by Ernst Senkowski

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The information furnished in chapters A-6.7 and B-9.7 conveys a number of details about the formation of transimages. Now as before the by Klaus SCHREIBER introduced optoelectronic feedback process offers the highest probability of success, which, however, can only be verified by means of the wearisome frozen-frame method. Has to be dissuaded from the use of a TV set via aerial, answering the purpose is the switching in circuit of a video camera, a video recorder and a screen by means of cables via the AV jacks. The critique that one was receiving earthly TV broadcastings (f.i., because of overreach), is not justified. On the one hand no TV transmitter broadcasts the pictures of deceased relatives of the experimenter, all the more as the latter had called them, on the other hand the closed circuit is to a large extent tight against the pick-up of earthly transmitters. Who nevertheless wants to elude this problem can use a monitor without high-frequency receiving component, like did, e.g., BABCOCK in the USA. 

The details of the complex apparatus developed by Hans Otto KOENIG in the course of the last years are not sufficiently known to allow their identical copying. In view of the necessity that the experimenterís psychic components, or abilities take part, it is anyway improbable that a system of the same kind furnishes comparable results.  

The feedback process extended by GALEANO and GARRIDO through exposing the screen to artificial light radiation, which produced frozen frames on the screen, has not been practised by other experimenters a yet, so that presently it is not possible to give an opinion on its chances for success.

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