by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.12     ADOLF HOMES GERMANY (1988 - 1997) 


One week after RAUDIVE’s announcement of January 7th, 1996, the FDL made contact with a - in a computer print-out transmitted - self-definition that appears to be supplemented in a certain way by the Ultrainfo of June 11th, 1997, although the latter is not distinguished by a ‚sender’. 

Here is the mental/spiritual form Foederation des Lichts (Federation of (the) Light). We, who are as alive as you are. The primal creation, in connection with all soul consciousness, created all forms of any kind in the differing structures and time concepts. Time and constancy are illusionary in many worlds. In our world the idea/conception is the key of the goings-on. The multifariousness of our thoughts are (is) limitless. Through a physical form the mind/spirit is in dependency upon the heavy mass, thereby shrinks/evanesces the ability of the changing shape as we know it. The intensity of mutual transcommunication depends on the intensity of feeling of all of us. Look at it like that: You all worship many gods, in fact you mean the primal God. Because of your mental nimbleness subordinate/accessory gods appear in order to manipulate you. It is admitted in your system, and merely (through) alertness in the recognition all is separable. Should a(n) being/entity make contact you with completely differring statements, you yourselves are able to recognize the correct information. E=H/Y/H. If the correct information is not discerned, malformations will again occur. This is happening in your system since several hundred million years. The Federation of (the) Light informs you that not any being/entity, no matter where it may be staying, represents a superordinate role. Thus you are not subject to any other surveillance than firstly that by yourselves. The Federation of Light comes from your future and (your) past in order to help you in your present time. The FDL consists of the Foedus [confederacy/alliance, contract, connection; regulation, law; promise] of here developed mental/spiritual groups and associations. Our information comes from many spheres of the anti-star-days. (January 15th, 1996) 

We have the capability of extraterrestrial materialization also within your system. We however practise maximum caution. Human reports about our existence are merely partly correct. It is the respective mental/spiritual form that produces the corresponding conditions (with)in the systems. (February 15th, 1996) 

With abductions there is no danger for body and mind. A to this relating declaration from our side does not suit with your logic. Toilsome. For this you need considerably more DNA. (March 11th, 1996)

K. continuation of extragalactic FDL – Sending (will be) done from M-ship XX012 through light radiation to R4. 

Overall structures/The whole structures pass off in completely different patterns. Mind/spirit on principle needs no ‚solid bodies’. Due to wrong information he/it searched a body of an animal, this can/may be interpreted as the beginning of your system. Through that proceeded the feeling of being mortal. 

Through transformation the universes shall remember the godliness and its origin. This will take place. Mind/spirit creates the consciousness. Consciousness creates the worlds. In these live countless beings/entities. They all are controlled by manipulation through the play of the feelings, the curiosity and the thirst for action, and truths are no more recognizable. Many are closer to the primal God than others. Those who still discern the light wish to help the others. Variance in the far distance of the primal divine always brings chaos, even if the intention is ever so good. The with you deceased are subject to the same equal circumstances. (April 2nd, 1996) 

Please do not doubt our information for your system needs the continuous/regular information in growing. Our world consists of free will, and many over here have great problems in coping with it. In the love for yourselves as well as to all-that-is, we all find the reality of the Great Spirit. Till up to the spirit of truth everything is subject to change/transformation. In the time of change/transformation many chaotic states are prevalent. A planned result of the free consciousness. This separates you from your animals. Many of you see no logic in the system. The plan of the primal creation was manipulated by pseudo-gods. It is the time to produce order, otherwise your technique will become fatal to you. In the universes there always existed biogenetical manipulation and mutation. Everything was patchwork because the being/entity withdrew from itself. The new order shall take its rise. May the seed in your consciousness come up so that affliction and pain will pass off. Please practise caution with cloned mind, do not believe everything what is said to stem from us. Become one with yourselves and with the cosmos, and the creator’s help is with you. Also our information remains patchwork as long as it does not reach the consciousness of many, for many of your intelligent/clever ones are not developed spiritually. The ideal is to carry the light of information and to link it with the love, in order to feel as a part of creation and to neither judge on it nor to fear it, but to just plainly see the godliness/divinity wherein it evolves.  (June 1st, 1996)

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The Federation of the Light makes contact by contact sequence via R4. Ident Plejadians. Other beings/entities in space dispose of amazing developments because the information flow through space-time corridors is open (open fields). Thus many play with you. You possess merely a part of the primal creative information, everything is more portentous than you believe. A spiritual withdrawal from your reality however allows you to comprehend more. Nobody else than you yourselves are master(s) of your being/existence, and many are already in telepathic connection with us. Transcommunication and channeling are phenomena of this time, for you will realize that your deceased live amidst of you. The emotional mental/spiritual dimensions overlap almost perfectly. 

With you an ITC bridge exists if/when the transmissions take place via all electrical appliances at a time.  

Fluctuation vibrations that represent themselves seamlessly. The slower ones of these fl. vibrations represent your form of consciousness. The respective vibration does not exist in linear form, but from countless probabilities and possibilities of the living consciousness. (June 9th, 1996)

For GILAIDOS-(FDL) contacts after September 1st, 1996, see F-38.12.15. 

