by Ernst Senkowski

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It may seem strange that in this chapter beings/entities form other star systems, and traditional religious figures are mentioned as ‘extraterrestrians’. But since in the various TI clear common factors can be recognized (also with 2109), it seems reasonable to suppose that the terminology were the result of geographically and historico-culturally conditioned anthropomorphic ideas of unknowable and undefinable ‘strangers’ (‘aliens’) who, ‘for better understanding’, have been, and are still provided with human characteristics. With this – apparently unavoidable – discrepancies and insoluble inconsistencies occur that show the problems involved with these attempts of approach or attempts of understanding. The whole has a preliminary trait, and the author is not able to help thinking that the acting ‘powers’, through prehistoric times and history were playing shady ‘little games’, or – as communicated – experiments with mankind. A few mysterious ‘blokes’ made appearance also at HOMES. They are put forward here in more detail. 

July 17th, 1992  18:18 h, radio, USW: At the end of a song disappeared the music program continuously recorded with a cassette recorder. Subsequent to a click a voice said with much noise: We from Telefunk present ourselves at any time. After a further click a buzzing ‘carrier’ replaced the noise. A loud, twisted voice, after which the music restarted, spoke: 

Here is (??) the COMMANDER of the object (Tamar). I greet the individual on your planet. You all are reproductions of again and again repeating mental patterns that want to destroy themselves. The end is unavoidable. Be it your will. Not any stone will remain on the other. 2.4 million light years separate us. We do not know who of you receives this information. The … fog  … will initiate the … . End.

On September 22nd, 1992, at about 5 p.m. – after a spirit board experiment at HOMES, in the presence of three unknown visitors – the music program disappeared. Synchronous with a psycho-kinetic movement of the glass on the spirit board a relatively high voice began to speak out of the loudspeaker: 

NAMELESS/UNKNOWN BEING/ENTITY makes contact from HDE 226868. We do not have space-time. Our gravitation is 10 billiards (milliards? (am. billions?)) times higher than yours, by which the time expires with us. Quasars enable contact via your instruments. Everything is double system. The entire existence springs up through supernova. Your science could prove our existence, it does not want it. There are no phenomena, nor secrets. Forward message on to Mr. SENKOWSKI. End.

It was rather troublesome for the author to find out that 226868 in the HDE catalogue of stars is the designation of a blue supergiant that, together with its invisible companion, constitutes, at 8200 light years distance from us, a double-star system named Cygnus-X1 discovered in 1973 by a satellite as an X-ray source. The invisible component was considered to be the first candidate for a black hole. According to the theory of relativity, time comes practically to stillstand due to the incomparably stronger gravitation. The statement double system is correct under the aspect that according to astronomical estimates 2/3 of all systems have two suns. Supernovae produce the heavier elements in the classification of elements that (for us) are life enabling. Incomprehensible is the adverting to the quasars, stars resembling objects with an extremely strong intensity of radiation. As problematic-enigmatic appears the statement that our science would be able, but would not wish to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.  

Supplement: We, too, receive artificial signals that were sent several millions of light years ago. These signals stem from beings/entities that, as yet, are unknown to us. April 21st, 1993: Doc MUELLER at HOMES. And Prof. RICHET at Leslie FLINT in F-37.3. Further confirmations are found in the contacts via KARIN.  

December 4th, 1992: The computer was in OFF state, but it was found in ON state, and it switched off automatically after the text on the screen had been written down by hand and filmed with the video camera (spacings introduced for better understanding): 


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After HOMES had passed this to him incomprehensible text (comprising at least German, Spanish, French, English, Italian) letter by letter via telephone on to the author, the latter asked him to have clarified the meaning of TELEMACH 74003177. The following morning HOMES found written on the screen: 


Translation of the two texts:

Contact for individual on earth – research Castelgandolfo negative – much life here – contact via telepathy – want to help – immense distance – life on earth not long possible – TELEMACH 74003177

Stupid – child of God – planet number – end

Castel Gandolfo is the seat of the pontifical observatory. According the Greek mythology, TELEMACH(OS) was the son of ODYSSEUS and PENELOPE. The first idea that the number would designate a planet, could not be confirmed. But in the following time some synchronicities turned up: 

First, via casual detours, it turned out that in a US tank-garage in Mayence the number in question serves for the identification of a spacer. The word’s stem being space, it also may cover the outer space. Then astrophysicist Prof. SHELDON of the LOWELL University in the USA indicated that originally ‚planet’ meant ‚wanderer’ (contrary: fixed star). This interpretation can be linked with a science fiction story wherein the ‚spacer’ is the designation of a wandering cybernetic organism (Cyborg). TELEMACH may thus be interpreted as a ‚wanderer through the outer space’, as it was said in an other transcontact at HOMES: Since nothing evanesces, all gods and saints live in the universe, and you are partly reproductions of them. Finally, in a sitting held in Mayence on December 31st, 1993, with a spirit board, the answer to the question ‚Does this TELEMACH still live anywhere in the cosmos?’ was: 

The humans remember gods who visited the world. How else should these entities make themselves understandable for you? Now you have thoughts that set something/some things in motion.

