by Ernst Senkowski

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G-40 Annotations

[1] ‘Our definition of reality, which for us is decisive as to what is possible and what is impossible, is theory. The laboratory experiment or the spontaneous phenomena … are the fact’ (LeSHAN 1986, p. 145)

[2] USA: Interplane-Communication, Spiritual Communication (Spiricom)

[3] ‘The body is a physical means of communication between a person and other persons within their common physical world. It has not been said that we need the body in order to exist. The body’s death would only be the end of a group of relations with a specific community of other persons. The possibility of relations with other such communities in a different body could be maintained (MUSES 1972, p. 251 and followings). 

[4] ‘subsensible’ (‘untersinnlich’) in anthroposophical terminology, in order to avoid confusion with ‘extrasensory’, Ill.2 . 

[5] ‘In fact, information does not overcome any ‘space’. The enigma of ‘how’ is no such, because it bases upon a fundamental semantic and conceptual error. From the fact that in an experiment the bodies of two volunteers are at 300 km distance from each other, one cannot conclude that their consciousnesses are 300 km apart. In the geometric space in which their bodies exist, 300 km …. make a difference, …. but in the realm of consciousness, the ‘seat’ of thoughts and feelings, the term 300 km makes as little sense as the statement that there were 300 pounds or 300 Volt distance between the two’, (LeSHAN, 1986, p. 121; GROSS, KEEZER). 

[6] The cause-and-effect model fails already where closed circuits are involved, in which every element is cause and effect ‘at the same time’. Every mental and experimental separation of the two disturbs or destroys the cycle. See BEARDEN’s critique on the ‘simultaneity’ in psychical events (1980).

[7] ‘There exists only one single ‘unlimited universe’ in which the living and the deceased live side by side; however, the ‘living’ normally are not aware of it, because they are heavily handicapped by their poor ability of perception’ (WHITE). Also: BACCI, DI NOTO, HEINTSCHEL-HEINEGG, WOLSKE. The major part of the information flow between the transspheres and the earthly level passes through channels we are unconscious of!

[8] AM: broadcasting with long-wave, medium-/hectometer-, and short/radio-wave/high-frequency transmitter; FM: broadcasting on ultrashort wave transmitter. Television works with pulse trains.

[9] The components need not to be identical; for resonance effects the sameness of the parameters of capacity x inductivity of the products is essential..

[10] When the receiver’s gate times, i.e. those times during which it is open for the synchronized receipt of arriving pulses, lie in the gaps between the transmitter’s pulses, receipt is impossible!

[11] For  pulse code modulation see in C-15, Bio-Systems.

[12] analogous: cross-section of a water-carrying tube in respect of the flow of water volume/time at constant pressure differential.

[13] The build-up of a TV image takes 1/25 sec.  in earthly space, from the borders of our planetary system it takes several hours.

[14] How the interpretation of creativity presents from a modern view can be found, f.i., in ROPOHL’s work.

[15] Also from instrumentally supported contacts communication problems become obvious. Remarkable is a concurrence with observations made by HODGSON. He found that the best communicators appearing with mediums are children having died shortly before, as well as adults who had passed at the height of their life in good health. A considerable part of the transcontacts at BACCI establish between deceased young people and their parents. The transgroup cooperating with KOENIG comprises several young people (see B-9.3.2). Strong emotional motivation and better ability of adaptation may contribute to the coming about of these communications. The VOT: Kinderfunk geht ueber Welten besser (children’s radio works better across worlds) may be interpreted in this sense.

[16] It is rather easy to pass from raps to the relatively rarely observed telegraphic signals and the more frequently transmitted computer texts, see A-6.5/6 and B-9.5/6. See also VOT SENKOWSKI in F-38.4. 

[17] The absurdness of this description will become clear by two examples: the disappearance of one millionth of a gram of matter within a tenth of a second corresponds to a momentary power of 1000 MW; or: 1000 MW could be generated throughout one year by the conversion of barely 400 g of matter.

[18] Higher space dimensions have been drawn upon already in the last century for explaining permeations, e.g., by ZOELLNER, see WEITZENBOECK; RENNINGER

[19] To this belong the reportings received again and again on defects in and failures of electric systems in the fields of unidentified flying ‘objects’ (Adolf SCHNEIDER, I. v. LUDWIGER) and higher-dimensional electrodynamics (EGELY).

[20] JOHN KING also in the NEIHARDT PK experiments, see RICHARDS.

[21] Regarding ‘ectoplasm’ see BONIN, FODOR, FINDLAY, HOLMS, SCHIEBELER. Re. THORNER, see Appendix A of MEEK/DAPKEY.

[22] ROGO/BAYLESS’ (p. 144) report about relatively early experiments on the recording of paranormal voices using acoustically shielded microphones and making them audible by means of electronic amplification through a loudspeaker. A similar practice is revealed by FODOR (p. 94) about THOROGOOD: The microphone was installed inside a box whose walls were made of various materials. Although the persons attending in the room did not hear anything, the voices were perfectly put forward through a loudspeaker in a side room.

[23] Overloudness was observed also in the CHOPPER case, and in an experiment made by CETL in the FRG.

[24] In this context the word ‘energy’ is not used in the sense of the specific concept of earthly physics; see subtle energy in D-29.

[25] – According to an itemization established by MOORE (1913), MEEK listed over 60 relevant passages from the Bible. The Ark of the Covenant (Bundeslade) could have played a part as a TC instrument. Many indications are traceable to Sumer, according to SITCHIN a colony or base/bastion of extraterrestrians.].

[26] Laughing scornfully, the dignified gentlemen of the French Academy of Science left the hall while the demonstration of the phonograph was going on, and later declared: ‘We have checked and found that it is a matter of ventriloquous hoax, for it is impossible to have a human voice speak from a roller.’

[27] HEINTSCHEL (p. 143): ‘An …. analysis …. of the history of formation …. does not allow any doubt on the fact that in VOT contacts personal mediumistic qualifications have inevitably to be involved.’

[28] title of Swedish original in 1964: “Roesterna från Rymden” (voices from space), German translation in 1967.

[29] The decision on publication was with Sir Robert MAYER. It was made after he had convinced himself of the existence of the voices and of their paranormal nature under controlled conditions in the presence of RAUDIVE; see A-8 and BANDER, WATSON, p.309.

[30] On this subject see BAYLESS (Voices, p. 232): ‘This argument is absolute nonesense.” SMITH in JSPR (Dec. 1972): ‘(The voices are) hearable tea-leaves” (synonym for ‘coffee-grounds’). Regarding the SPR’s dubious behaviour in the WEBSTER case, see C-17.

[31] It is not to be expected that a German court attests the existence of paranormal phenomena, since the BUNDESGERICHTSHOF (Federal Court of Justice) in 1978 already declared parapsychology to be ‘superstitiousness or insanity’ (see BENDER 1978). Recently, the 6th division for civil matters at the Frankfort regional court stated, with an indication to the fundamental right of free expression of opinion, that information about contacts with extraterrestrians may be designated as a cheat (ref. No. 2/6 O, p. 174/91).

[32] GRUBER’s claim the dentist’s assistant CLAUDIA had consciously generated the voices by manipulation can be contradicted. It bases on the mouth movements observed as a reflected image and does neither take account of the antecedents, nor of the problem of separate localizations, nor of the fact that with direct-voice mediums frequently a kind of synchronization of the movements of their vocal organs has been observed simultaneously with the direct voices that clearly resounded from a different place in the room. This, in our system unexplainable, coupling or correlation lead in some cases to a physiological stress on the vocal organs of the attending persons (FODOR, p. 92)

[33] Here, too, and similar to what happened later at the HARSCH-FISCHBACH couple in Luxemburg, the call-tracing installed by the Federal German telephone company subsequent to the ‘laying of an information against unknown’ brought no result. In addition, the competent officals refused every information to Dipl. Physicist and Parapsychologist W. v. LUCADOU of the University of Freiburg, who was trying to clarify the events and situation. According to information the author received from a telephone operator he knows personally, employees of the Federal telephone company and of the manufacturer of the telephone installations are well aware of the appearance of unusual voices, but do not give any official comment.

[34] see also the works on ‘weak PK’ by H. SCHMIDT, W. v. LUCADOU and, in particular JAHN/DUNNE in D-25. Their results – independently of any eventual explanatory attempts – prove the possibility of a personality- and situation-dependent exertion of influence on mechanical and electronical systems by living people, and this independently from earthly distances and time differences. SCHMIDT observed cases that could be described as ‘causality retroacting in time’.

[35] At a later time a few further meaningful messages were received when transcribing radio-telex messages into computer language.

