by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.16  KATHARINA C.  * 19.07.1986 –07.05.1993 

Spouses C. from Alto Adige are known to the author since 1974. Mrs. L. is a German speaking lady from Southern Tyrol, her husband S. originates from Central Italy. After many years without children they adopted a newly born girl and had her christened KATHARINA. The child grew up with two languages and developed to a wilful little person full of spirits who gave her parents much pleasure. At the age of 5 years coordination troubles became apparent. In the Universitaetsklinik (university hospital) of Innsbruck they were diagnosed as a consequence of an inoperable tumour. The treatment did not bring any improvement. Finally the little incurable patient was discharged from the hospital and, in spite of alternative endeavours and prayers, frequently at the grave of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, the slow extinguishing of the young life could not be held up. Katharina’s sufferings were over on May 7th, 1993, when she left her despairing parents back, together with the small Maltese doggy Dorothy, her last play-fellow.
Since her transition Katharina has made contact via different channels. Her parents experienced convincing transcontacts with Italian and English mediums, in Germany a group endeavoured contacts via ‘spirit board’, the author called Katharina via magnetic tape. Two spontaneous phenomena occurred in Alto Adige and in Germany, where in 2002 several mental-mediumistic dialogues came off. Taking all the phenomena together, we have to do with a surprisingly multifarious bundle of related contacts that might be rare in this form. The events are summarized here below. 

A request for help
When Katharina was still living here, on April 20th, 1993, my spouse ADELHEID addressed to LAZARUS in the Beyond: ‘In the name of L. and S. I am to ask for an advice on how shall be proceeded further with Katharina’. 

LA: Dear Adelheid, you feel with this child and the relatives, but let (me) tell you: affliction often feels the looker-on. For the afflicted it is a development process that very often includes happy moments. This child wants to find (the) love in this life, and let me tell you: she has it in excess, and the parents will be rewarded for it. Before long the child will find the delivering blade of straw that is being handed to her since some time already. She will find (the) peace. (‘spirit board’)

An unexpected mental/mediumistic communication in Italy
During the visit the parents were making to an Italian medium, Katharina’s photo laid on the table, together with photos of other deceased children. She was the first to make contact and, among other things, reported in heaven she would be playing with a cat, whose pet name she mentioned. First the parents did not know how to fit this information in. Only later they remembered that her daughter, when still capable of locomotion, had played with a so named cat in the yard of her father’s home in Central Italy. Afterwards this little animal had been run over and killed by a car, what had been passed over in silence so as to not make her feel sad.  

Ten contacts via ‘spirit board’ in Germany, 1993 – 1995

May 18th, 1993, AS: 
Did Katharina arrive well on your side?

LA: My dear Adelheid, give the mother most cordial regards from all of us. She has taken sacrifices upon her, what helped (the) little Katharina a lot in achieving her aim upon earth and ascending into heaven like an angel. She has gone this way consciously and is pleased to meet the parents at the grave of Padre Pio. She will try to show herself grateful to the parents.

AS: May one figure that she is with you?

LA: She is full of joy and exulting like little girls in high spirits like it. One has to take her in hand a little, so much she rejoices in her newly won freedom.

AS: Has Katharina already assumed a task?

LA: You are interested in (knowing) what activity this little energy bunch has chosen. Now, first she is going to romp around a lot, like, according to your human thinking, it is seemly for a child of this age, she is becoming conscious of her wide soul and will then decide what way she further will be taking. (Remark: The parents often called Katharina a “terremoto” = earthquake.) 

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June 29th, 1993, LA: Dear Adelheid, here stands someone who is pleased that you (pl.) make contact, here is Kathalin. She greets you (pl.) and the parents. Tell (ask) the mother if she remembers the angels’ choir. She shall then think of Katharina because her wish is to sing in the new world to the joy of mankind. (Remark: ‘angel’s choir’ refers to ’Chor der Engel erwacht’ (the choir of angels awakens), a Christmas song that Katharina liked to sing.) 

May 29th, 1994, GW (a lady, friend of the family): I still have one thing very much at heart. I have Katharina’s photo here. Perhaps I will travel with AS to Alto Adige for a few days. I hope to there become to know Katharina’s parents at the long last. How does the child feel?

EM (Emanuel): Your little friend: She has met the sun, heaven is open to her, to her the stars will belong. Do you wish to know more? Have a good journey. To the (her) mother she has said: flowers in the hair, joy and happiness in the soul and gratitude for ever. Katharina. Farewell. 

June 10th, 1994, GW: We welcome the friends on the other side of life and ask you, dear little gay Kathi, to make contact for mama and daddy. You now have the possibility/opportunity to write a long letter.

KC: Show picture, you, then I also with you. Many greetings to mammy. Always I think of that time. We wish to enter (go) into the mountains and the forests that indeed you loved. Here with us we live on the level that makes these things possible to us. Have your picture within my heart.Fly to you like a bird, walk with you all time.