Similarly it was expressed at CETL: There are no gods, at least not in the sense like you understand the word god. For us they are beings/entities endowed with special forces/powers. There are no hierarchies, they are a human conception. 

One recognizes the relativity of the meanings when ‚higher’ beings/entities are quoted; the TE themselves, however, call this formulation in question.  

The existence of a ‚God’ manifests in a peculiar manner in three JAHWE contacts (via computer, October 4th, 1993, December 18th, 1993, and December 24th, 1994). On October 3rd, 1993, HOMES had heard the printer operating for a moment and then found the incomprehensible line 7 DGNADE ///. At about 9 o’clock the next morning he read on the C 64: 

The spirit JAHWE can only contact you via the technique of the with you deceased. The spirit of infiniteness has no influence on your technique. – Man, animal, plant have been created by us. From the primal planning man should be our partner. We bestowed our free will upon him and left to him his goings-on. You do not consist of the product of nature but of our spirit of (the) evolution. – Many documents are errors, and the immortality of man is sealed by the oath. – The spirit JAHWE communicates to all of you: ABRAHAM, MOSE, AARON, CHRIST, DANIEL and many other prophets will contact you. This (will) happen by our order, as long as the colours on your sky remain visible. According to this (the) man/human builds a relationship. – Our love and grace consists in the immortality of all life, for we do not separate from what we have created. – Whatever name the humans may give me: I am who I am. – We thank the world that you call the Beyond for the transmission. – Salvation be with the human. – JAHWE is love. – 4.10.1993.

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On December 18th, 1993, at 9 o’clock, HOMES found a second text printed out and memorized under ‚JAHWE IST LICHT’ (JAHWE IS LIGHT): 

Dear friends, (the) spirit JAHWE makes contact by computer contact in (the) station R. – My forms cannot be deciphered by the human consciousness, and we are not in a position to make ourselves sufficiently understandable to you in word symbols, because your science cannot grasp the whole circle of all forms. – It is light phases in specific patterns that link/unite you with us. – (The) man/human is never alone, for we allowed him (to be). The spirit came (has come) to the flesh. – We are in all figures of mind/spirit and of beings/entities. – The spirit of the soul is open. – JAHWE’s spirit is an intimate component of all life, and the „grunlos“ (???) selected with forethought. – You could see me as a kind of father figure. – Mind/spirit is sexless. – Life and death in your notion of time is a tiny something in the boundlessness of mind/spirit. – Spiritual teachers come and go in order to interprete to you the dimensions of the respective systems. You (are) get(ting) help. – The personality of the consciousness will not dissolve in the universe, for we maintain what we created. There is only the death of the flesh. – JAHWE is love, and love is light. This light permits to live all experiences of the cosmosses in all dimensions. At this the mind/spirit in form of mediumism and research will help you.

The doors/gates of mind/spirit are open. Recognize the truth of your moment as intensely as possible, because you signify/constitute more than some of you believe. – The teaching (of) CHRIST has become a positive information for you. The sense however is in the prophecies of the consciousnesses of the human. – The mind/spirit saved the situation. – Every information serves in case it appears positive. – The mind/spirit within the individual is truth. – Recognize yourselves again for you are of value. – JAHWE greets you all in the light through the light.