[36] Before and while the computer phenomena happened, some, partly massive, spook occurred in WEBSTER’s house. The transmission of TI via computer may be regarded as a technical variant of the objectified ‘direct writing’ that had appeared there. To this see: BONIN, HOLMS, MANNING, RICHARDS: JOHN KING. DE BONI: graphological opinion on the identity of samples of handwriting of deceased Gastone DE BONI: one from his lifetime, the second in form of a direct writing by FIDANI.

[37] To this see PELLEY ‘Ultravision’ with LUBEK ‘Trans-Time-Photography’ by the use of a cathode ray tube with lead and dysprosium electrodes and a modified Tesla coil serving as exciter. WILLIAMSON (Teleonic Research Center, 1955): interstellar communication equipment using IR and UV radiation and ‘an inorthodox coil as antenna which due to its special windings generates a new wave form’. To the question: What is important when endeavouring contacts with other worlds? was replied:  We have said already that the volume of power is unimportant in it. Merely the kind of power or wave is solely important. – In a somewhat different context the works of DELAWARR (catchword: Radionic, Brit. Patent 741651, 2/1951) and their pursuance by Marcel VOGEL, Palo Alto, CA. The author received private information about successful radionic tests on one of the space travels to the moon from SCHAFFRANKE.

[38] It fits here reminding of the scientist who made statements about the size of fish without taking the mesh size of his net into account. 

[39] One should not forget that even Galileo ‘recanted’ on the correct assumption that the results of his observations and findings would in any case win through sooner or later. 

[40] Regarding VOT, TIMM holds that ‘the eventual rest of these effects, that may be contingent on PSI would hardly suffice for a regular ‘communication’, be it with living individuals, or with deceased.’ 

[41] Dictators use similar ways when trying to do away with their opponents. 

[42] GOETHE, Faust: “Die Botschaft hoer ich wohl, allein mir fehlt der Glaube“ (I well hear the message, but I lack the very belief) and believe strongly – you must believe! With BACCI the communicators demanded ‘belief’ again and again – also in the sense of ‘confidence’. 

[43] The requisite worldwide ‘conspiracy’ does not exist! 

[44] Efforts to successfully rebut all possible objections and attacks resemble the battle against the mythological hydra. Practically, it is impossible to provide complete negative evidence. 

[45] The almost laughable supervision of the socio-environmental contacts of mediums conducted, for example, by the SPR have in no way led to the recognition of the phenomena’s genuineness, despite their negative results. 

[46] Wavelengths are fictitious in relation to the earth’s shell.

[47] Without claiming completeness, the following positive examples can be mentioned: some particular broadcasts by ADLER  (SWF3, Germany), series by EICHELBECK (ZDF, Germany, “Die Erde, der Himmel und die Dinge dazwischen” (earth, heaven, and the things between them)), SWF1, Germany: “Das darf doch nicht wahr sein” (I can’t believe it) giving short objective definitions, sometimes including discussions on terms used in border sciences. ZDF, Germany: SCHNELTING. In the USA, Italy, and since shortly in France, Spain and Holland, the situation is characterized by greater open-mindedness. OLSEN produced a rather long serial for SAT1, Germany, partly using material from his films. Last video: „JUERGENSON: Die Bruecke zur Unsterblichkeit“ (the bridge to immortality). A video on ITC is available in Swedish language, produced by ECKARDT/OLSSON. The Dutch and French TVs broadcasted neutral reports on the contacts at HOMES, the Dutch team having had the chance of recording a direct online contact. SAT1, Germany, broadcasted an Anglo-American team at HOMES. By this time, SWF, Germany, and RTL, Luxemburg, also have emitted several correct broadcastings.

[49] The author does not know of a single institute concerned with ITC. BENDER’s (University of Freiburg, FRG) early works in the surroundings of JUERGENSON were not continued. According to recently received information, the Japanese already run industrial-scale psi laboratories with view to new methods of communication, see C-17.

[50] The attempt to classify VOT in the categories A, B, C, according to the sound heard, does barely lead to any form of objective classification.

[51] The absurdity of animistic ‘explanations’ becomes particularly evident when technically uneducated experimenters, by means of their ‘omnipotent and omniscient subconscious’ are supposed to produce ‘psychokinetically’ not only the voices, but also pre-echoes, switching noises, complex sound medleys, and chirping signals, such as those common in radar technology, to say nothing of the text and video effects. This remark shall however not exclude the clearly recognizable partaking of the experimenters’ psyche.

[52] In many cases the speed of paranormal passages differs considerably from the usual speed of speech, mostly it is higher. To permit compensation, such units are helpful which provide for replay speed variation. The tone-pitch changes incidental to them have to be taken together with the good, if no special computer program capable of  compensating same is employed.

[53] In a certain manner this assumption is supported by the observation that under similar conditions longer low-voice passages are juxtaposed to shorter loud voices; the product of volume x duration could correspond to the energy available or to the equation of physical effect = energy x time; see E-31, but

[54] possibly the primary problem lies in the need of matching the ‘time flow speeds’, which differ on the different planes of existence, see E-31.

[55] In mathematics the treatment of mechanical and EM vibrations is equally formalized. Instances of synesthesia (under the influence of drugs, too) and mediumistic information suggest more intimate linkages of light and sound; E-33.

[56] – The transvideo procedure developped by SCHREIBER uses an instable opto-electronical feedback system (HAEUSLER, POEPPE). Additional electro-acoustical feedback seemed to have facilitated the formation of paranormal images. See also under Spiricom in B-9.3.2, Infrared (KOENIG). These are observations made by the author.

[57] The term ‘white’ noise is incorrect because all technical units have a finite band width.

[58] Radios with automatic fine-tuning do not permit a station to be partly (‘laterally’) tuned-in; see [60].

[60] It seems that the heavily distorted signals deliberately produced by methods of group C (and partly group D) are particularly well suited for ‘supermodulation’; however, it is not easy to clearly distinguish between psycholinguistically explainable effects and genuine TI. Presumably both objective and telepathic/mediumistic-subjective elements are involved. – Similar transitions from an arbitrary interpretation of more or less defined noises on to an inducement of telepahtic-mediumistic contacts appear to take place, for instance, with the mediumistic Italian Laura PARADISO. She records the scratching noises she herself produces, and when subsequently listening to the replaying, she furnishes correct enouncements which she cannot have received over normal ways.

[61] In some cases the frequency modulation of the auxiliary signals had positive effect on voice formation.

[62] This is the principle of the carbon grain microphone, which in old telephone sets is still used. Here presents an approach which might lead to an explanation for the formation of telephone voices, see B-9.4.

[63] LOOS († in 1993) was so kind to produce a mathematical analysis of this arrangement. It possesses the characteristics of a comb-filter. Overmore he discussed the existence of an ‘effectivity sphere’ analogous to the contact field and to HEIM’s diaphanic space.

[64] KOENIG’s results involving ultrasonics can be understood as a confirmation of this!

[65] Because of the inherent possibility of realizing ‘inductance-free’ electric resistors by compensation of the magnetic fields (R. DAVIES), and of other more considerations, there exist speculations about the transtechnical properties of such structures within the framework of the scalar wave hypothesis.

[66] HEIM holds that TTC could only be realized with absolutely new constructional components still to be developed.

[67] SILVIO caused ‘psychokinetically’ considerable changes in the electric resistance of material structures, which BETZ documented in metrological manner. See also HASTED’s work, the explanations offered to LIN’s experiments, and the hypotheses framed by EGELY, RAUSCHER, USLENGHI in respect of multidimensional electrodynamics.

[68] Comparable results had been achieved already by JUERGENSON when several recording units had been placed distributed over the room. The untis recorded different voices ‘simultaneously’. Interpretation: the source of transsignals, or the ‘phantogenic centre’ (HEIM) is precisely localized.

[69] – For O’NEIL it was the first experience of this kind, and he was correspondingly ‘impressed’. Further, often very unpleasant, ‘encounters’ with uninvited ‘guests’ followed. Overmore mechanical ‘spook’ manifested occasionally in the laboratory. In one instance MEEK’s assistant DAPKEY observed the psychokinetic turning of the receiver tuning-knob. For more details see FULLER. – WRIGHT (inventor of silicone rubber) in ‘Two Inventors Return’ reports in connection with early TA experiments in summer 1940 about the full-blown materialization of the former head of department Dr. STEINMETZ (General Electric) in a mediumistic séance. Dr. St. is mentioned in connection with the ‘camera of past events’ (see A-6.8). – At WEBSTER, 2109 referred to the unconscious release of ‘psychic energies’ (HEIM: “Externsyntropoden” (external syntropodes) or ‘activities’) particularly when the individuals present are under stress. – Materializations and apports were observed with BACCI (flowers), CETL and HOMES (coins).  - BODEN was able to consciously provoke strong spook phenomena at a telephone partner. – HOMES lived a materialization or a vision of live appearance of the Shaman MAJO on October 7th, 1994. – Also the activities of living humans can deploy communicative effectiveness. ZEISEL reports an experience of his youth, when a mediumistically gifted friend succeeded in conversing with him via a house telephone installation from 70 km (approx. 44 miles) distance. – Speaking slovenly one could call ITC an ‘intelligent spook’.

