by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


In September 1996, occurred at Adolf HOMES in Rivenich four transcontacts under the name Konstantina GILAIDOS. The here included first two computer texts convey an impression of confusion and, for comparing the data, are here supplemented by the information received from the Landeserdbebendienst (office for earthquakes) of the land Baden-Wuerttemberg. The names Zante (= Zakyntos), Ithaka, Kephalonia, Sami, and Vathi, mentioned by Gilaidos in the first two texts are correct. Since in 1953, according to our calendar, no American nuclear action has taken place in the region of the Ionian Islands, it seems that the as a double system named report refers to a virtual ‚future parallel world’. Five to this relating mediumistic contacts realized through Dr. DELAVRE.  

Here is Konstantina Gilaidos from Athens. The horror closes up my throat. In 1953 I experienced/witnessed the end of the world in Greece. The island Zante exists no more. My father is lost. He lived in Vathy. American war-ships ignited nuclear weapons. I am searching my father everywhere. On Ithaka Father Chrysostemos is lost. Many people (are) cry(ing) for help, the distance is too far. Please help us through your prayer. Here is Konstantina. Ionian Islands (are) disappear(ing), help, help. Something horrible has happened. Help. (September 1st, 1996)

Here is Konstantina Gilaidos. I experienced/witnessed a for you horrible natural disaster with you in Greece. I was on the ships of horror which brought the survivors onto Piraeus. All are being carried, we cry and faces are smeared with blood. Ionian boats, trawlers from Israel build the fleet of horror. We cannot go ashore for the landing stages (are) disappear(ing) in the sea. Why am I still alive? But yet the world came to its end, and I saw two light beings right and left beside me. The one on the right said to me: We are from the Federation of (the) Light. Please have not fear, what then can really happen. All men who die on your side come to us. 

This experience seems to be timeless, for it is the truth. Kephalonia was the most beautiful island. On Sunday we yet go (went) to church, and now Sami is no more. The earth rears up like a wild horse. The Holy Virgin broke into shivers in my child’s bedroom. I shouted for God: Why doesn’t he help? My husband was killed by a wall. A stone dashes against my forehead. It is dark, many hours. Doctor Deftairos drags me by the arm. It caused so much pain that I woke up. He tears me upright, he seemed to be everywhere.

Konstantina reports furthermore: In your year 2007. American fleet destroys Greece with nuclear weapons. All happens very quickly. Further indications are not admissable. Please learn to consider that you have to die there so that you proceed, for you live within the span of an illusion that we name time. We greet and (we) love you. Konstantina Gilaidos end of information. 14.9.1996 

Here is the FOEDERATION DES LICHTS (Federation of (the) Light) – The spirit(ual being) Konstantina GILAIDOS. Our energy concentration bases on other mental/spiritual forms than yours. In your sense I exist within a super-reality-system. Your idea of space-time is adapted to your consciousness system, therefore an empty room appears empty to you although countless beings/entities, buildings, and landscapes can/may be staying in it. My existence is a mental/spiritual form. For your understanding I would designate myself as an electromagnetic impulse, similar to your electromagnetic waves – as receivers they practically can be closed everywhere. 

The question of Valodja (DELAVRE: ‚Where are you?’) is a testing question for me, since for me there exist no past, presence, future, I, you, consciously nor unconsciously. You dear see how difficult a communication within differing reality systems can be. (September 22nd, 1996)  (Third, provoked computer contact) 

The Landeserdbebendienst (Office for earthquakes of the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg) of Freiburg, a.o., informed the author as follows:  

‚Earthquake August 12th, 1953, Greece – Ionian Islands. After a preliminary shaking at 06:08 the main quake set in at 09:23:52. – Complete destruction of the towns and villages on Kephalonia. Likewise great destructions on Zante and in Vathi on Ithaka.’ 

According to several information received from the League of the Red Cross in Geneva, the number of deads totalled to approximately 1000.

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