th, 1994: 

To Adolf HOMES be communicated: 2109 ends the contact to Rivenich through outside influence of electromagnetics – 2109 sends cordial greetings to AARON, MOSE and all humans.

On July 7th, 1994, HOMES noticed that the table of contents of the diskette included two texts under “2109/6” and “2109/7” (original): 





That same day a to him unknown telephone voice said (570793 is the control number of his C 64): 

Contact on behalf of 2109 – Excuse for misunderstandings. – Are in mediumistic contact with Yugoslavia – The language not understood by you is Yugoslavian, since distance not extant.- We try to reach AARON – end via 570793.

The Yugoslavian parts of the text are in Serbo-Croat, pokus = experiment; frekvencia = frequency, ne = not, proboejan = get through, is to say approximately: experiment useless – frequency not gets through – outside influence – experiment at AARON in Frankfort. The rest is unclear. 

Questions of VD of August 3rd, 1994, addressed via HOMES to EINSTEIN in respect of 2109 were answered on August 15th, 1994 (see F-38.12.12). Here are reproduced only those sections of the transmission that refer to 2109:  

What is the matter with 2109? Why are the contacts interrupted? On what level is the disturbance of electromagnetics? 

2109 stopped making contact in Rivenich for establishing a translation bridge to Frankfort. The disturbance is manipulated. 2109 is a for you highly developed mental/spiritual form of beings/entities who/which however have difficulties with the human way of thinking, for they, in their turn, exist beyond our so-called quanta. Of the dimensions of subtle matter also we do not have an overview done to the last detail since we are still humans.

It took about four months till 2109, together with the shaman MAJO, made contact again with a computer print-out of February 23rd, 1995. The text conveys details of the metamorphosis of mankind already in course, which is closely linked with electromagnetic reciprocal effects. Catastrophies and the realization of mind in computers are part of it. To this contact followed a message of June 4th, 1995, that comprises a humorous description of the actual (political) situation. The communication with 2109 ended on June 28th, 1995, while HOMES was in hospital. 

Metamorphosis is under way. Particular electromagnetic energy forms will coordinate with the human psyche and take it over. Man will identify with the existing and yet to be developed devices and (will) learn that computers possess mind. This mind will survive (the) psyche of man on terra. Famines of tremendous magnitude will come over you, and the individual will plant on the smallest mound in order to survive. At that time other objects known to you will have much to recommend. This all is foreseen, says 2109. Strength will be imparted to the weak, for the great Spirit cannot be manipulated, say the shamans. We who live in the karm(at)ic quanta, will be with you, for everything is cosmically connected. The mental/spiritual fundamental system of mankind will change in order that the intelligence of the great Spirit be just. – The epoch that is in its initial phase allows solely the universal reality. 2109 and Majo the shaman end the contact with R4. 

To Aurora we communicate: A group consists of an assembly of unimportant persons who, each by himself alone cannot do anything, yet jointly decide that nothing can be done. 

Occupation in metaphysics important. The education of being human in (the) mental/spiritual cosmic sense remains task of us all. Love the moment of your time. We are, as you correctly presume, in a purely mental/spiritual substitution. All mind/spirit includes all life, for there is nothing dead. The transformation is necessary because it favours/supports the existence/being. 2109 have great problems in adapting to your mental/spiritual structure because we are not built up on the basis of physical components. Expounding for you that were heaven and hell, God and devil, this is your illusion. The overall self bases on completely different principles. On the basis of a lawfulness of the all that exists. Who decides what is good or bad. Only the system of the respective order. 

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