by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 

F-38.12.12  MAJO THE SHAMAN 

The not-time is the key to time. 

After several short fade-ins of a TE who/that called him-/itself MAJO THE SHAMAN and to HOMES appeared to be eerie, this voice came through on August 15th, 1994, 10:12 a.m., in a contacting experiment not directed to him/it. Via the radio/TV combination a dialogue evolved. At its end the parting formulation was the Japanese for ‚good-bye’. The other text in a foreign language (possibly might be a Siberian dialect) was unsuitable for translation with the to us available means. In HOMES’ garden are two 40 cm (approx. 12 in.) thick trees; to ‚shamanize’ = ‚to practise a shaman’s activities’. 

Here is MAJO. Who is there?

MAJO the SHAMAN. Oh goodness, what do you want from me?

A shaman wants to shamanize. ADOLF’s spirit is MOSE. Aren’t you (pl.) mad?

What does that mean? Do you want to lead me up the garden-path?

Niet, you (sing.) are of shamanic origin. Enter into contact with the spirits of nature. How shall I do that?

Merdalo call the spirit of the trees and plants. But I am already in connection with everything.

MAJO tells you do it over and over again. How old are you, and who are you?

Merdalo taitatsu ikatumsu. I am sorry, I can’t do anything with you.

You must sing; go and embrace the two thick trees (unintelligible singing).

Good so, MOSE, you are a shaman, give my regards to AARON, to AURORA. They, too, are shamans. Listen, MAJO, I don’t wish any further contacts with you (pl.). All that is getting too much for me.

Saijonara MOSE. Stop the nonsense, please. Can anybody else make contact? (Unintelligible singing).

Several days later (September 3rd, 1994) an automatic print-out of exactly this SHAMAN MAJO appeared in the computer system. (VALODJA: Slavonic form of VLADIMIR (VD), AARON: ‚parallel name’ of VD, MOSE: for HOMES, AURORA since 1977 for the author). 

Here is your little brother MAJO – SHAMAN greets VALODJA-AARON, MOSE and AURORA – lend patience – SHAMAN dominates electrics – Am Burjat like you (pl.) – Beginning of your realizations 1283 in Samarkand – DSCHINGISCHAN and other Mongols live here in a big community – Many emperors have become little children – SHAMAN tells you great danger from red mercury – You must always shamanize -  All trees, animals and men will be restored to health again – You are becoming odd men, have lost the Great Spirit – Great Spirit is and trees bring truth – Shamans watch over the truth – DSCHINGISCHAN has killed one man only, your single consciousness kills 5 millions – How shall it/things go on – Ask for the great combatants’ answer – Go and embrace the trees – MAJO greets the SHAMANS.

Besides of the references tree and Great Spirit, already mentioned at the end of the preceding paragraph, the text contains one of those strange anticipations of specific data later found in other contexts. TELEMACH and HDE (see F-38.12.13) be called to mind, as well as PLANCK’s formula at 2109 (in F-38.12.10).  

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The SHAMAN warns of red mercury. The term is so uncommon, that for its classification an article was needed, which the author had not searched for: Nuclear physicist Dr. Frank BARNABY, former Director of the International Peace Research Institute of Stockholm, reported in the Intern. Defense Review 6/1994 in detail about a substance bearing this name, and whose existence is denied from other sides. It is said to be suitable for allowing the building of very small nuclear weapons whose control could not be ensured, and whose availability for terrorism could not be prevented. 

On September 11th, 1994, MAJO made again contact with an automatically printed text memorized under „MAJO 1“. Message „MAJO 3“ was printed out on October 2nd, 1994, and was found stored. It shows, for the first time at HOMES, correct spacings between the words, and the sentences are separated by/between two words (here represented by -). 