[70] This, of course, is no proof against the authenticity of the communication, which is documented on video recordings. According to direct information received from MEEK, MUELLER – in style and mentality clearly recognizable – in the following time made contact via mediumistic channels. In 1991, a picture of him appeared spontaneously on HOMES’ TV set. More than one year later, a series of TA and TX contacts came through. The argument PETERSON gave for his insinuation that O’NEIL had consciously manipulated the Spiricom dialogues by means of a vibrator, such as that used by people who have had operations on their larynx, does not excel in supreme subject knowledge. Examples of similar voices are known from ITC. They often ‘sound’ like the voice of a drunken person, or of a person without larynx. The exact causes are unknown, but can be supposed to reside in the difficulties which untrained TEs have in copying a voice without larynx. As regards MUELLER, it possibly might (also) be a consequence of the special mode of transmission on the 13-tone mix.

[71] In a mathematical analysis LOOS showed that it is possible in principle to transpose signals correctly by choosing the adequate heterodyning frequencies. It is possibly this context to which the TEs refer when they often use the term mixture – as for instance with SENKOWSKI (F-38.4) and HAERTING ABX-JUNO: Kontaktmischer (contact mixer). The peculiar behaviour of (domestic) animals (especially of dogs) observed during transcontacts, and at the sight of UFOs, could also be due to a perception of ultrasonics.

[72] The mode of formation of microphone voices is not clarified as yet. In some cases they could be located within the room, in others they appeard to originate next to the microphone or even ‘in’ it. It is an open question to what degree the oscillations, which are generated in most recording units in the ELF range (around 40 kHz) for erasure and magnetic biassing, (co-)condition the formation of voices. – MACRAE reports an extraordinary event: in 1963 Dominic McQUIRE observed in a mediumistic environment the emanation of audible voices from a recorder’s sound head while this was exposed to the glancing incidence of a projector’s light. The voices could be recorded. – Moreover, within a complex of phenomena of (to us) diversiform appearance, the successful evidencing of a correlation in a specific case does not exclude other cohesions, nor do occasional failures to reproduce a phenomenon constitute evidence for its general non-existence or impossibility.

[73] The second part of [72 – see above] is valid here. It is quite possible that the TEs (possibly from various ‘planes’) (can) introduce previously gained experience in the development of new procedures, which reflect in altered conditions of receipt on our plane. Leaving the stagnating state of VOT aside, the evolution in ITC may be interpreted this way, at which a certain economy would be recognizable in respect of, f.i., the computer contacts, say before stepping forward to the next stage, the stage already reached is either not repeated, or repeated only for a short time.

[74] One could get the impression of a ‘cross section’ across several ‘levels’/’planes’. Wir wollen trennen (we want to separate) indicates the difficulty to establish and to maintain ‘non-disturbed TC channels’, and to prevent the penetration of undesired information (see also RICHET at FLINT).

[75] In a previously announced experiment contact was achieved at 60 MHz. To the remark that the voice was a little distorted, the TECHNIKER gave the laconic answer: Seien Sie froh, dass es ueberhaupt funktioniert! (Be glad that it functions at all!).

[76] Raffaela GREMESE told the author of a similar observation.

[77] In one such contact short consecutive dialogues came to pass between TECHNIKER, SALTER, JUERGENSON, RAUDIVE, SCHREIBER and the terrestrial participants (HARSCH-FISCHBACH, MEEK, SENKOWSKI). The transpartners’ typical voices were perfectly understandable. The question as to why the prior technical effort (ESB, GA1) was not necessary, was answered at a later time with a reference to a new stage of development. – At an other opportunity the positive influence of the harmonic polarity of terrestrial communication partners of different sexes was stressed, a factor known in spiritism.

[78] WEBSTER, CETL, and HOMES are no computer experts.

[79] A comparable situation would be a contact between a person in the present and a ‘temponaut’ from the future.

[80] CETL reacted similarly to the 2105 signature that had appeared on their first transtext; for the author there resulted clear references to his deceased friend RR (F-38.11). – With view to the group from the year 2109 that manifested at WEBSTER, and claims to exist in a space-timeless universe of tachyons, 2105 could also be interpreted as the date of a year, and also as a synchronism with 2051 at CUNIS.

[81] Two grammatically correct sentences from Salter, formed from BODEN’s ‘playing material’ and received by CETL could not be printed out!

[82] Similar events were observed in the presence of witnesses during a recording experiment by KOENIG in Boppart: twice a toggle switch was flipped in an initially incomprehensible manner, and was then spontaneously confirmed by a clairvoyant lady among the observers, who had perceived the ‘spirit’.

[84] Scenes involving full-scale motion do not occur in SCHREIBER’s images, but there are occasional mouth and also eye ‘movements’.

[85] In literature, mediumistic communications have been documented which include messages from ‘deceased’ who were alive at the time of the experiment. JUERGENSON and TRAJNA reported fortuitious or provoked VOT recordings expressing the thoughts of living persons (also of absent, possibly asleep persons). But such observations are isolated occurrences. If ITC is a matter of the objectification of thoughts and ideas from an unlimited information zone, then there should as well be no fundamental obstacles to an instrumentally supported VOT telepathy between living persons. In the event, everything would simply be a matter of adaptation and selection. Experiments under controlled conditions could be carried out in this field with little exertion and expenditure! In the periodical “Esotera” of 4/1991, WIESENDANGER mentions the experiment successfully carried through by the English sensitive and healer Geoffrey BOLTWOOD, of whom it is said that after a total of six hours of concentration he succeeded in projecting a previously determined sentence over several kilometers distance onto an empty, sealed, sound recording tape to which several witnesses were listening in his absence. – Several extraordinary effects were observed by THERY and TAVIERE: clearly recognizable changes to recorded voices, as well as transpositions from one sound cassette onto an other. For example, one block of a recording (experimenter’s question + background music + paranormal response) disappeared from its position on the tape at count 46 of the counter, and accidentally was found at count 24 of the same tape a few days later (“Parasciences” no. 9, p. 23 and followings, plus direct information).

[86] comparable perhaps with the meanwhile considerably reduced pauses occurring with KOENIG’s direct electro-acoustic voices.

[87] In HEIM’s General Field Theory (D-22), special characteristics for providing links to transspheres are ascribed to certain configurations of neutrons (BRAND = I.v. LUDWIGER).

[88] It is unclear whether psychosomatic effects are meant here, such as HEIM believes would occur in the ‘mediumistic fields of counterbaric transformers’, and as are known from UFO encounters.

[89] The unquestionably existing contingency of the contents upon the experimenter’s person is not surprising, given the similarity of patterns and the psychic ‘involvement’ that has to be pre-supposed in ITC too; see [95]. In the holistic system nothing is separable.

[90] RICHARDS on the reliability of precognitive statements:’Since we have been told that the nature of chronology involves multiple time lines, a prediction about a future event that fails to become true does not prove that the entity who made the prediction could not see the future, but (merely) that it saw the ‘wrong future’.’ – Independently of this, the term time lines was also used by the TECHNIKER at CETL. SETH-ROBERTS: Trace line of experience. It is evident that all predictions rest upon probabilities, and upon their evaluation. The farther the time distance of a future event, the more intricate results a reliable prediction, the tight bundle of potential time lines expands funnelshaped into the future, see [124]

[91] An adequate hypothesis includes the idea that TC channels from ‘higher translevels break through the intermediate levels’ and that - because of the necessary transpositions - the transmission, or the (mathematical) representations have to be coordinated on all levels, see [74].

[92] The first sentence transmitted by Philipp REIS in 1860/61 by telephone in Friedrichsdorf was: ‘The horse doesn’t eat cucumber salad.’

[93] Western languages unfortunately imply these kinds of actually senseless formulations by their very structure, f.i. ‘washing machines live longer’ (see BOHM, KORZYBSKI, WHORF).

[94] HEIM: 'partly conscious or unconscious declining activities of degraded residues('Teil- oder unbewusste fallende Aktivitaeten abgebauter Residuen’), sometimes designated as ‘residual energies’ or as ‘larvae’. TECHNIKER: Men can also intercept oscillations existing in timeless space without that these were reactions from those in the Beyond. (Die Menschen koennen auch Schwingungen auffangen, die sich im zeitlosen Raum befinden, ohne dass es sich um Reaktionen von Jenseitigen handelt). [191]

[95] ZAHLNER (p. 220): ‘The contents (of VOT), like those of mediumistically written statements or spiritualist pronouncements, are almost throughout rather trivial or without significance; more than any other thing, they reveal a certain relation to the experimenter, which again suggests the animistic hypothesis.’ Though one wishes to abstain from critical commentary here, a different perspective seems to justify the indication that a wealth of mediumistic messages have been sanctioned, in the true sense of the word, so that it is better not to throw out the child together with the bathwater, or to throw stones out of a glasshouse. Who can pretend to decide when ‘God’ spoke to whom?

