by Ernst Senkowski

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The question how computer transcontacts can be realized is posed frequently. According to the author’s knowledge, at present no reliable procedure exists. According to the hitherto made experience it appears, as generally does in TC, that first the largely unknown psychic structure of the operator on this side constitutes an important prerequisite in computer contacts, i.e., a (special?) ‚mediumistic ability’ is required, and should be supplemented by a positive mental-meditative-emotional expectative attitude. 

A few spontaneous cases happened but once. Others occurred as a starting of relatively long series (WEBSTER, ALFIERI), again others were provoked (HOMES/MALKHOFF) - after preceding VOT experiments - through the experimenters who had typed their request for contact into the computer. The first reaction occurred, while the system was in function, after about two days. In the following time they developed to more than a hundred contacts, even in form of an exchange of thoughts in writing.  

Writing an invitation to the ‚friends in the Beyond’ into the computer may be helpful, the text may be left on the screen and/or may be stored. One leaves the machine in the ON state for a rather long time and observes whether something meaningful appears on the screen, or is stored as a new file on the hard disk. The continuous operation of the apparatus is less harmful than are frequent on or off switchings, and thus it is left to eventual beings/entities capable of establishing contact to choose the time. In order to reduce or to exclude the risk of earthly manipulation, the devices, as a general principle, shall be operated without networking them. 

A method that requires more expenditure of energy consists in having the computer choose, by means of a ‚(pseudo) statistics program’, a limited sequence of comprehensive, neutral ‚playing material’, and to check the result for meaningful connections/coherences, at which the appearance of grammatically correct sentences is improbable. This procedure corresponds to the employing of an acoustical background sound mixture of a radio receiver, or of an other acoustic source.  

Within the framework of the Perrot-Warrick Conference (GB, April 2000), Dr. Fotini PALLIKARI stated ‚that in the sequences of chaotic electronical noise ‚windows of order’ are contained’. A by PALLIKARI conceived new method allows to observe true deviations from accidental ones. Thus a new effect of human intention on the behaviour of stochastic systems would become manifest, which acts as a kind of ‚mental adhesive’ (of the ‚psychomagnetic field’) between similar occurrences, and does not necessarily shift the mean value of relatively long series to a noticeable degree. These effects would not be seized on by the usual analyses so that the in fact existing mental influence would remain concealed. The new method thus is more sensible of subtle deviations from chance. The consequences would be of extreme importance for a model of reality, because the mind could change/vary statistical results for a short while, at which the physical reality would remain constant in the mean, what attunes with the conceptions of quantum physics. However, such investigations would certainly require more expenditure of time and means than normally available to private persons.

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