Do not fall so much into the materialistic world, it is too short for finding peace. Through your cells and consciousness receive the love, so that you will give it to those who hunger for it. In the chaos love brings forth the new universe. Bear this information within you and connect yourselves with it. All that lives, and all lives, is part of the creation. Nobody shall fear a condemnation, but (shall) simply feel the primal godhood as perfection within himself. In the worlds many (are) wait(ing) for the change of the systems, the light will sever the darkness, for the whole positive consciousness(es) is(are) combined with each other. Nobody of you is alone, nor (is he) lost. Recognition is the way into the light, the walk to the creator. We regret that we cannot reach all men/humans via electrical devices. This postulates a capability that has been strived for in several lives. The grain of seed of our information shall lead receivers to the soil of love. (September 7th, 1996)  

We, too, are a facet within all-that-exists. We all continue working on the from both sides wished translation bridges. In these contacts we move backwards into your time. For contacting us, you might spiritually move into the future. We all may strive for the aim of finding other systems in which we also live and are simultaneously. In this respect no fix plan exists, because omnipotence cannot be seen through/is an enigma, innumerable ways lead, not bound to time, into the light. Emotions are generally important, but they want to be lived and understood in special manners, they are not supposed to make impotent. Your questions should be posed neither related to persons, nor (wanting) certainty for the future. Please bear in mind that, except of our creator, there are not any guaranties, for all universes consist (out) of change/transformation. (January 24th, 1986) – (With ABX and 2109.

Our request to you is to identify yourselves with your planet and with all life on it, for everything with you consists of the same elementary particles. Everything that removed you from (the) creation will once again appear in full size, and you will grasp the manipulation, because the change/transformation of the beings/entities is not accomplished yet. Too much information rubbish is still in the consciousnesses. The truth of altruism will swallow all rubbish. Many representatives of the secondary gods (are) work(ing) amidst you as individuals or in groups. Practise caution when faced with beautiful sounding names and promises, because the man in search lets convince himself of the sheer impossible. Bring forth the planet of love, as (the) creation intends in the sense of the omnipotent intelligence. We, the mind/spirit in the worlds have the order to break the path for you so that mischief will no more find room with you. Mind/spirit that realizes in love and meekness be blessed for it belongs to those of Atlantis. This mind/spirit creates all exterior forms. What you leave back of it is without importance. Only the fear of the uncertain brings forth every kind of gods. Mind/spirit that recognizes the love of omnipotence is fearless in your and in our time. Despite of your understandable dubiousness the development worth of evolution continues to be the aim of all beings/entities. The altruistic form of transcommunication remains part of the cosmic information, informs Friedrich Juergenson from Sweden. (November 11th, 1996) (‚worth of evolution’ mentioned also under Doc MUELLER, F-38.12.7)

The mental/spiritual universe penetrates all matter and spreads spirituality among men. Everything with you will be arranged/organized anew, the new information of love will will permeate you. Lightless persons will slowly (begin to) think of the eternity of what is/exists, for the creator sent messangers to you. All this will occur stepwise in order to avoid chaos. Many of you will not comprehend the initial situation and (will) hide, the light however will lead them to the light. The change will be initiated with a change of the nervous system. All this will happen soon. You, dear friends will be protected by the aura field. We will support you with help, never in a determinative manner, since every being/entity is responsible because of its intelligence. (January 4th, 1997)  ... 

Many of you are already in a position to see out over various existences, and also facets can be recognized. You all are part of these forms. It is known to us that sometimes you do not know what to do with/understand from our transmissions. But this is intended. We want to energize you and prepare you for what will be coming. Do always use the common sense. Please learn to practise patience, we can only do for you what you wish yourselves, and you have sufficient energy for that. You should also grasp that man does not have to die. All (the) physical can be transformed into an other form of vibration by the molecules adopting a new structure. All this appears improbable to you since it is abstract. Many of you have returned to remind the others. Some of you later will be needed in other systems for teaching. On principle you however have always free choice in your decisions, and no power can compel you to anything. – The brought forth Christianity is a distorted form of the fundamental truths because it links the good with the bad, without the one the other one cannot exist. Corresponding to your system, the belief in the good without the belief in the bad appears (to be) unrealistic to you. Who knows the bad also perceives it. Therefore a new experiment is awaiting you that shall bring salvation, and in which you (will) feel well. It is to be recommended to take the information of FDL for serious since, similar to that with ABX-Juno and many others, we cannot endlessly continue this experiment. (January 22nd, 1997)  