[96] It is worth to refer here by comparison to the mass of ‘banal’ news material played and shown in a brilliant light to the members of our ‘informed’ society round the clock, or – given the thoroughgoing powerlessness of those receiving it – one might well say that it is forced on them, as a means of manipulating them subliminally.

[97] The animist is particularly amused when the experimenter is, or was in possession of the literature involved and ‘admits’ having read it. ZAHLNER, too, will see his opinion confirmed. But the connections are by no means as simple as that. In spiritual spheres a distinction between ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ does not exist, and on principle not even between ‘this world’ and the ‘Beyond’. Further insights and efforts will be needed in order to ‘realize’ a holistic world-view and to act in an adequate manner. Completely absurd is the notion of ‘intellectual property’.

[98] TI received subsequent to questions posed via CETL suggests occurrences in a parallel world.

[100] MANGOLD: Fluctuations in speed and changes in the playback speed of (tape) recordings produce non-linear alterations of speech signals.

[101] Strict separation between amplitude modulation and frequency- or phase modulation cannot be realized. Essential are the changes in relevant magnitudes and, in the case of VOT, the non-linearities. The advice Transempfaenger wobbeln (transreceivers wobble) is not necessarily of general validity.

[102] A few German sentences that are rather ‘agonizing’ when reading them forward or backward (palindromes) do not remotely compare with longer examples in Sanskrit (for mirror-inverted speech also see MAY, C-15).

[103] Other pseudo-technical terms: Frequenzfenster (frequency window) (KOENIG), or simply Fenster (window) (VOT). HEIM: „Diaphanraum“ (diaphanous space). The idea as such is considerably older, see, e.g., FRANZ in „Zahl und Zeit“ (number and time) quoting JUNG: “Ein solches Loch im Zeitraumkontinuum findet sich als archetypisches Muster auch in anderen Zusammenhaengen ... in der ... Alchemie ‚fenestra aeternitatis’, der Kabbala ‘mysterium fenestrae’..., das Fenster bedeutet dort eine Lichtverbindung zwischen der Sefira ‚Krone’ zur ‚Weisheit’ und zur ‚Intelligenz’.“ (Such a hole in the space-time continuum can be found as an archetypal pattern in other contexts too …. ‚fenestra aeternitatis’ in ... alchemy, ‘mysterium fenestrae’ in the Cabala …, where the window means a connection of light between the Sefira ‘crown’ to ‘wisdom’, and to ‘intelligence’). There is also the ancient handbill which shows the spiritual pilgrim leaving conventional space-time by peering through a hole or ‘window of eternity’ into the world of timeless groupings/structures (the collective unconscious).’ Die Luecken sind verborgen (the gaps are hidden/concealed ).

[104] Computer thought transference system, and Ich spreche durch computergeleitete Gedanken-Uebertragung (I am speaking through computer-guided thought transference), as well as L1 and L3 in B-11.2. TECHNIKER: Die Schaltzentrale bin ich (the switching/distributing center is me); regarding VOT AUTOMATENENGEL (AUTOMATON ANGEL) see LEUENBERGER.

[105] During an RTL broadcast shortly before Christmas, HOLBE and JUERGENSON spoke about the happy states of existence of the children in the Beyond. In the author’s recording (1440 kHz) a children’s choir resounded (and only at this point) during a pause in the conversation: Nach der Nacht des Lebens (After the night of life), see G-39.2

[106] There are parallels to the ‘BRIDEY MURPHY’ case, as well as to the transmission of approx. 5000 words and expressions by TE NONA, a Babylonian princess at the time of Amenhotep, via the English medium ‘IVY B.’ (ANDREAS/ADAMS, p. 75 and followings)

[107] This spiritualitju beweisen wir telepathisch durch akustrumente (Diese Spiritualitaet beweisen wir telepathisch durch akustische Instrumente. We prove this spirituality via acoustic instruments) - English, German, Italian.

[108] Dreifingersystem-Mensch (three-finger-system human) can be related to the three-dimensional sphere of imagination of the human consciousness while awake, or to the ‘three-finger rules’ that serve to describe the linkages between electrical, magnetical, and mechanical magnitudes. Neither of the two meanings was known to KOFFKE.

[109] The ‘parapsychologists’ negative attitude – that may be regarded already as a traditional one – was expressed in an obvious manner in a commentary made by the editor(s) of the ‘PSI Research’ magazine in which MACRAE’s article was published. After an examination of the relations between VOT and hallucinatory voices, MACRAE suggested to look on schizophrenia under these aspects.

[110] Ernst, wenn du willst, bitte immer fragen (Ernst, if you want, please always ask). The necessity of asking was stressed also in the mediumistic contacts with CLAUDIUS. It seems that the mental-emotional engagement of the experimenter contributes essentially to the building of a contact field: Es ist eine Sache des Gefuehls und der Technik. (It is a matter of feeling and technology/engineering). The importance which emotions have in transcontacts has been emphasized by the TEs particularly also at BACCI. – Regarding the intimate netting of earthly fields of thoughts and actions with those in the Beyond: please see SETH/ROBERTS’ “Dialogues of the soul and mortal self in time”; German edition “Dialog der Seele” p. 88/89.

The here referred to symbolism of the liniguistic translation, was particularly stressed repeatedly in the ITC at BACCI. The receivers were to read between the lines, so to speak, in order to conceive the interior sense of TI: …that we are progressing stepwise, when we speak, and that the result consists in reading several times to comprehend the sentence’s sense. – A great number of the transmessages seem to be ‘poorly defined’ and ‘vague’. – On May 7th, 1993, EMANUEL explained the extraordinary style via a medium:

“Warum waehle ich nicht den einfachen Satz, wie Ihr ihn setzt? Seht, die Bedeutung ist, dass durch das Umstellen der Worte, dass durch die Pausenzeichnung, die ich lebe und spreche, eine andere Energie in dieses Gesagte kommt, und diese Energie, Ihr koennt dies nachvollziehen, wenn Ihr ueber einen laengeren Zeitraum diese Worte durch Euer Ohr gehen lasst, diese Energie, sie stellt das suchende, das unruhige Herze in Frieden.“ (Why don’t I choose the simple sentence, as you put it? Look, the significance is that by transposing the words, that by the marking of the pauses, which I live and speak, a different energy penetrates into what I say, and this energy -, you can/will comprehend this if you let pass these words through your ear for a longer period of time – this energy brings the seeking, the restless/troubled heart to peace.”

[111] This is an important statement, confirmed by an examination carried out by order of experimenter ORSO at the Institute of Electrical Technology in Torino according to the ‘Voice Print Procedure’.

[112] To do so, one counts the total number of words W and syllables S of a sufficiently big number of passages to then form the quotient S/W. The normal values for it are dependent on language and style. Because of the many compound words in German, its S/W ratio is relatively high. – TRAJNA discovered that the differences in the S/W ratio between the normal texts of the experimenters were greater than those between the less personally specific voices they had recorded on tape. 

[113] Constructional rule: A total number of P passages is given. The duration t(P) of each passage is measured. The number ∆P of those passages is counted, which lie in each of the predetermined intervals of time ∆t, say between 0.0 – 0.2, 0.2 – 0.4 sec., etc. The values ∆P/P are plotted along the time axis t and linked to form a distribution curve.  

[114] The idea of a learning process is confirmed by the development. One should note: wir muessen (we must), i.e., ‘there is no other way (as yet)’.

[115] The terms ‚psycholinguistic’ and ‚psychoacoustic’ are not acutely separated here. Is valid the general limitation of  [133].

[116] This does not exclude the possibility that ‘hallucinations’ can be technically measurable ‘objective’ phenomena.

[117] In this context, ‘statistical’ is to be understood in the sense it has within communication theory, and its meaning is not the same as in B-12.2.

[118]  – Thus far, the reproach occasionally mentioned at problematical presentations of VOT – that listeners were suggestively influenced by the prior voicing of an interpretation – is only partly justified.

[119] The approaches so far made by establishment physicists avoid the incorporation of psychical structures; not so BEARDEN, BOHM, DUBROV, HEIM, JAHN/DUNNE, TOBEN.