GW: Darling, I would like to ask you something else, is that ok?

KC: What do you want to know, aunt G.? We do know each other a long time already. What do you not yet know of me?

GW: You are right. When mammy speaks of you, I have the feeling that you yourself are saying it. Thus I could come to know you very well. But my question, Kathi. When you were still living with us, you painted a picture with the sun and the many flowers below it. One flower stands oblique and not so straight as the others that were framed. What did you want to say by this?

KC: On this picture is shown that I will soon be going bent. Something else I wish to tell you. All men are tested. All are at it. Don¢t you also mean it has been worth it even so?

GW: Of course, Kathi, the journey (to Vipiteno) has been worthwhile just alone for getting to know your parents. It was it really worth to me.

KC: Love forbids to weep, but I find it hard to wait for mammy such a long time.

GW: Darling, what shall we tell daddy?

KC: But also love of course. Mammy more important.

September 16th, 1994, EM: Katharina is our sunshine. She loves flying from one level to an other and is extremely happy to send greetings on this way.

KC: Dear aunt G., phone my good parents and tell them: The love they have lived for me will lay them the way onto moss, will now all time give them the joy, the happiness as a present. … Dear aunt G., you can laugh so beautifully, we however must return, too long is not allowed.

November 9th, 1994  Those present give to Kathi the mother’s greetings.

KC: I say, go school presently. But joy keeps within limits. Too little possibility to play. All greetings and kisses for my mammy and for my daddy. Katharina. (Remark: ‘I go school’ for ‘into or to school’ is typical for a local form of dialect.)

December 7th, 1994 GW: On this occasion I would yet ask the C-mouse to express a wish for Christmas.

Kathi is contented if the ice is big enough, dear G.

GW: Then may I invite Kathi to wish something else in addition to the ice? I think the parents would also like to contribute something to see their child happy.

KC: But we, too, want a surprise as well, dear aunt G.. In heaven all are pleased with a present like with you/on your side. We recognize great curiosity, but still a bit of patience. (Remark: Katharina loved ice above all.)

Christmas 1994 KC: Kathi sends her parents huge balloons so that they be able to fly to her in (their) thoughts. 

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April 20th, 1995 GW: Dear EM, Kathi certainly had Padre Pio as her guardian angel?

EM: Padre Pio was much liked by Katharina, but he was not her guardian angel. The child can hardly calm down from laughing, G.. Such an old angel she did not want at all.

GW: Hello, dear child, you know that soon we will have commemoration day (dying-day) again. Where will you be that day?

KC:  With them (the parents).

GW: And in what corner of the living room will you be sitting?

KC:  I(‘ll) slip from one lap to the next and, G., do not send myself to stand in a corner.

GW: Typically Kathi. And what do you do with (doggy) Dorothy?

KC:  Press (hug) , if it must be, also kiss.

GW: Dear child, help mammy, she still (is) sees(seeing) you suffering. Just yesterday I tried to explain to her that you did not feel everything so severely, and (that) now it is over anyway.

KC:  Silly mammy, I feel soooo much good. When will she accept that? (Remark: ‘so much good’ is also a typical local dialect form.)

GW: Then the meeting for the commemoration day is not so good, I fear?

KC:  Meeting is fine, but it should be more cheerful. We understand your sadness, but it should no longer be.

GW: Yes, my dear, then please tell me, if omnipotence permits it, what else you are doing besides of school. That surely (will) help(s) mammy and daddy a lot.

KCAll what children also do with you/on your side. Playing, cuddling, going to school also. Best of all romping.

GW: So, exactly like always, not a bit ‘improved’, you little romper.

KC:  No. Give mammy and daddy my greetings and also (those) of my friends. I give both a thick kiss on their closed mouths, so the kisses stay drier. (Mediumistically received: This child gets the whole heaven in a muddle.)

GW: Now you please disclose to me also with whom of all (there) you cuddle. Mammy would certainly like to know that.

KC:  With all those I like, and that are many hours of cuddling. They all have to stand for it.

Remark:  All ‘spirit board’ contacts were realized without the presence of KATHARINA’s parents.  

Spontaneous image and sound appearance on a video recording
In autumn of 1994, Katharina’s parents accompanied spouses C.C. from
Modena for visiting the Gilfenklamm (Gilfen glen) which is regarded as the most impressive rocky gorge in Alto Adige. The Ratschingser Bach (… brook) has cut it up to a hundred meters (approx. 109 yds.) deep into the bed rock of snow-white marble. While the four persons climbed over the fabricated wooden path, passing over bridges and thus repeatedly changing between the brook’s sides, through the glen, Mrs. C.C. filmed several scenes with her video camara without noticing any peculiarities. Later, when showing the tape, in a short sequence a small white figure was visible at the opposite end of a bridge (seen from the place of recording), that after a short panning movement was replaced by a black ‘figure’ of the same size, see Ill. 7 and 8 in the illustration section. While the appearance is visible, a clear high voice calls within the rushing of the water: È vero mama, ci sono (It is true, mammy, here I am).

