by Ernst Senkowski

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On September 7th, 1999, the Italian secretary Maria Grazia ALFIERI of Milano noticed that her printer, which, under the influence of the CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT had behaved abnormally for a longer time already, did not function. The called for technician, despite of best efforts, was unable to set it going again. After he had left, Maria Grazia decided to make another attempt. She typed in capital letters 17 lines of groups of random letters, numbers and signs of varying lengths into her computer. Fearing the destruction of two texts that were already on the hard disk, she did not memorize this mixture but gave the command to print. The printer furnished a 17 lines long text of the CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT that appeared in capital letters with correct spacings between the words, though without punctuation signs. In the translation the sentences have been separated by , and commas have been introduced. Oddly enough the abbreviations FDL for the Italian FIGLI DELLA LUCE and FOEDERATION DES LICHTS (Federation of (the) light) are identical. 

Here we are at last This time we have upset the printer You will see that the whole system is safe now and the to be pitied confused technician went away because, of course, he did not succeed in finding the damage There are no defects We children of the light are happy when we can communicate, and you know that within short there will be the congress of Papa Mancigotti in Cattolica, and we want to tell all mothers and fathers that we, too, will be there and (will) all embrace with a light bunch of love You (pl.) will understand that we are alive and will be it for ever, because (the) death is neither for us nor for you a punishment We children, deceased from accidents, drugs, diseases, suicides, etc., are all together We are in the light and, as said earlier already, have a great Master Emanuel like a brother, and if you (pl.) wish so, you will remember that he is it also for you We are very occupied (The) life in the Beyond is an active life We have a lot of work In your world there is much that is dreadful, and our recommendation to pray from (your) heart is always valid Ciao from a world where the dreadful does not exist Carlo, Daniela (who enters also the music), Giancarlo, Andrea, Enzo, Luca, Umberto, Corrado, Marco, Stefano, Alessandro, Federico, Matteo, Marta, Duvio.

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