[120] In the domain of human languages, letters, writing signs, and symbols are the order of the day. The ‚strength’ of mathematical (and some physical) quantities founds exactly on their unequivocal single meaning, enforced by relevant definitions.

[121] ‚Filter’ is to be interpreted in the technological sense here. NALIMOV sees it as a ‚semantic principle of selectivity’.

[122] In spirit(ual)istic terminology it is usual to speak metaphorically of ‘near to earth’ and ‘far from earth’. Figuring the ‘planes in the Beyond’, or ‘levels’ of varying (entelechial) ‘height’, the similarity of mental structures (in relation to us) would decrease as the height increases.

[123] According to HEIM, only systems of concepts are transposable at all.

[124] The subsequent actual behaviour of the receiver on the apobetical level always remains open, since according to all TI we have, and as indicated under [90].

[125] Classroom question: ‘How did things know how to fall before the law of gravity was enacted?’ 

[126] MARGENAU and LeSHAN addressed a letter to the ‘scientific’ periodical ‘Science’ in which among others they asked which scientific laws were violated by the appearance of ESP. And that it was in no ways sure that the transmission of information had to be equated with energy or mass. After three further inquiries they still did not even receive an acknowledgement of receipt. Editor of this periodical: “American Association for the Promotion of Science”. What is known are statements made to SHELDRAKE’s morphogenetic fields: ‘This infuriating treat … is the best candidate for burning there has been for many years’, (“Nature”), see C-17 and [163 – The neutral publication in the periodical TransKommunikation of the essentially identical transtexts that had spontaneously appeard on June 19th, 1991 at HOMES in Rivenich and at CETL in Luxemburg were - without any further reference - commented (March 1992) in a circular of the Freiburger Institut fuer Psychologie und Grenzgebiete and Psychohygiene (institute for psychology and border domains and psychohygienics) with the following sentence: ‘Hans BENDER was no concealed spiritist as the already beginning transcommunicative creation of legends wants to make believe’. The author’s protestation against the implicit insinuations was replied to on April 30th, 1992: ‘We may come to the following agreement: if you abstain from publishing so-called ‘passings of messages’ from Hans BENDER, there will be no more reason for me to speak of a creation of legends’. After a pause of 32 months Hans BENDER made contact again via radio and asked to transmit his greetings to two ‘Freiburger’ gentlemen. One of them did not react at all, the other one, in a letter dated March, 17th, 1994, joined the “Zeitschrift für Spiritismus und verwandte Gebiete” (periodical for spiritism and related subjects) of the year 1987 in which was to read: ‘The editorship does not assume any responsibility for messages from the realm of spirits’. Even less understandable is the one-sided presentation of the person BENDER who had not at all continuously maintained the officially represented animistic mode of thought (see the results of examination of VOT and their evaluation in B-12.1, and GRUBER in 1993; regarding identification and the STEINER case, see F-38.12.

One could let such episodes rest; they are cited - unfortunately not only in the FRG - as examples of the usual modes of reaction of academical parapsychologists whose minds are closed to transcendency, whom one can see as ‘unpolitely called second-class scientists’ like an English physicist did.

As if these internals would not be enough, some years ago the German speaking intelligentzia was confronted with the following ‘scientific’ evaluation of VOT phenomena (“Fokus” 13/1994, p. 158/9): ‘Keine Chance für Spuk im Laendle’ (No chance for spook in the county):

‘(The parapsychological service center) frequently receives calls from people having heard voices from the Beyond. In Austria even exists the Verein fuer Tonbandstimmenforschung (association for research on VOT). Hobby researchers believe recognizing secrete messages in the welter of broadcastings on the medium-wave range. Then the cassette serving as proof is full of thrilling messages such as ‘Babanzel’ or ‘Auf Wiederkontakt’ (till a next contact). Among German ghosts, too, re-unification seems to have taken place. In Saxon dialect a voice said with a nasal twang: ‘Nu blitz nochmal’ (Now flash again). – Using phantasy, it is possible to interprete almost everything from the pretended messages, says LUCADOU. He smiles at the zestful voice collectors: ‘I rather pity the tape freaks. Therefore, I am very kind with them.’ One has to read the last sentence – apparently cited word by word – twice to believe the disdainful arrogance lacking any differentiation of facts, which delivered it.Those who have not yet had enough of it may study the ‘First Report on Field Examinations’, patched up with the cooperation of the named gentleman after a visit made to Martin WENZEL (published under BERGER in JSPR). Similarly to the way in which the phenomenon of VOT was dismissed subsequent to the inglorious publication by ELLIS, the gentlemen now have polished off the transimages.

Finally (without claiming completeness!) be mentioned that in this same periodical JSPR was published a review on Ken WEBSTER’s book “The Vertical Plane” in which the reviewer, untroubled from any knowledge of the subject, disqualified the whole as Science Fiction.  

[127] CHARGAFF: ‘The new class of knowledge producers (produces) 40 000 periodicals on natural sciences that contain 1 million articles per year.’ 

[128] A ‘professor’ was originally a person who ‘professed’ (Christianity)

[129] This argument was as logical as that of the gentlemen of the French Academy in respect of the Phonograph [26 – Laughing scornfully, the dignified gentlemen of the French Academy of Science left the hall while the demonstration of the phonograph was going on, and later declared: ‘We have checked and found that it is a matter of ventriloquous hoax, for it is impossible to have a human voice speak from a roller.’]; in this instance, ‘stones cannot fall from the sky because there are no stones up there.’ 

[130] The term ‚exact’ is an idealized one. In fact, in physics and technique/engineering never exists exactness in the mathematical sense. All measurement results are incorrect. At the micro-level applies HEISENBERG’s uncertainty principle. 

[131] CHARGAFF speaks of ‘reductionism gone mad, which characterizes modern information theory in particular, and fails to take sense and meaning into account’, see also STEINBUCH in A-2. 

[132] ‘isolate’ derives from ‘isola = island’. 

[133] The contents of the following sections base upon the material to which the author had access. No claims are made regarding the completeness and/or competence in the special branches! Overmore, the term ‘science’ is intended to comprise the whole complex of natural and intellectual sciences, liberal arts, and parascience.  

[134] biology: ‚the modern teaching of the dead mice’.

[135] The here summarized ideas on the importance of the biophotons base on the lecture ‚Licht als biologische Information’ (light as biological information) held by POPP in 1994 in SWF (German South-West Television) within their serial program ‚Teleakademie aus dem Technologiezentrum Kaiserslautern’ (tele-academy from the technology centre at Kaiserslautern). – Regarding ‚light and tone’ see F-37.

[136] E.T. HALL (according to LeSHAN 1986, p. 131): ‚...if we can imagine man inmidst of a series of expanding and contracting fields that impart information of most varying kind, then finally we will show him in a completely different light’.

[137] It can be presumed that the global existence of EM smog contributes - on levels we are unconscious of - to an opening of the trans-spheres (see AARON in F-37.12).

[138] According to WESIAK a ‚change of paradigms’ is being observed during the last years. The author remembers the time of about 1950 when he was studying in Hamburg; at that time JORES was scorned because of his engagement for psychosomatic.

[139] VOLLMERT has derived the extreme improbability of a fortuitous genesis of organic life on the macro-molecular level.

[140] Even when assuming just a small amount of interlinkages, 10200 - 10300  interneuronal switching possibilities result. The number of atoms in the universe to us accessible is estimated to be 1066. Most laymen are unaware of the fact that all computer ‘productions’ compose of nothing else but sequences of binary pulses characterized, for example, by ‘0’ and ‘1’. In these, the technicians copy in a certain way the structures of and the cycles inside our brain in a simplified form. The question whether these machines dispose of, or are able to develop a kind of consciousness is subject of vehement discussions, and different answers are given to it depending on how ‘consciousness’ is defined. In any case, and to a certain degree they are capable of learning and dispose of an excellent memory, they feature relatively fast reactions, and and do not become tired as their operators do. The only console there is, is their need of electric energy. When switched off, they are ‘seemingly dead’. And some of them are stricken with ‘amnesia’ to an extent leaving not more than miserable remnants.

[141] Presumably computer-aided correlation methods are used to collect the relevant data from the fine structure of the brain’s potentials by deriving them with a multitude of electrodes; see also MONTECUCCO.

[142] SCHWEIZER: ‘psychoactive stimulating structures’.

[143] A parallel of interest is found in a mediumistic message of Wilkins, who in 1937/38, together with SHERMAN, carried out a successful telepathical experiment across the distance between the arctic circle and the USA, which made furore:
It is not easy to build up a connection. I find that every mind/spirit is comparable with a miniature universe. The human being keeps his ideas or concepts like on a kind of orbit, and it is difficult to penetrate through this magnetic field from outside. Since every mind/spirit normally works approximately like a short-circuited circuit, this circuit has to be opened either consciously or unconsciously before the thought sent by an other living or deceased human can be received. The problem lies here, and the transmission of thoughts and mental/spiritual messages is not harmless, because every thought is ‘charged’ in a certain manner, and tends to influence every consciousness, be it in a good or in a bad sense.

