by Ernst Senkowski

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In the course of the last five decades, in about 20 countries, for the most part laymen, but scientists and technicians as well, have documented an increasing number of meaningful anomalies in electronic devices. Next after the extraordinary voices on magnetic tapes, these presently are ‚direct electroacoustic voices’ out of, or at loudspeakers and telephones, computer texts, images on video tapes, TV sets and computer monitors.  

The realization of these transcommunicative occurrences can be regarded as a special case of psycho(bio)-physical reciprocal effects between mind-matter, consciousness-reality, or man-machine. Therewith the not measurable psychic components prove to be more important than the technical apparatus. In parapsychological terminology we would have to do – across space and time – with the largely unconscious telepathical take-over of foreign data, or mental/spiritual contents and their, as well unconscious, psychokinetic manifestation. In the transtechnical sense, in addition, a direct triggering of our appliances through ‚extraterrestrial’ activities is imaginable. One can draw upon new theories of consciousness physics for a general description of the background of the processes, without that they will furnish detailed statements, however. Technical attempts of solution are impeded by the spontaneity of the appearances, and the lack of financial means. The scientifically oriented field research essentially is limited to the precise observation and documentation of the phenomena, as well as to the analyses of the results under rational aspects.  

In her book „Wege zur Transkommunikation“ (Ways to Transcommunication) Verena van OGTROP suggests to extend the original definition of the term TC, and to integrate the fields of mental/spiritual healing, radionics, radiaesthesia, and homoeopathy as interactions. 

Every information stimulated within a receiver through exterior signals depends on the receiver’s inner structures and abilities of adaptation. This is also valid for the transcontacts. Their compressed, sometimes ambiguous, or contradictory contents provoke the receiver’s mental openness and flexibility. They frequently are in accord with the statements of psychic mediums, in particular in the repeated assertion of the existence of conscious non-earthly life, as well as a clearly recognizable spiritual background. Thus, in an epoch of a general metamorphosis and change of consciousness, they can contribute to overcome the preponderant materialistic conceptions of man and cosmos.

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