Here is MAJO the SHAMAN – We, again and again, call your attention to the reality of immortality – With this it is unimportant in what physical condition you are – We are in no wise a product of so-called mediumistic humans – Many consciousnesses dispose of for you curious transparent overlapping predispositions that simply and plainly bring every contact to mind/spirit about – The usual physical senses unfortunately are no longer in a position to do it, for the eyes are blind, the ear is deaf, and the mind benumbed, through this we have no influence on your space-time make-up/structure – For us the physical has no identity, but the mind – We shape our existence agreeable – Countless dimensions are open to us like to you, nevertheless I have stayed a SHAMAN – Many of us do not see their way to reincarnation because the birth of the physical can be more shocking than (the) death – A reincarnation involves many manipulations that are out of the reach of your comprehension – There is only the reality of the consciousness and the soul, the mind/spirit creates the form of the worlds – You know these states in serious meditation – Within our structures many men would feel lost – I, MAJO the SHAMAN, is/am able to take my place in every epoch of your history in time, for the not-time is the key to time – Also other reality systems that are unknown to us are not subject to physical forms – These however appear to be still more expressive than those known to us – Our thoughts change continually according to the respective level or (the) by us created reality – By this we are creators of our reality and are not subject to any kind of distress nor to maladies in your sense – We say thank you to AURORA and MOSE for the contact that has come off in Rivenich on 19.9.1994 with the spirit you call Konstantin RAUDIVE – Dear friends AURORA, AARON and MOSE. The mind/spirit forms all histories of evolution in all worlds – SHAMANS greet all combatants in your system – MAJO 2.10.1994.

Of a text found printed on October 9th, 1994, signed with MAJO 4, only an excerpt is taken over herein. The system’s floppy was defective. In addition to the formal changes in the preceding text, here appeared, again for the first time at HOMES, full stops separating two words belonging to separate sentences, f.i., ... make. Any... .The last sentence may refer to an accident that VD had had. (Also the experiments announced by 2109 had remained without results.) 

Here is MAJO the SHAMAN, who I am. Between your (sing.) and our reality there is no difference. Your physical senses blend the facts (out), that you will not understand. Space and time are illusions. Your existence holds a short-sightedness which you cannot escape. Nothing consists of solid substance. A transformation into a physical man consists of a series of psychological-mental/spiritual forms, like the words from me that you can read or hear. Since many of us were humans, and yet continue to be, we know the basic preconditions that make a lot (of things) possible for us. Any soul surmounts all your religions, these were created by you. We are quite aware of what difficulties you have. They however belong to the state that is created or allowed by you. We do not need different electrics, for a computer is subtle matter and thus mind. MAJO the SHAMAN greets all men who find themselves within themselves. The SHAMANS greet AURORA, MOSE a. AARON. The contact experiments at AARON are hindered by his physis MAJO 4. 9.10.94.

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Thereafter the sequence of counting of the MAJO contacts was interrupted; the next contacts were automatically printed and stored as „MAJO 8“ and „MAJO 9“. Particularly with the later contacts with the FDL (Federation of the Light) the specified numbers were not conform with the number of texts that had arrived. (HARSCH-FISCHBACH received the hint that by far not all the transmissions would be received on our side.) The approximative meaning of ‚Dharma’ in Sanscrit is ‚duty, law’. 

Contact from the SHAMANS for MOSE, AARON and AURORA. Hello (to) you friends in gravitation. From our viewpoint your animistic (animism) proves right. The reasons are known, and every research would be at an end. All the psychic consists of open fields, therefore there is neither truth nor untruth, neither light nor darkness, etc. The composition of the information is the plain illusion, and the change (transformation) of the tiniest particle is a supernova. The fear of yourselves produces all imaginable possibilities. From these the dramas of the consciousnesses come to pass. The aggregate existence of all beings/entities produces the respective conformity with natural law in the structures. For the year 2015 a change/transformation of your consciousness is planned. UFO(s) will initiate the events. Further information is not possible. The individual is manipulated through corresponding/appropriate processes of the mind. We, too, are not conscious of a finality of all the coming into being, because the spectrum of quanta appears (as) not assessable. From our point of view even a creator of all worlds is not infallible, for the subtle matter behind the subatomic dimensions are (is) not accessible to us. And from this results our ignorance. Your substance includes the end in itself. The our seeks the mental/spiritual coming true. (dharma) AARON, MOSE, AURORA may decide to what extent this information can be communicated to the beings in the physical form. These contacts do not base on the way in which some individual beings/entities look at things. They form out of the forces of all life within time as well as not-space-time. Our connection to AARON continues to exist in the mediumistic abilities on AARON’s side. Everyone of you disposes of his specific task that the consciousness in connection with the soul has assumed by self-appointment and unselfishness. AARON be said: all probable answers lie in communication, not in transcommunication, since we no longer strive at the goal in itself and therefore completely different logics exist. AARON, MOSE, AURORA will comprehend our information. The goal in itself finds itself again in the nothingness, its birth and its death hence are futile. In the field of tension of facets of (the) positive acting probably lies the lightness form God, or something omnipotent. Since 4.7.1681 this information is within the forms of the quanta and has been transmitted repeatedly via so-called mediumistic(ally gifted) individuals. May MOSE release himself from mediumistic writing, for a present knowledge is not in a position to convey universal multidimensional processes. SHAMANS greet the combatants. 4.7.1681. 16.11.1994 End