[144] These learning processes continue in the transspheres: Wir hier kommen, lernen dann, wir sind allzeit Studenten (We come here, learn then, we are students all times).

[145] According to ancient tradition, this also applies for ‘learning’. It is not the storing of new data that is at stake, but the disclosing of the access to them, is to say the elimination of blockings’.

[146] RICHARDS: raps séance longer than one hour on July 16th, 1976.

[147] Wir sind jetzt im Neurorom. Ich kreise in deinem Blutstrom. (We are now in the neurosom. I circulate in your streaming blood). ’But when we have to do with a concrete individual dead, there always exists a connection from the dead individual to our blood- and nervous system’ (POEPPIG, p. 223).

[148] BOYE, DACQUE: Clairvoyant insight into nature as the soul’s most ancient state. Crown-/forehead eye: pineal gland. GEBSER: “Bewusstseinszustaende in der Evolution” (states of consciousness in the course of evolution).

[149] In a ‘mediumistic’ field the habitual coherence of reality is destroyed. The coherent state could perhaps be described as a ‘spin orientation’ and in extreme cases could lead, e.g., to auto-levitation. Indications to this appeared also in VOT. In Italy, a housewife recorded: The spin waves guide you. VOT at SENKOWSKI: Spin drehen (Turn spin).

[150] Because of possibly dangerous consequences, the legality of this method was object of discussion.

[151] Here the concerted action of interior (physiological) and exterior components in the realization of ‘information’ is clearly recognizable.

[152] The popular saying that somebody thinks of us when we hear a tingling in our ear(s) might have a real background.

[154] It is a grave mistake made by historical researchers, in particular by those dealing with prehistoric times, to assume that the structures of consciousnesses of the human beings of the (distant) past were similar to ours, or even identical (GEBSER).

[155] One should clearly realize that every person who ‘reflects’, i.e. looks at or considers his own actions or emotions, is already ‘dissociated’; in other words, this kind of being ‘split’ is quite ‘normal’; see the ‘neo-dissociationists’ (HILGARD). TEs frequently stress that their attempts to contact us require them to split themselves (see RICHET, F-37.3).

[156] After all, one would not advise a layman to work on a high-voltage installation! Even an expert must provide for sufficient ‘insulation’ if he cannot switch the installation off. Overmore, there is an important difference: electric voltages are invisible but at least measurable, not so pyschic tensions!

[157] This is not necessarily true for members of other religious communities (f.i., asiatic ones).

[158] The situation at the University of Freiburg, Germany, is an exception in as far as at the institute of psychology of this university a minimum of parapsychological research is carried out; see BAUER/LUCADOU 1987.

[159] KREJCI: ‘Rattologie’ (‘» behaviour of rats).

[160] This recognition is not even that new, it can be found already in DRIESCH’s book of 1943 (p. 93). DUBROV/PUSCHKIN (p. 140/141) state: ‘The nature of normal psychical … phenomena is in every respect as mysterious as is that of the parapsychological ones’.

[161] An explanation for the new conception ‘psychotronics’ (DRBAL, REJDAK, SERGEJEW), created in the 1970ies, was furnished by the USPA (United States Psychotronic Association) in 1993: ‘Psychotronic is the science of the relations between mind, body, and environment, an interdisciplinary science on the interactions between matter, energy, and consciousness. – We believe that a true understanding of the universe has to include the spiritual and the technical (domains).’ This comprehensive definition seizes upon an immense number of extraordinary interactions between human beings and EM fields, part of which have been observed already many decades ago. – SCHOPENHAUER reports of the year 1843 that a somnambulist, in four repetitions of an experiment, without making any use of her hands, but exclusively of her will, had deflected a compass needle over 7 degrees and 4 degrees respectively by means of fixing her eyes on it (quoted according to NIELSEN). – Engineer GRUNEWALD began in 1917 to study the magnetic properties of the medium JOHANNSEN. Magnetic poles and force line spectrums in iron filings showed on glass plates above the head and the hands as an irrefutable proof of ferromagnetism. The magnetic centres seemed to pulse with the breathing rhythm, and to be identical with those spots on the body from which the  phenomena of materialization emanated. – The author observed and documented the EM oscillations in the 1000 Hz range with voltages of around 100 V, generated by a volunteer - with high probability physiologically - between his feet and his hands. – In the course of the last years, Elmer GREEN acquired with measuring technique quasi-electrostatical phenomena in the surroundings of healers. For summary literature see, e.g., SMITH, SHALLIS].

[162] A sad chapter is, for example, the treatment of the (metal) bending phenomena – with the significant exception of HASTED. These considerations should not be regarded as insignificant. The background of the parapsychologists world-view and their practical behaviour based on it, have been demonstrated frequently enough, also in this field!

[163] The neutral publication in the periodical TransKommunikation of the essentially identical transtexts that had spontaneously appeard on June 19th, 1991 at HOMES in Rivenich and at CETL in Luxemburg were - without any further reference - commented (March 1992) in a circular of the Freiburger Institut fuer Psychologie und Grenzgebiete and Psychohygiene (institute for psychology and border domains and psychohygienics) with the following sentence: ‘Hans BENDER was no concealed spiritist as the already beginning transcommunicative creation of legends wants to make believe’. The author’s protestation against the implicit insinuations was replied to on April 30th, 1992: ‘We may come to the following agreement: if you abstain from publishing so-called ‘passings of messages’ from Hans BENDER, there will be no more reason for me to speak of a creation of legends’. After a pause of 32 months Hans BENDER made contact again via radio and asked to transmit his greetings to two ‘Freiburger’ gentlemen. One of them did not react at all, the other one, in a letter dated March, 17th, 1994, joined the “Zeitschrift für Spiritismus und verwandte Gebiete” (periodical for spiritism and related subjects) of the year 1987 in which was to read: ‘The editorship does not assume any responsibility for messages from the realm of spirits’. Even less understandable is the one-sided presentation of the person BENDER who had not at all continuously maintained the officially represented animistic mode of thought (see the results of examination of VOT and their evaluation in B-12.1, and GRUBER in 1993; regarding identification and the STEINER case, see F-38.12.

One could let such episodes rest; they are cited - unfortunately not only in the FRG - as examples of the usual modes of reaction of academical parapsychologists whose minds are closed to transcendency, whom one can see as ‘unpolitely called second-class scientists’ like an English physicist did.

As if these internals would not be enough, some years ago the German speaking intelligentzia was confronted with the following ‘scientific’ evaluation of VOT phenomena (“Fokus” 13/1994, p. 158/9): ‘Keine Chance fuer Spuk im Laendle’ (No chance for spook in the county):

‘(The parapsychological service center) frequently receives calls from people having heard voices from the Beyond. In Austria even exists the Verein fuer Tonbandstimmenforschung (association for research on VOT). Hobby researchers believe recognizing secrete messages in the welter of broadcastings on the medium-wave range. Then the cassette serving as proof is full of thrilling messages such as ‘Babanzel’ or ‘Auf Wiederkontakt’ (till a next contact). Among German ghosts, too, re-unification seems to have taken place. In Saxon dialect a voice said with a nasal twang: ‘Nu blitz nochmal’ (Now flash again). – Using phantasy, it is possible to interprete almost everything from the pretended messages, says LUCADOU. He smiles at the zestful voice collectors: ‘I rather pity the tape freaks. Therefore, I am very kind with them.’ One has to read the last sentence – apparently cited word by word – twice to believe the disdainful arrogance lacking any differentiation of facts, which delivered it. Those who have not yet had enough of it may study the ‘First Report on Field Examinations’, patched up with the cooperation of the named gentleman after a visit made to Martin WENZEL (published under BERGER in JSPR). Similarly to the way in which the phenomenon of VOT was dismissed subsequent to the inglorious publication by ELLIS, the gentlemen now have polished off the transimages.

Finally (without claiming completeness!) be mentioned that in this same periodical JSPR was published a review on Ken WEBSTER’s book “The Vertical Plane” in which the reviewer, untroubled from any knowledge of the subject, disqualified the whole as Science Fiction.

[164] On a general scale, the means officially obtained for parapsychological research are insufficient. Thanks to the engagement of private foundations, the situation in the US is considerably more favourable, the universities included. It is probable that ‘secret research’ is performed.

