by Ernst Senkowski

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During the last three months of 1998, when working with the TDC apparatus (see XXXX) in Scole, considerable noises occurred in form of very loud high pitched sounds that made it impossible to carry through the usual voice contacts. In the mediumistically received communications the transpartners explained that these were an interdimensional time-wave pattern coming from our future and originating from a crystalline time probe whose existence would cause problems also if/when working merely mediumistically. As instigators were mentioned experimenters in the Beyond who were said to be occupied with exploring time patterns and with getting access to our presence. For this purpose they would generate 'time wave ripples', or shock waves, which interrupted the connections to our transpartners.   

In detail it was said that the interdimensional reciprocal effect - as a result of the concerted action of the special energies of the four group members - would have opened a space-time gate that well enabled the fast progress of the experiments, but that the energy eddy within the gate would have attracted also those time researchers from the future, whose experiments would increasingly render the communication with our partners more difficult. 

Robin FOY reports: ‘During a short contact we were asked to establish a connection with a group of trustworthy STAR FRIENDS who, thanks to their knowledge of space and time, could better judge of the situation and possibly could help. We were requested to connect the TDC apparatus with a video camera in order to record image and sound simultaneously. During the last four sittings this arrangement conveyed several impressive acoustical and optical contacts with a very knowledgeable being/entity from an other dimension named Varrenheeric. Thereby it became clear that the problems were not surmountable. Varrenheeric said we on the earthly side could not do anything to avoid the noises. Always when we would come together in order to build up a contact to our friends in the Beyond, the experimenters from the future would try to carry through their own connections to our presence.  

The STAR FRIENDS informed us that the investigation into time, because accompanied by the noises/disturbances, would equal an infringement of cosmic-interdimensional space-time laws and must not be continued. The only practicable proposition for a solution consisted in the request to stop our sittings'. 

The experimenters will continue to publish the messages and results realized in the course of six years in 500 sittings, and will endeavour to help other groups that experiment on the basis of the methods used in Scole.

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