A certain symbolism could be attributed to the local situation: The figure shows at the lower end of the stairs on a bridge that separates it from the parents, or leads it to them.  

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Five magnetic-tape voice recordings
On November 7th, 1994, May 7th, 1995, December 16th, 1997, and February 15th and 16th, 1998, the author recorded in Katharina’s home, while her mother was absent, several VOT that were partly recognized by her. They appeared in form of mentioning the names Katharina, Kathalina, Kathi, and as short replies to the callings. The contents – also of passages not spoken by a clear high child’s voice – can be correlated with Katharina’s character and her surroundings during her lifetime. A simple spontaneous mentioning of the name was found in a recording of different orientation, i.e., within the framework of a lecture held in the Kunsthalle (hall of art) Basel on December 16th, 1997. 

November 11th, 1994  Immediately after the first calling, a directly audible woman’s voice said: ...tanto Kathalina lì; the translation: whatever (happens) Kathalina (is) there. At the end of the recoding, after I had said good-bye with the words: ‚Take good care of your mother and your father – bye’, the answer of a voice sounding male was in normal playing speed: Katharina does that well a thousand times. In Alto Adige ‚a thousand times’ is frequently used when expressing gratitude.  

May 7th, 1995  Ernst, I am here. – we have it fine. – Mami (this low-voice call was unequivocally identified by the mother). – (The) Katharina is here. – All men, they are here, Katharina Mama. – I call mammy. – Ernst, I am silly (an indication to her communication difficulties?). – I am seven. (Katharina died shortly before completing her 7th year of her earthly life). The number ‚seven’ had a particular meaning for her.) – Saluti, I call the friends – Now it works alright already – Now it works fine (followed by an other voice: Shall I let Katharina go? – Daddy (a loud, resounding call within a music passage) – Here I am – in counterlight – I’ve kissed daddy, always orderly, for feeling, logic(ally). (A photo exists that shows her giving her father a kiss.) 

December 16th, 1997  In a demonstration of the radio method, E.S. tried to reach the - a few months before deceased - experimenter Adolf HOMES. Shortly before closing the experiment, in a lacuna between ‚and say’ and ‚till later’ lies a clear high voice Will just nachgedenk(en) (afterthink/ponder/remember), Katharina. Her mother explained that the to me unknown ‚nachgedenken’ is a dialect expression. 

February 15th and 16th, 1998  Two recordings made by the author in Alto Adige include, in addition to the giving of names and short sentences, several passages of children’s voices resembling a choir, or shouting more or less simultaneously. Immediately preceding an interruption of the recording it is said contact – just stop, and a loud voice calls daddy Kathi. A calling from experimenter ‚Manfred Boden’ is followed by Kathi as well. Then: Kathi was down there – I am just there in (my) home in the clouds – They well want to hear. – The experimenter: ‚Are you (pl.) really here?’ Here we are always in bands. 

A transdialogue on the answering machine
On June 19th, 1997, when returning home from her professional work, Mrs. G.W. noticed that her answering machine indicated three calls. She had the tape return and right at its beginning heard the following short ‚dialogue’ of approx. 3 sec.: 

A child’s clear high voice:    Gisa look ... 

A woman’s very fast voice covering the child’s:    Hello, my sweetheart

The child’s voice, continuing:    ... the water was quite beautiful there

The woman’s voice, in amazement:     Oh, that, yes ... 

After a pause of about 1 sec. is heard the word ‚yes’ of the first normal communication of an earthly female caller. This call, as well as the two following ones, are regularly terminated by the usual acoustic signal. 

Before leaving her home Mrs. G.W. had reset the answering machine. The ‚dialogue’ ends without the usual acoustic signal, and without any switching signal, issues in the text of the first (female) caller, whose beginning is missing, possibly because it was ‚overwritten’ by the ‚dialogue’. The assumption of a paranormal character is supported by a correlation regarding time and contents: 

Four days after this occurrence Mrs. G.W. received from Italy a postcard sent by Katharina’s parents. It was signed with their Christian names and – on behalf of her – with ‚Katharina’. In a telephone call Mrs. C. reports that – after having visited Padre Pio’s grave on June 19th, 1997 – during a day trip she had stood at a steep coast of the Mediterranean and, in the face of the overwhelming panorama, formulated a sentence whose content is in accord with the sentence recorded by the answering machine. Its correct wording is no more in Mrs. C.’s mind. At a later time, Mrs. G.W. remembered that, prior to Mrs. C.’s departure, she had asked her guardian angel to be informed of Mrs. C.’s visit to Padre Pio’s grave.  