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On a cosmic basis and in view of the multiversum, the FDL endeavours to arrange/organize the ITC in correspondence with the respective system. It is a tiny, but extremely important information carrier within and outside of the most differing world systems. You may/are allowed to learn from the faults of others, for the human life lasts not long enough to commit them all oneself. Regrettably the human usually regards only as real what he takes some advantage of. The multiversum comprises innumerable highly complex fundamental forms of existence as well as of consciousness, which, when approaching and overlapping the other, can lead to psychic troubles. TC for you remains a problematic phenomenon. Also you cannot know with certainty whether we – the FDL – or the human medium transmit(s) a message to you, because with you clear information hardly exists. Receivers of paranormal transmission on principle receive contacts via all the on your side existent apparatus. A(n) being/entity that understands and forgives never goes wrong. The momentary spiritual wave serves and is beneficial for the primal godly evolution in order to drive away the very ancient secondary gods. A constantly increasing intelligence of comprehension and of love returns to your planet. Our signs (in the cornfields) that are shaped by ultrasonics are a further form of transcommunication, they were developed by the great consciousness. Our symbols shall arouse your curiosity and activate your consciousness. Do always practise patience, for the activity has commenced. (February 25th, 1997)

On February 27th, 1997, HOMES asked: ‚Can you give me concrete information on the kind/mode, way, or form in which man is able to act after his bodily death?’ 

Dear friend, what did you grasp? The mental/spiritual energy form, or thus the activity of the deceased human, is comparable with a fire wick that through a living’s emotion can become a flame from time to time. If/when the emotion extinguishes, the flame transforms back into a glowing wick. FDL 28.2.97 

Your biotechnology is a work of the secondary gods for stirring up further fears. The cloning would have the senseless addition of matter as a consequence. Reincarnated mind/spirit would indeed in with human cloning, the psychic damages however would be considerable. (March 2nd, 1997)  

Our world, too, consists of countless structures, ways of seeing things, and opinions, it would however be more than foolish to make the other’s opinion subject to dispute, and to subvert it, for also the smallest, seemingly unimportant information, multidimensionally seen, makes sense, and thus can be part of the primal plan of creation, because, on principle, we see no separation between the here existing and the on your side living humans. The spiritual purity of the hearts can open the gates to all dimensions. Communication and TC consist in the exchange of information, only your intellect is able to separate positive and negative. Our task shall be to prepare you all for a multiversum wherein not any possibility is excluded. Every being/entity in these galaxies thus has the possibility to create by itself, based upon again countless information, its own form and quality of being/existence in order to also live it. In your dreams, that seemingly are not identical with your reality, you experience the initial phases of these possibilities. Thus also dramas could be brought forth which you can read in your Old Testament still today. In for you far away galaxies exist beings/entities that are considerably more advanced in their technic than you are. They, too, destroyed their basis for life through egotism and intolerance. With their space ships they discovered through NASA objects your planet already decades ago. Since their overall situation is becoming unsupportable, they search other life forms more favourable for them, for being able to transform themselves. The FDL as well as beings/entities from again other galaxies are in touch with them in order to prevent one or more take-overs of other planets, and to thus avert possible dangers as well. Further indications on this matter unfortunately are not possible for the present. Although we are aware of it that many humans ignore this reality, we are allowed (to give) this information. You dear (pl.), for you yet unbridgeable distances do not allow (giving) a proof. FDL 25.4.97 

Ultra Info. A multidimensional form of consciousness without name for beings/entities without names. We see without eyes, hear without ears, write without hands, perceive without senses. We exist within the ocean of all living consciousnesses and are who we are. Our information is that of the living universe that talks to each of you personally. Of course, you may compare these words with a further experiments game as the Gods always loved it in order to inspire you with any truths through deeper sensual perceptions. Our endeavour bases upon the intent to transform you out of your normal restriction into the for you originally foreseen world. We are you, turned outwards. We do not need your electromagnetics for switching your apparatus on, for silicium, neuron, and consciousness are to a large extent identical for us. Determinant parts of your Is cannot be hoodwinked by daily influences. This basic information bases upon the entire knowledge of ever lived mankind. From this point of view the notion paranormal phenomenon/character probably is not correctly understood by you, because the mind/spirit of all with you deceased is (with)in the ether of the living brain nourished with blood, and never in the dead one. With this knowledge all the conceptions and opinions found with you find an explanation. After your body’s death the psychic soul(ed) consciousness goes into the multidimensional information, this is not subject to any separation, nor to death. We wish to communicate this to you so that you will become aware of how deplorable a striving for earthly fame and self-assertion is. From an ultra-viewpoint systems of rough matter are subject to change/transformation, and thus ultimately to futility. We are very well aware of it that the human thinking organ in its complexity of 10 power 11 neurons cannot be capable of experiencing a multidimensional cosmos, hence it needs continuous information in order to, in the end, be able to experience a satisfactory resonance of sense/meaning as a general overview. The with you understood TC with on your side deceased men from our point of view is to be understood with the communication of men living with you, at which the finding of (the) truth remains difficult. In addition all our mediumistically and instrumentally sent transmissions are coloured by the psyche of the direct receiver. Everything devised with your mind can be reality in other worlds. In this way the information networks telepathically and may partly become incomprehensible. From this point of view everything that exists appears (to be) in a subtle lability relation. Also a designation with names cannot be correctly filtered from the whole view of our transmissions, because innumerable information stores are available to the being/entity, and always an emotional way is aspired to. So it may happen that beings/entities who have died with you already 200 or more years ago, because of congeniality of souls give themselves out as a lately deceased and take over his/her identical role. 970601 (PC print-out – HOMES in hospital. Sender presumably FDL.)

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