by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


A few of the texts that popped up at HOMES under ALBERT, or EINSTEIN, are connected with the AARON-EINSTEIN communications mediumistically received by DELAVRE (see F-37.11). Upon his return from a relatively long leave HOMES found the first three stored in the computer. Here is the second and the third one: 

Dear friend AARON – The God in whom I believed as a man, although I did not understand him, is much more portentous – There exist light energies that we here know – They penetrate all physical as well as psychical forms – Above it stands the pure spirituality of an omnipotence that allows every principle – You find this already in the tiniest part, for an atom can (be) manipulate(d) – Here was Albert EINSTEIN – (In) your chronology on July 20th, 1994. 

Albert EINSTEIN to AARON – Global attitude towards what you cannot seize, nor comprehend, enables the contacts across light-years – Had occupied myself already in 1920 in Berlin in (a) context with gravitation – My anxiety: every 10 sec a human becomes infected with the physical form Aids, which also exists psychically – The virus is in a position/able to adopt any form – The solution lies in the overall consciousness of men – The God in whom I believed is much more portentous – ALBERT greets his friend AARON 20.7.94.

On August 3rd, 1994, DELAVRE sent a series of questions to HOMES with the request to pass them on to EINSTEIN. They were not typed into the computer because the screen was occupied with questions posed by KUNDLER. These were found cancelled on August 15th. Here below EINSTEIN’s automatically stored and printed answers are set subsequent to the questions. 

By the way, what happens with 2109? Why have the contacts stopped? On what level is the disturbance with electromagnetics? 2109 cut the contacts in Rivenich off in order to bring forth a translation bridge to Frankfort (what did not happen). The disturbance is manipulated.

To what refers the sentence AARON be wise in its topical meaning for me? All the humans’ values of eternity stem 1st from the decisions of the conscience of those acting, and 2ndly from the dimensions of probability and (of) reality of all life. ...

Shall we understand your remarks on Aids in such way that we will not find any medicaments/remedies? How then can the whole consciousness of men on this issue be positively influenced? All epidemic diseases and maladies are based upon general development pattern(s) in all structures. The intensity of the positivity of all men on the earth urgently needs positive mental/spiritual leaders and information. – We hope you understood this information, and you (pl.) should well follow/join in thinking. All the before mentioned be greeted and embraced. Greetings to you and your friends from your brother Albert EINSTEIN, AARON, BAR KOCHBA, as well as all the friends regarded as dead by many people. Your time appearance 15.8.1994.

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