[165] ‘You know, the materialistic world-view is not the result of scientific research, but it is a consequence of the researchers’ opposition against the tutelage by the church. – By the way, this attitude of the learned men is prevailing still today, and considering the most recent results obtained in PSI research, many people behave like young pigs which somebody wants to drive into a sty unknown to them; they try to escape in any direction and , f.i. with animism, … make absolutely improbable assertions solely with the aim of – to quote HAECKEL’s words – not having to dig out the age-old ‘soul-ghost’ (OBERTH). But: Ein Gespenst findet immer einen Weg. (A ghost always finds a way). Historical reviews can be found in SCHLESAK’s work.

[166] The quality of the EADV during a public demonstration by CETL was unexpectedly poor. When unrigging the equipment, it was discovered that the receiver had not been connected to the mains. And it turned out that it had no set of batteries. To the subsequent enquiry as to how it could have functioned at all, the TECHNIKER’s reply was: In diesem Fall handelte es sich um ein elektrisches Feld, das wir aktiviert haben innerhalb der Moduln des Radiogeraetes. (In  this case it was a matter of an electrical field which we activated within the modules of the radio set). – From England a computer spook was reported during which ‘images’ appeared on the monitor without that it was connected to the mains supply. The confirmation that the members of the ‘group for spontaneous phenomena’ of the SPR had taken cognizance of the relevant video recordings was, upon the author’s request, complemented by the sentence ‘…but you will admit that the seeing of a tape is not identical with the (personal) perception of the actual coming about of the phenomena, and does not provide any evidence as regards the energy source, whether it be the electric network or any other supply’ – what the author does not mind to admit.

[167] From that time on WEBSTER dubbed the abbreviation SPR the “Society for the Prevention of Research”.

[168] ‘Incompatible with the church dogma is  also … trichotomism, according to which man is composed of three essential parts: the body, an animistic soul, and a spiritual soul (sarx, psyche, pneuma)’, as mentioned in “Grundriss der Dogmatik” (compendium of dogmatics), 10th edition, 1981, according to RAVAGLI 12/1988. The author has in hands an appeal against this representation, kindly remitted to him by Prof. A. HOFFMANN, but also in the New Catechism of the Catholic church no clear definitions can be found.

[169] In reality it would be the interpretation of what has been handed down from the Bible: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions”.

[170] The knowledge about the hierarchies in the Beyond has largely been lost, only the anthroposophists seem to be still aware of them. ‘Angels’ as ‘messengers’ have always manifested themselves (GIOVETTI, LEUENBERGER, MOOLENBURGH). One cannot avoid the impression that in some ecclesiastical circles the ‘devil’ is regarded as of more importance (see also G-38.11/12).

[171] The generalizing term ‘Vatican’ is inadequate. There, too, live persons with differing opinions, although the majority of them are conservatives, now as before.

[172] MEEK’s numerous labor-intensive, time-consuming and costly attempts to contact interested deceased scientists with the help of professional mediums, and to obtain useful technical information from them, did not produce a breakthrough. Most of the statements were of a very general kind, and the TEs themselves seemed to be unacquainted with the conditions of transmission, and unable to control them. In contrast, O’NEIL’s efforts made with direct-medium support resulted in 20 hours of bi-directional communication.

[174] On a relatively low level, a computer can only be meaningfully activated by ‘machine-readable’ signals or signal sequences. The danger of partly or completely unconscious auto-production is particularly great in the case of semi-trance mediums. In the case of animistic remote perception experiments, it is extremely difficult for the percipient to not subject the impressions arising from unconscious regions to rational evaluation, to not disturb or even destroy the reception process, or distort the PSI signals by this.

[175] The conception of the ‘Jacob’s ladder’ here receives a content adapted to our time, see [192].

[176] All these descriptions do not take into account the correlations that apply in the information space, which go along with the notion of the ‘short transdistance of similar patterns’ (HEIM). HEGELER discovered astronomic-astrologic relations between successful TC partners, and in several cases was able to find clear concurrences of aspects (private information).

[177] Somewhat exaggerated: ‘It is impossible on principle that two persons understand each other.’ On the other hand, in case of a perfect congruity of two structures any communication would cease.

[178] LILLY and ST. JOHN: communication between humans and dolphins.

[180] On our plane, these connections are so heavily concealed that ‘thoughts’, insofar as they exist only ‘in one’s head’ and are not externalized somatically, are regarded as completely without effect. Pursuantly, there is no official acceptance of the telepathic contacts of living people, although long-proven by experience, and the ‘pollution of the inner world’ is continued without hesitation. In an article, available to the author in form of a copy, Dr. Bruce COPEN, England, calls telepathy ‘the television of nature’, and holds the all-uniting, omniscient, impersonal, unconscious ‘mind’ to be the carrier and mediator of telepathy, which becomes realizable if one succeeds in getting into selective conscious contact with the unconscious.

[181] As early as in the 1920ies, an intermediary designated himself with direct voice as telephone operator/ switchboard at SLOAN (FINDLAY, p. 132).

[182] The TECHNIKER transmitted a TV image of himself as SWEJEN SALTER sees me. Its quality is not good, but one can get a slight indication of its androgyny.

[183] Some ‘UFOs’ can pass as ‘objective’ phenomena detected with measuring methods (I.v. LUDWIGER, Adolf SCHNEIDER), projected from ‘parallel worlds’ (including the ‘future’) into our space-time. Since – as ‘contrabaric transformers’ (HEIM) - they bring about ‘mediumistic fields’, in which the coherence of the reality of our day-time consciousness is torn apart, an unambiguous evaluation of later subjective depositions of witnesses is almost impossible, as it has shown again and again, particularly in the cases of encounters of category 4, i.e. so-called abductions. Obviously the reality conception that normally serves as a basis is insufficient for classification. The in many cases chismatical expectations of salvation and/or grace have to be noticed with due reserves.

[184] AUGUSTINUS: ‘What seeks is what is searched for’, and the mullah, gallopping on his donkey through Baghdad, who replied to the people’s question: ‘Where to, in such a hurry?’ shouted ‘I am looking out for my donkey’.

[185] This is the typical ‘cock-and-bull story’, say pulling oneself at one’s own hair out of the marsh.

[186] Such and similar properties enable those psycho-logists blind for mind/spirit to study ‘soulless’ men.

[187] In the recent past, are discussed very weak effects as eventual gravitational anomalies.

[188] more precisely: X4 = ict with i2 = -1 and c = light speed. With the introduction of ‘time’ as a fourth dimension, as a world constituent, starts – according to GEBSER – a new view of the world: the change of consciousness into space-time freedom. ‘This integral structure of an aperspective, arational world reality lacks largely the causal character. The effect can be systematically seized, the causative is not systematically seizable’, and: ‘We should not slip into the error of wanting to establish a causal relation between the effect and the causative’. CETL: No formula for contact, and see RAUDIVE on Dec. 4th, 1988 in F-38.11.1.

[189] The entire (psycho)physical world has to be conceived as a projection. A reduced analogon is the projection of a two-dimensional film: The light source in X6 projects the film consisting of single images out of X5, and on the screen X1, X2 appears within time X4 a pseudo-reality of a course of events in movement. Spatial component X3 is missing, the observers add it automatically by mental construction (without any need of stereoscopic aids).

[190] Other world selectors presumably would ‘produce’ completely different worlds with different physical constants (‘anthropic principle’).

[191] The non-adaptable or not adapted residues (‘undigested remainders’) can cross our space-time as declining activities, and trigger paranormal phenomena. Part of the confused appearing VOT may be interpreted this way. Consequently, they were not conscious utterences, but, f.i. according to GEBSER (p. 681): ‘psychische Zerfallsprodukte - psychic disintegration products’.

[192] Here, the ‘modern’ version of ‘Jacob’s ladder’ is recognizable (Genesis, Chapter 28): In his dream JACOB sees the angels ascending and descending. There exist three interpretations: ladder of virtue, ladder of cognition, and the soul’s mystic ladder. ‘The possibility of bridging the terrestrial world and the Beyond is made clear, but the patience and effort required for it are stressed as well’ (RUBERG). To this adds the again and again repeated necessity of spiritual development, pronounced through mediums and a wealth of paranormal voices, e.g.: Ich moechte diese Treppe herunterreden. Wir muessen Stufen koennen. Es ist eine Kette. (I wish to speak down this ladder. We must be able to (do) steps. It is a chain.) It might as well be methodical indications to what is hinted at here, say the use of stepped frequency combinations, or transposings according to the simile principle.

[193] In the case of such processes, the habitual description sender-message-receiver finally has to fail, and the search for material-energetic information carriers has to come to nothing. This ‘pseudocommunication’ can be regarded as a ‘double projection’: two X6 projection centers project the same X5 pattern into the imaginary worlds of two persons separated by space (possibly also in time).

[194] ‘The translucent (the diaphanous, or the transparency) is the form of appearance (epiphany) of the mental/spiritual’ (GEBSER, p. 403).

