by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


From the RAUDIVE contacts at HOMES be here mentioned two further examples in addition to UMBERTO (F-38.12.10). The first is a here reproduced previously announced telephone conversation that the author had on October 8th, 1991, at HOMES. The second one refers to a short radio/TV transmission on September 19th, 1994, in French language. 

Here Konstantin RAUDIVE speaking. The conversation may be recorded. Dear colleague SENKOWSKI. Now some time has passed since I could speak with you. In this way this presently is only possible via the stations Luxemburg and Rivenich. Like the physical body produces its breath(ing) by itself, so from these two coordination points not measurable impulses come to you. ... Impulses that, in a kind of subtle matter have the same origine, above all are, in the end, dependent on themselves. ... Many other consciousness forms within your living-room are there now, but there is only one possibility to be perceived.

It is good that this is as it is, otherwise we would become completely confused. Exact, realities in the Beyond therefore have their special masking structures. You, colleague SENKOWSKI, often have understood my thoughts. But regrettably by you built up positive structures fall in on themselves again and again.  

We probably must have a lot of patience. This, too, is perfectly correct, for if they (the thoughts) were maintained, this potential could be developed into one (of the) coordination point(s) in which various realities melt together and a satisfactory communication would be possible. The contacts that exist in station Rivenich and in station Luxemburg are partly founded on this fact. As regards the transcontacts, substantially more would be possible if these coordination points would exist. This does not only refer to the instrumental transcommunication. The coordination points I mentioned therefore are nothing else than subtle-matter performance/capacity carriers that are fully intentionally built up by two fundamentally different life structures.  

Is the idea of tachyon(s) radiation correct? This is an absolutely true possibility. When intense positive thought waves from your side can reach one of these coordination points, it is quite possible that (a) communication with other existences comes about. We here have to do with pure energy forms. But these are other energies than ours? This, too, is perfectly correct. We, these dead living, (as) I would like to call us, greet, as far as possible, all men who believe in the good and also have it in their hearts. 

In the presence of an Anglo-American TV team, on September 19th, 1994 was received via radio/TV set under RAUDIVE a communication in French language. Part of it appeared to be not topical. In fact it turned out later that CETL had received the text already in March 1994, had however passed on only the for FORNOFF destined part of it. Interesting is the statement that the author’s task were to prove the paranormal character of the transconstacts, and not to examine their characteristics

The RAUDIVE contacts were sporadically continued till HOMES’ passing, in total about seven, wherein, a.o., were answered questions posed by the author. The transmission of January 7th, 1996, contains the following announcement:  

I, Konstantin Raudive, here work in a group named Foederation des Lichts (Federation of (the) Light). The FdL will try to shortly make contact via R4, as well as with Dr. Vladimir Delavre in Frankfort, with further information via computer.

While in Frankfort no contacts with apparatus have come off under FDL, HOMES (R4) received a long series under this name, see F-38.12.16. 

Everyone on your side has the faculty to enter into contact with on your side deceased. It is founded on cosmic laws, because the immaterial is not obliterated. All life in the indeed most different worlds searches for boundless carrying to perfection. Many people however let themselves fascinate by their environment and emotion so that they fail to see the sense of their life. Every connection to other forms of life, be they ever so abstract for you, therefore is possible through mental concentration. Through an extended spiritual development phase, that is not bound to any time-span, you are in a position to break through time corridors in order to leave the material level. This performs in the most varying ways. But before our information reaches your appliances, it passes (through) the entire receiver, and in many cases this makes the matter complicated. With this the place where one stays, as well as the states of waking or sleeping, do not matter at all. Now if/when there is a too differring divergence of vibrations, exists the possibility that the true information changes or even falsifies. Dear ITC friends, here the to you known animistic version proves right. (December 22nd, 1996) (HOMES was writing a normal letter into the computer when he was interrupted by the print-out.)

From Friedrich JUERGENSON only relatively few manifestations are available. HOMES reports under October 13th, 1994: 

‚By 8 o’clock I had a very strange feeling. Like in a kind of state of trance, I went to fetch my old VHS camera, installed it in front of the TV set in my living room, and switched both devices on, the TV set to an empty channel, then the camera. When switching the camera on, immediately an image appeared on the TV screen. It seems to show Friedrich JUERGENSON. In the moment the picture appeared, I heard a loud cracking noise in the side-room where the computer is and where we do our recordings. But I kept sitting and tried to establish an audible contact by addressing to those in the Beyond, or to JUERGENSON. Hearing nothing, I ended the experiment after approx. 8 minutes. In the side-room I noticed that the monitor’s screen had been written on. Keyboard and monitor had switched on by themselves. Both had been in switched-off state because my floppy is defective. I will now film the screen with the camera.’ 

Here FRIEDEL from Sweden is making contact. Dear humans/men. As is known to you, we are in a position to enter into your structure at choice. I (will) send you repeatedly a projection of myself, but with your appearance (the appearance known to you). The time indication is not correct for you. The projection is in the quanta of not-space-time since 17.1.1991. Every (one) of your and of our thoughts has its own electromagnetic reality that does not get lost outside of the time structure/framework. Not only our so-called transcontacts, but the consciousness of the entire/aggregate universal is to be understood (as) purely mental/spiritual and on principle creates all physical and psychical forms. From this point of view we, too, are still men/humans. This community operation/undertaking creates all forms. These, in their turn, represent illusions, because they change. Many of us are in a position to adopt (a) physical shape. Please transmit my message to all men. This says to you F. JUERGENSON.

Only two further computer print-outs, whose beginnings had been recorded verbally by the answering machine, are to be attributed to JUERGENSON in 1996.

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