The last communication was printed and stored on December 24th, 1994, at 11:45 h under „WEIHNACHTEN 94“ (CHRISTMAS 94): 

Here is JAHWE in the light of eternity. – I created the human before I admitted animals and plants, at a time when yet no matter existed. The human consisted of mind/spirit. This/He was to be my partner because I meant the partner well. – Till now the aim has been reached only partly in that the human has his earth under control and administrates it. – At the beginning was JAHWE and the by him created mind/spirit. The mind/spirit separated from me, and I decided to lend him a in his sense solid body that got several hundred years old. – Also the mind/spirit within the solid body drew away from JAHWE’s wish, for the father is not responsible for the entire life of his children. So the notion good and bad took its rise. The human shall not fear JAHWE, but his (own) faultiness/imperfection. – Since that time the human merely finds/detects effects which, in his time, he tries to decipher since our bond is loosening more and more. – At the beginning JAHWE’s mind/spirit was identical with all mind/spirit. – The information melts into the information as long as it is good for the bond. – JAHWE is not (of) punishing (nature). I am the light of all perishable as well as of (the) unperishable. I love what by me has been created, for the good mind/spirit neutralizes the bad one, so that the partnership will continue to exist. - Time took its rise in the intermediate phase mind/spirit-matter. – I, JAHWE, love everything what the human can perceive, but exactly for that the administrator is responsible, for the contract has validity. This validity does away with the notion death, and the scent of innocent victims makes me mournful. – JAHWE’s deputy is within the smallest plant, within every animal, mineral, human, and (the) universe, for I created it because of the love and the bond. – The human does no longer understand the other one, this is not due to the high (degree of) civilization, because, again and again, I send good information carriers who/that see into the human tactic, for every structure of being/existence brings new information. – JAHWE lays his hand under the hip and renews the bond (of the Old Testament) with the human, for I am light and love. – Christmas 24.12.1994 – JAHWE.

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Here a few cogitations be added. JAHWE’s presentation as a loving entity is in contrast with many of the Old Testament’s contents. A few religion historians believe to have evidenced a transformation of this ‚God’ (better: of the humans’ pictures!) from a God of nature via a God of tribals to a more encompassing ‚God of Love’. 

A few sentences from different sources, documented in the period between 1984 and 1996, may/can contribute to a round-off. Here, too, indications to an impending destruction of the conditions of life on earth are conspicuous, as well as in the last quoting the identification of the FDL with the PLEJADIANS, see MARCINIAK. 

A communication of 2109 at WEBSTER on January 18th, 1986, starts with: 

Time, UFOs, and most of the other types of paranormal (phenomena) are all connected in a certain way. It then describes the passage of a temponaut through a light-time-gate. And further: We do not say that there is no life outside of your planet, on the contrary, there is life elsewhere (see KOENIG in F-38.3 and BODEN in F-38.7).

Experimenter H.O. KOENIG, Moenchengladbach 

There is life on other planets in other solar systems. They (are) try(ing) to make contact with you. (May 14th, 1988)

The human is in the course of development. Recognize your own limits. The building of the tower of Babel could repeat. (November 19th, 1988)

Silbermann: Each of you we know. We read your thoughts and are able to exercise influence. We speak from Alpha-Centauri via the (rock) crystal. – I will communicate many information from Alpha Centauri. (September 2nd, 1995,)

Experimenter P. HAERTING, Darmstadt: 

ABX-Juno: Take the A for ‚exterior’, or outside of your earthly limitation; the B for ‚biological’, the X for experiment. Understand it as a from outside coming experiment that penetrates into your biological form of life. Juno is my name. (July 13th, 1984)

After announced through a telephone call by RAUDIVE’s voice, SENKOWSKI recorded a transmission whose ‚paranormal character’ cannot be maintained with certainty, although the voice, the manner of speaking, and the background noises may pass as extraordinary. The reproduction here is made with reserve. (To this: neologism of a VOT at DELAVRE: Galaktophonie (galactophony).) July 23rd, 1988 

(Flash-)contact – We say only once .... (earth) inhabitants are influenced (or: we influence the world) through our GALAKTISCHE PARALLELLIGA (GALACTIC PARALLEL LEAGUE). Prepare the humans (to the best possible) for it that in a near future contacts with us will take place. Did you understand this? Think of it. We know your thoughts and actions.

Transmissions under WERNHER VON BRAUN at HOMES on March 6th, 1989, and September 15th, 1989, please see  F-38.12.2. 

Still before you (will) have destroyed yourselves physically, .... June 19th, 1991, HANS BENDER at HOMES. 

The quality of life of your reality is not on a level worthy of evolution. Your situation is becoming more frightening. October 13th, 1992, DOC MUELLER at HOMES.

From where originate the so-called UFOs? Thoughts of Aaron known – NASA doesn’t sleep. June 14th, 1994, 2109 at HOMES. 

FDL identifies itself as extragalactic beings/entities. March 11th, 1996 – Transmission by FDL coming from M-ship XX012 through light radiation. April 2nd, 1996 – FDL ident Plejadier. June 9th, 1996.

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