It is MAJO who makes contact. Hello MOSE. As you now have recognized most deeply, your consciousness depends on a far bigger reality dimension. It however cannot project (manifest) itself completely/perfectly in your world. Our to you transmitted messages pour into the consciousness and the hearts of the friends. This force of radiation surpassess all the with you conventional/usual direction signs. Many no more know that those having died with you live amidst you. However/but the individual is born with the yearning to search and to investigate/research the interior I. Out of this research religions can build up, because without religion the human feels helpless and left alone. With you existing religious groupings practise the goal in itself, and for them it is good for nothing because they do not search the confirmation of their interior I. Those amidst you who have recognized the knowledge of the enormous inner forces seclude themselves in order to heal, to help, and to spread information. This fact will not change in the next (of) your time. But also in this point various facette reflections are possible, for there were and are half-enlightened (ones) who from a genius became potentates. God consists of incomprehensible cosmic values, and heaven nor hell (neither heaven nor hell) have anything to do with him. Is no more far the time when the human (will) identify himself with a God whom he created himself, although both will exist eternally. This immortality involves spiritual veracities. To AARON be communicated: The truth will always and again hurry off from him because the great number of facets are too prodigious for him. Only in the depth of mediumism there are moments when fractions of the all-that-exists reveal. NOSTRADAMUS tells you (that) your church is becoming weaker, thus the physical end is not far any more, because the earthly man has lost his dignity and forgotten his task, for you live in a world in the creation of a great part of which you too have taken part. This says to all of you MAJO the SHAMAN, the SHAMANS greet the combatants. November 24th, 1994.

The problems in the worlds consist in the completely different logics, perceptive faculties and dimensionality. Many beings/entities are shackled ones who love their fetters. What by us is perceivable also is merely a fraction. Where mind/spirit ends we are unable to define. Earlier, present, as well as future epochs become conscious in all forms as far as they strive for (the) ability of realization, for not any being/entity possesses the capability of the Great Spirit. He possesses the formulas. Proofs are self-doubts. The search for these is like the attempt of wanting to catch your wind with the hand. (February 28th, 1995) 

A man who believes to possess all knowledge stands with both legs solidly in the air. The information of the mental/spiritual energies is in all structures unknown to you as well as in all life. Will come the time when more of you are (will be) prepared. – In 1467, Aaron, Mose, Aurora belonged to the Mar(r)ans. (note by translator: Spanish invective for compulsorily baptized Moors and Jews (16th century)). For fear of beheading they converted to a created brutal God say 2109. – Identification with us via conformity with natural law research, recognition, patience, meekness and love that does not destroy itself, passing on of contact desired. (March 19th, 1995) 

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Of course, it is not possible to prove that the communication partners in ‚earlier’, or ‚parallel’, lives were identical with the persons ‚of that time’, or that they have personality shares in common. However, repeatedly appeared terms – here the Mar(r)ans and their fate – the rather poor knowledge of which in the general public excludes that the experimenter had acquired the information via normal ways.  

The notion high spirits signifies a by you produced error, for mind/spirit is neither high nor deep (low). Great Spirit is neither high nor deep (low). Other terms for us are excessively identified useless. Dull/gloomy states of consciousness represent a pell-mell of vibrations, and the waft of wind may/can become a hurricane. Practise meekness and love. Do not let mislead you, for the diamond is harder than the stone. (November 26th, 1995)

Overall development patterns come about in all worlds through existing mind/spirit. Numerical notion useless. Time notion painstaking. In combination with Great Spirit psyche, consciousness and soul produce in time, like in not-time, tension-free bridges. There is no separation between matter and mental/spiritual forms. (November 28th, 1995) (The statement numerical notion useless is also found with CLAUDIUS in F-37.13.1).