The clear high voice on the answering machine is without difficulty attributable to deceased Katharina. She addresses Mrs. G.W. with her Christian name Gisa, and in the past form describes her mother’s impression while admiring the sea  ... the water was quite beautiful there. It seems that a, to Mrs. G.W. unconscious, telepathic exchange of thoughts with the girl - with whom she is on peculiarly intimate terms, and who herself was conscious of her mother’s situation - has manifested on the answering machine. 

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Mental-mediumistic speech contacts in Germany 
After KARIN S. had realized her first mediumistic contacts that commenced in spring 2001, the author, in three sittings, inquired with his deceased spouse Adelheid about Katharina’s further fate. 

June 23rd, 2001  Question to A.S.: Do you have any connection to Katharina? Can she herself, or can you give me an information that I will be allowed to transmit to the parents? 

A.S.:  With Katharina I have of course contact from time to time. Although she is active in an other group. We meet every time when one (of us) thinks of the other. We have the direct mental/spiritual line. A just small impulse is sufficient. Katharina is an advanced teacher. She cares for children and adults likewise. What she was no more able to do during her lifetime, not to say what she was prevented to do, she carries into practise over here with us. Because of her high mental/spiritual potential she is much sought after, also here with us. We all love her. You can let her parents know that they shall not worry.

June 30th, 2001  Katharina: Please, mammy, sit down in a quiet place from time to time, close your eyes, think of me, ask me, and I will be with you and answer you. Never be despondent, take your life in your hand and regard it as a challenge. Believe me, I am always with you. You two were the dearest parents. I love you both. I give you a kiss on the cheek. Mammy and daddy, we are linked up with each other. All love (to you), your Katharina.  

January 12th, 2002  Question: Katharina, from Adelheid we have already heard about your work, would you like to tell us something more about your activities? We are always interested (in it) and curious. 

K:  I work, in a similar way as Adelheid, in a group that tries to integrate humans, to induce/persuade souls that have gone lost, to - if you so wish - get accustomed, to acclimatize here in this world, to further their education, say to aspire to the higher. It is a task that takes place on different levels. And namely, when, f.i., there is a very special case or a particularly appealing case – in my case a little child who, similar to me, passed into the mental/spiritual world under similar circumstances - then it may be that I leave my ‚working place’ that is one level higher and go a storey deeper in order exercise helping influence. 

That is what I do, comprehensively explained. Of course, this activity is not the only thing but we, too, try, like in the earthly (world) as well, to further develop ourselves in the celestial schools, to learn so as to climb a little bit up the stairs, as you would say it. 

Question: From our viewpoint you have gone over to the other side as a child. Did you feel the ‚age’ in any form as such when you arrived there? 

K:  This is a somewhat difficult question. You come here as a child and, initially, you are a child here, you are no other one. Since you have all possibilities here on the level of illusion, you are also integrated correspondingly, i.e., your helpers bring you to that place where you feel best at that moment, and that is a childlike surrounding. 

But since there is no direct separation, you can be a child on the one side, but on the other side, so to say, (you) can already work as an advanced if your consciousness allows it. You (pl.) know this kind of multidimensionality that then is also available to us. When you have acclimatized a little over here, and (you) suddenly recognize that you have also other capabilities than larking about with children, a direct disjunction (between) child-adult no more exists.

There are children who stay here as children for a longer time because, from their knowledge, from consciousness, they are not yet quite versed. I do not wish that this be valued as disparaging, but their consciousness yet is not so far (advanced) so that they continue a little longer as a child, in childish consciousness. You (pl.) see, everything is possible, and when you come to over here as a child then you yourself have a particular affinity for children who die, that’s absolutely clear. – It has been very fine to have been here, and perhaps we can continue this conversation anywhen. I (would) ask you (pl.) to give my regards/greetings to all those concerned, and (I) greet you (pl.), also from Adelheid. Till next time.

Closing remarks
The here combined transcommunicative phenomena that cluster round the deceased child KATHARINA C. produced in the course of several years in three countries. The entwisted contents, rich in details and partly coloured with dialect, convey - independently from the method used (mental-mediumistic, spirit board, VOT, video, answering machine) – a picture of the personality that is to the point. A deeper implication may be due to the spontaneous appearance in the video recording. Is also remarkable the short ‚dialogue’ recorded by an answering machine in Germany, wherein the strongly emotional situation of the mother shines through who, that same day, is in Italy. The here chosen representation (with the exception of the contacts via Italian and English mediums) is quite consciously in complete form in order to give an insight into the complexity of the system that becomes manifest, wherein – independently from the method, the active persons, the place and the time – similar contents have manifested that in the simplest interpretation can be attributed to a deceased human. 

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