by Ernst Senkowski

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Each interested person be aware of the fact that he/she is dealing with hitherto not understood psychophysical phenomena. He/she should have reflected upon and determined his/her imagined objective. The legitimate intention to get in contact with deceased to whom one feels close and – quite apart from scholarly discussions – to convince oneself of conscious existences in the Beyond, marks the bigger group of the experimenters. Scientific curiosity or an ‚urge to research’ so far induced merely a very small number of persons to, if possible, bring unclarified appearances nearer to comprehension, and to further a development felt to be positive. 

The contents of voice recordings may lead to a considerable expansion of one’s own conceptions in the spiritualistic sense, and to problems in the living together with close persons. It would not be justified to want to convince, or to ‚convert’ the partner. Here, too, the optimal solution is to respect the other’s liberty in order to avoid a rupture that would be in variance with rightly understood spirituality. 

Again be pointed out the possibility of psychical dangers, and referred to the expositions made in chapter C-16. Psychologically unstable persons generally have to be dissuaded from experimenting (in this field). Any exaggeration shall be avoided, questions regarding future events shall be abstained from, in no case shall one allow to be negatively influenced in one’s own decisions, or to become dependent on the contents of voices. When inner voices appear the technical experiments shall be stopped immediately. In case an affected does not succeed in ‚becoming the master’ of the voices it is appropriate to search the help of a responsive consultant doctor. 

Taking the information given in chapter B-9 into consideration, choose one of the easy microphone- and/or radio methods and set up the required minimum equipment of appliances. Expensive apparatus do by no means guaranty better success than average quality devices, not any auxiliary appliance increases with certainty either the quantity, or the quality of the voices. An improvement is possibly achievable by the simultaneous employment of several radio receivers and/or TV sets. 

The carrying through of the experiments requires a lot of patience and training. In the FRG the term „Einspielung“ (playing-in) has come to stay. Be always aware of the seriousness of this ‚playing’, without excluding humour. 

Some experimenters prefer periodical recording times, f.i., once per week, on principle, however, one is free in choosing these times. Expectant attentive-meditative states of consciousness are more favourable than an overdrawn wishing to enforce the contacts. A precondition is a calm room in calm surroundings. A necessity of providing special conditions, like, f.i., darkening, candle light, so far has not been confirmed. Specific experiments with the use of infrared radiation, and of ultraviolet radiation, or within EM and/or ultrasonic vibration fields, are special cases for experimenters having some technical background knowledge.  

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As an introduction the place, the date and hour, the attending persons and particular information should be spoken onto the tape. When closing a series of recording passages it is expedient to terminate by mentioning at least the date and hour in order to make later checkings easier. General callings, or to specified persons directed requests (no demands or even ‚besiegings’!) for making contact if possible, should be repeated several times; express yourself as if you were addressing a living relative or friend. The transpartner’s liberty has to be respected under all circumstances. The so-called dead ‚near’ to us generally behave quite in their habitual manner. Upon the author’s urging question regarding the originators of the voices, he once received the rebukingly lamenting reply: We are humans though! Sometimes longing and love are able to make the sheer impossible possible: Energy through love. Genetic similarities seem to facilitate communication: one of the interpretations of Children’s broadcast functions better across worlds. Consciously asked for spiritual protection is able to prevent a penetration of disturbing unwished-for TE; in the same way the manifestation of one’s ‚own’ negative patterns can be avoided. Imagination and emotions are more powerful than generally is believed! 

Under predominantly scientific aspects one can – to enter into a comparison – open the window of a lighted room and accept everything that comes in, although it makes more sense to ask ‚technicians’ or helpers in the Beyond - by as precisely as possible formulated questions - for information, e.g., for improving the communication. 

After several minutes of meditative preparation for the mental build-up of a contact field, recording times of max. 2 min. to 3 min. are recommended. Recording should never be done too long! Hours of ‚wanting to hear out’ lead to an unwarrantable ‚hearing into it’. Verify recognizable voices repeatedly with a sharp critical ear, f.e., the following day, and have them confirmed by other independent (!) persons. When unequivocal, fix them in writing together with date/data, when receiving answers note them together with the preceding question, and copy the recording onto a second tape, if you so wish. Do two to three such short experiments one after the other. If/when the contact attempt is successful, further ones may be made. Otherwise stop experimenting and repeat it some other day(s). Change the equipment arrangement in the room as seldom as possible, when doing change(s) effect it/them in small steps. 

The listening to and the interpretation of the radio recordings out of (sound) mixtures requires a trained ear in order to find out the frequently unnaturally fast, rhythmic unaccustomed passages, except they stand out of the noisy background. With suitable recorders vary – mostly reduce - the playing speed. Be cautious when interpreting distorted voices. The level of the background noises should not be too high. One’s own enouncements - which to make twice, slowly and with pauses, will be expedient - shall be voiced adapted to the general loudness level, otherwise the recorder’s sensitivity could transiently reduce. When listening to the tape pay attention to eventual reactions during the pauses. The probability of response is the highest before, after, or during the speaking, or immediately preceding a switching. 

Transsignals can be transmitted by every electroacoustic/optoelectronic system. Promising technical data are problematical. The copying of ‚tried and true’ appliances or combinations thereof do not necessarily bring comparable results; the psychic component cannot be sold or purchased! The working with high frequency is subject to provisions of law. Use ultraviolet radiation of less than 366 nm exclusively with eye protection. When using infrared radiation bear the risk of fire in mind. Ultrasonics of relatively high intensity and ELF vibrations may cause physiological/psychosomatic disturbances.

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