The universe consists of the form of existence of the Great Spirit, consciousness, intelligence, as well as self-awareness. From these dimensions energy and drive proceed. Consciousness is subject to the task of recognizing all (the) possibilities of one’s own self, of the cosmic I. All life fulfills itself through change/transformation, for the unique light of the Great Spirit continues to shine in the universes. Your physical being winds up within a probability dimension of recognizing and maturing in order to find the dimension of reality. The energy of love and perfection in unison (with) the Great Spirit. Majo says all your probabilities always represent one of innumerable realities. Everyone of you consists of a multidimensional self, and no man, mind/spirit, or God can bring you the discernment if you do not want it consciously, and thus do something yourselves. 

Please understand: love is a singular centre of information, (the) basis of the Great Spirit. In your system one can learn more, in the our (one can) recognize more. Both systems important. Learn in order to recognize. To many of your questions we cannot answer directly, since our logic is a different one. Understand: Space and time have to be left over. Reciprocal effect dynamic. Psi field. Life is love, love is life. (January 13th, 1996) (Transmission at KOENIG: Love is life for ever.)

We are like you and (like) all. Thought consciousness in the fields of eternity. Countless facets of your entire I exist as electromagnetic energy units. Under these preconditions all information is possible. The space-time feeling veils the things, they become improbable. Only the paranormal consciousness produces the psychological. The Great Spirit resides/is in the supermicrohologram of the atoms and molecules till up to the wideness(es) of the All-that-is. (June 16th, 1996)  (The text includes answers to discussion between SENKOWSKI and HOMES.)

The contact comprised the (here not reproduced) sentence Old Lucy greets Aurora. She has difficulties with your language. To the author this name did not mean anything. Via telephone he asked Adolf Homes for clarification. With the printer in ON state, he hardly had typed the first words of an inquiry into the computer, when a text of extremely unusual form was printed. The first lines read HIIEA MELTEN LUCY SICH UEBA TL BRITSCHFUEAURORAMENCH ...  It is approximatively translatable: 

Here makes contact Lucy via the TL bridge for the human Aurora. It is a great art to handle electromagnetics. I am interested in human science. Through you Lucy seeks contact with the humans. May the human Aurora help Lucy, otherwise Lucy (will) continue(s) to stay alone. The other ghosts/spirits over here laugh at Lucy because they take her for mad. Lucy does not play with the human Aurora. Did you understand, Aurora, that Lucy is alone. Lucy is not mad. Lucy knows the with Aurora (closely) connected Karl. Karl is/was severe toward Lucy. Lucy knows Maria and Adelheid. Lucy is far away. Lucy wants to/will also learn to speak with Aurora via the tube. Lucy wants to speak with Aurora via the tube. Lucy is not mad. Lucy is learning the language of Aurora. Here is little checking/help for Lucy. All say Lucy were mad. Lucy has many years on the shoulders, she knows all men. Men find many skeletons that are up to 6000 years old. Toad shells are not so old. Oracle bones in the water were found by men. The science of the humans gave Lucy the name. Lucy’s right name was Oorach. A Chinese found Lucy. Omega from Lucy for Aurora. (August 11th, 1997) 

My investigations led to ‚Old Lucy’ as a female skeleton unearthed in Ethiopia, whose age has been estimated to 3.5 mio. years. Tortoise shells were found nearby. Three personal references to the author can be derived from the name. According to information received via a medium, Karl was the name of Adelheid – male in a past life - in the present lifetime spouse of the author, who had come to know of this connection, including the severity, already 1990. Everything else seems to make little sense, some information is wrong. 

Strangely enough, this contact, which HOMES was not able to continue because he died a few weeks later, was followed by a spontaneous communication. Mediumistically gifted P. BUTTERWECK, with whom the author was acquainted, wrote in November 1999: 

Hello, dear friend, here is Old Lucy, the sameness of soul and relative(s) of Aurora. Pass the greetings on to our friend, and that Old Lucy does not forget the love, and is present (at the impending congress) in Basel.

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