by Ernst Senkowski

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For everyone who goes into PSI phenomena, or transworld contacts, anywhen arises the question as to what reality is behind these appearances. Do there possibly exist several, or even countless each other penetrating worlds of which each one has its own character of continuation? Or is there only one world whose aspects - depending on our possibilities of recognition/realization and our habits of observation - attain a more or less distinct density of reality? The answers to such questions always can be only of a preliminary character as long as we ourselves can experience merely a limited excerpt from the presumed bigger/greater reality. Also the author’s following thoughts - that may serve as an incitation to further reflections - shall be understood bearing the above in mind. 

The human’s mind certainly is not identical with his brain. In truth, he is a ‚spirit’ and not localized within commonplace spacetime. The continuous experience of feeling with the bodily senses, and the repetitions within our own thinking and acting, produce a feeling of identity and feign a constant connection between mind/spirit and body. In fact, however, our consciousness ‚floats’ in a sea of information that contains all that is, that has been, and that possibly may/will be. On principle our mind can fish everything out of this almost limitless ‚information rubbish’, and pick up any information wanted. Therewith the ‚attraction factor’ is the bigger as the expected answer is important for us, and the more precise is the question we pose. A supplementary participation of our feeling could be useful for overriding the normally existing stop filters. These filters constitute a necessary ‚equipment’ because, without these, the for our physical existence required stability of our perception of our surroundings would be covered over by innumerable signals of no relevance. 

Objects of our everyday world can be observed also from the mental/spiritual worlds. Since, however, our consciousness, released from the body after the latter’s death, imbibes without any physical filtering, our material world would have to appear virtual to it. As a consequence of the big number of observers, the to us visible world bears a high degree of constancy of its appearances. It can therefore be presumed that other levels of existence, too, recognize it as a relatively constant, virtual picture. The monotony, the predictability, and the inertia of our reality result, on the one hand, from the aspect of the calculable random frequency of big numbers of occurrences, on the other hand from a compelled resonance produced through repeated observations and expectations. ‚The only true’ reality does not exist. There are just certain habits and the repetition of occurrences, whose repetition we all expect. One single observation is still very instable, it may be exposed to opposition resulting from other observations. However, due to the act of repetition, finally one of the two observations will prevail, which means it will allegedly prove as ‚correct’, and by this enlarge and change our reality. Observations that confirm already existing expectations – or at least are not in contradiction to these –  right from the beginning are more stable than those evidencing no recognizable conformity with earlier experiences of reality.  

In this context has to be called to mind the by Rupert SHELDRAKE devised theory of the morphogenetic fields. Presumably such fields are nothing else than by similarity generated virtual resonance structures that feature a certain inertia against changes, and thus have an effect of reality stabilization. As already mentioned, in the course of our life we create a for the individual typical morphic resonance field that contributes essentially to our personal stability. If every day we would think and act completely different, the originally formed resonance structures would gradually decompose so that we would hardly be able to localize our ‚I’.  

Also the well known observation that a reality changing force has to be set down to our thoughts fits into this concept. The repeating of a thought over a longer time produces its own resonance structure that, on the one side, enters into independent relations with corresponding structures (thoughts) of other (persons), on the other side, from a certain threshold of intensity onwards, can exercise energetic effects that break through into our everyday reality. The intensity of this field can be increased when laden with feelings/emotions, or also in case many people direct their concentration onto the same thought.   

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As regards the domain of the PSI phenomena be here reminded of the experiments of the SPR in Toronto that created a seemingly independently acting ‚ghost’ named PHILIP, as well as of the Tulpas of the Tibetan monks. As the source of these appearances one could suppose a pre-physical level of reality, in the chaotical basic structures of which all oppositions/contrasts/antagonisms are still a unit. To designate this level as immaterial would be a quite wrong distinction. This field of pre-existence contains all elements, or all information, in a form which, on principle, cannot be registered because of an apparent extinction of its oppositional contents. Structural notions like time and space are no more interpretable within such a field. If/When parts of such a field would be ‚addressed’ by our conscious or unconscious intents, the hidden polarities could reconstitute and pass through different intensity degrees of reality. A priori, nothing can be said as to whether such structures remain temporary ones, or can assume a from their originator independent existence.  

Identical time flow and comparable material structures produce a physical - and partly also a psychical - reality that is common to all humans. But this reality, seemingly independent from us, perhaps is nothing else than a field of perception stabilized through the consonant function of milliards (am. billions) of human sense organs. It obtains its stability through the great number of present observers, as well as from all the earlier ones. It might well be that the stability and unalterableness of our real environment in the end are merely the result of an in common created and consolidated field of illusion that evolves its ‚reality’ in resonance with our sensual possibilities of observation. For us, resonances with other structural levels that have a different time flow and other patterns of perception, are very difficult to establish and pursuantly are of a fugitive character. This instability of perception is typical for many PSI phenomena, like telepathy and clairvoyance, but also for other border-area phenomena like transcommunication and UFO sightings. It seems that the perception of other realities must first be ‚lifted out’ of the ‚noise’ of our exterior and inner world through resonance effects. For maintaining such resonance conditions over a prolonged time a ‚short-circuit’ of all normally functioning stop filters is necessary, and therefore only few of us succeed in it. Whether such a state can be desirable at all, or not, is an other question. Resonance couplings of long duration cause an unfamiliar perception and, in a dangerous manner, take us away from the commonly experienced reality level. 

The opposite experience certainly is more frequent, say that through too much skepticism one spoils oneself all alternative possibilities of perception and of making contact. Also fear from other experiences, and from such of a new kind, can lead to a maximum use of the psychic stop filters that let nothing pass through what could imperil the often with difficulty attained stability of being. If/when such persons, notwithstanding, either by incident or through nudging ‚well meaning’ friends, are confronted with paranormal phenomena, they may be afflicted with acute destabilizations and crises.  

The next logical thought, of course, is the question for the possible forms of existence and of perception beyond the earthly life. Owing to various observations it can for the moment be assumed that our from the physical released identity structure continues to exist, and is capable to perform multifarious couplings to other resonance structures. The blocking of remembrance that exists during our physical existence in respect of earlier existences is suspended in the non-physical state. The simultaneous perception of multiple phases of existence should lead to a significant change of the earlier earthly personality. To this adds the experience of completely new possibilities of information and action, which we cannot sufficiently assess from our side.  

The last thing to be taken into account is the changed experiencing of time that, theoretically, can comprise all possible forms, from timelessness via variable time courses up to the discontinuous ‚on/off’ way of experiencing. On the whole we therefore should start from the possibility that after the physical death our mind is only similar to our earthly personality, but by no means identical with it. What also remains are the traces, statements/evidences, and memories we have left on earth, and the chronicle of our life stored in resonance fields we have not penetrated as yet. 

The entire extant information field, including all consciously structured and all further information, through the conjointness of its elements constitutes a superstructure provided with its own inertia. It would be just natural if such a complex, all-embracing structure would develop its individual consciousness. One could call it God’s consciousness. 

(By kind permission of Dr. Vladimir DELAVRE taken from the periodical „Transkommunikation“, Vol. I, No. 2 (1991)).

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