[195] According to ERNETTI, special materials were used in the CHRONOVISOR’s  first subassembly. Direct coherences are not recognizable, and HEIM gives no indication to the eventual import of those nuclides which, according to GOEPPERT-MAYER distinguish by the ‘magical numbers’ of 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, 126 protons or neutrons in their cores. There may possibly exist similarities with the (Tibetan) Dorje rods made of the 7 different metals Au, Ag, Fe, Hg, Sn, Cu, Pb, which in ancient tradition are assigned to the 7 planets (sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn) and to the days of the week. – Possibly the rare earths play an important, particular role.

[196] No direct connections with the general gravitation, or ‚mass attraction’, defined by NEWTON and EINSTEIN are known (VOLLENDORF). NEWTON wanted to abstain from any hypotheses on an ‘explanation’ going beyond the mathematical formulation of the law, see [197].

[197] Of interest is a statement made by Charles DARWIN in connection with earthquakes: ‘Physiologists and psychologists do not sufficiently take into account the importance of the earth’s force of attraction for the psychic processes’ (Adolf SCHNEIDER, p. 216). One would welcome to know if the psychic disorder during earthquakes is due only to the exterior impressions, or if there exist inner couplings. The situation is similar in respect of the causes of several extraordinary events experienced by astro- and cosmonauts in ‘weightless’ state.
SETH/ROBERTS states that in the neighbourhood of non-physical coordination points, where realities cross, minimal gravity variations would occur; there, the physical laws were subject to slight deviations. The coordination points could be activated by feelings, emotions and sensations, see
[110].  – Regarding the intimate netting of earthly fields of thoughts and actions with those in the Beyond: please see SETH/ROBERTS’ “Dialogues of the soul and mortal self in time”; German edition “Dialog der Seele” p. 88/89.

[198] For ‘geometrodynamics’ see ‘ether hypothesis’ in SLOAN/FINDLAY, and WASER’s survey. DIRAC: ‘All and every matter is created from a non-perceivable substratum (the DIRAC lake, more recently also quantum vacuum), … out of nothing, of unimaginable, non-traceable/non-provable nothingness. But it is a very special form of nothingness out of which all matter is brought forth’ (according to FERGUSON). – A little more poetical is DEVILLE: The (unconscious) void dreams the (conscious) universe; see F-38.11.3. An other designation is: ‘neutrino lake’. Our ‘empty space’, the vacuum appears to be not that empty, and also the inertia of masses shows in a different light (RAFELSKI, LASZLO, HAISCH, PUTHOFF, MATTHEWS).

[199] Here is a reminescence of  the attempts for linking modern physical conceptions with present-time interpretations of the traditional eastern religious-philosophical body of thoughts: CAPRA, TALBOT, ZUKAV.

[200]  HEIM: ‘fundamental flow courses’.

[201] The visible, concrete world is produced from interference patterns of stationary (probability) waves. Their relationship with the matter waves according to DE BROGLIE cannot be excluded. PATANJALI: ‘The knowing about the subtle, concealed, and the remote emerges when one looks at it with the ‘pravritti’ (‘ahead of the wave’)’. In electrodynamics, distinction is made between retarded and advanced potentials, and one limits to dealing with the problems in line with the conventional time-flow direction.

[202] ‘Objects that possess several ’properties’ can be ‘classed’ according to different characteristics. ‘Order is relative’. In a similar manner, qualitative relations are ‘intransitive’. Quantitively is valid: If A>B and B>C, then A>C, too. This rule is applicable, f.i., to the tallness of three persons. However, if one interpretes ‘>’ as ‘loves’, the contrary may well be the case!

[203] Altered states of consciousness may be understood as a consequence of the (partial) abrogation of synchronization, e.g., sleep, dream, trance.

[204]  in technique: phase shift in time multiplex, see A-3.

[205] HEIM’s definition of ‘paranormal’ differs from that presented here, and from the generally usual. It calls normal such events/processes that take place on the virtual, or on the real ‘level’; all reciprocal effects between the two levels are – in a larger sense – paranormal, to which, f.i., also belongs the (reputedly) normal drinking of a glass of beer.

[206] In A-1 it is pointed out that EM telecommunication has considerably enlarged the informatory effective radius.

[207] The theoretical cogitations go considerably beyond what can be conveyed here!

[208] BEARDEN: ‘(Hyper-)syntonization as a correctly synchronized (timed) complex of mind and matter-energy’. In HEIM’s representation, a shifting of similarity factor k in direction to 1 leads to a latching of the patterns at the critical value; see D-22. HEIM: ‘We need a probability amplifier’.

[209] JAHN’s/DUNNE’s mental-spiritual background takes more effect in their book than in the ‘plain’ Technical Reports

[210] It therefore is not possible to separate the images of the different objects stored in a hologram by cutting the latter in pieces. In practice, the definition of the images reduces as the size of the hologram’s part reduces.

[211] In INDRA’s heaven exists a net of pearls. When looking at one pearl, all the other ones are reflected in it (JUSSEK according to ELIOT).

[212] One day it should be possible to fetch the long, long gone past back out of the enfolded order! (cosmovision » chronovision).

[213] catchword: synesthesia (e.g, HUXLEY, GUILEY)

[214] ‘Time (de-)forming technique’ allows the volunteer to plan within a few seconds .. complicated projects/schemes for the writing down of which otherwise several hours would be needed (FERGUSON).

[215]  ‘Continuity is resolved into ‘time islands’. A semantic networking links these islands in respect of their contents. The time islands are time windows of 20 msec to 40 msec duration; below this characteristical time for mental separation two results appear as one, or as one state. Within the 30 msec, one of the 10200 functional states exists. At approx. 3 sec exists a higher stage of integration (POEPPEL; Congress at Hannover in 1988).

[216] The number of the (Russian) dolls inside the doll is limited in practice. Modern sciences’ ‚mania of dissecting’, also designated as the ‚striving for the bad infinity’, stops at nothing, see, f.i., the development taken by high-energy physics and particle accelerators. Lately have already started discussions on whether quarks are composed of smaller components. Unfortunately, the insensate idea that one could ‚derive’ from the properties of the parts those of the complexer systems built of them, does not exclude superficial ‚applications’. A mathematic-aesthetical version of the cohesions constitute MANDELBROT’s fractals, which possibly reach very deep into the worlds ‚substratum’; see MAPART. Finally be referred to BEARDEN (D-28), and to ECO’s ‚Infinite Semiosis’.

[217] Although risking reproach with repetition: ‚What is near to each other within the psychological field, is not necessarily close together also on the physical plane, and vice versa’ (MURPHY according to LeSHAN).

[218] One may as well understand these connections as a basic principle of learning, although the presently habitual methods diverge considerably from it. The, here merely hinted at, principle of increasing refinement of an initially rough pattern, or of retroaction in the morphic field, can easily be applied to the formation of the ‚processed images’ with SCHREIBER.

[219]  The problem with the term ‚self-organization’ has been mentioned already in A-2. Naturally it is a question of one’s outlook, whether one ‚keeps standing in front of the door’ and, at the best, wonders at why ‚order out of chaos’ produces ‚by itself’. ‚Far distance effect’ within a bigger ‚ensemble’ is a new, unmeaning term. So, if, f.i., an image comes to pass ‚by itself’ out of the ‚noise’ on a TV screen, every tolerably reasonable person searches within the usual categories of thinking for a ‚sender’, and even if it cannot be found (immediately), because, for example, it ‚is too far away’, be it within spacetime or outside, he knows from experience that such exists. This is nothing more than ‚common sense and reasonable judgement, called science’. For ‚Self-organizationn of the universe’ see: JANTSCH.

[220]  ‚Excalibur’: King Arthur’s invincible sword. „Briefing“ referring here to an ‚explanation of paranormal phenomena’. The 2nd edition of 1988 is almost out of stock in the USA as well. Therefore, chapter D-28, now as before, is a relatively prolix one, regardless of an unobjective article published by STEIN in GW (Grenzwissenschaften = border sciences) 3/93, in which, in my opinion, he not only highly overestimates the importance I accord to BEARDEN’s works on boundary sciences, but also tries to mark ‚VOT research’ off from a ‚TC movement’, and to ‚rehabilitate’ it. Apparently, he neither has understood the notion TC, nor read my book. Otherwise he would have noticed within which compass I have dealt with VOT.

[221]  ‚zero-A’ with VOGT. NALIMOV: ‚The law of the excluded third fails in probability logic, which functions on the level ‚prior to thinking’. Language is free of a strict distinction between ‚true’ and ’wrong’: ‚probability-oriented hermeneutics’. ‚In Okeanid (oceanic) thinking, always ‚as well ... as’ is valid, in the mental only ‚either - or’’ (GEBSER, p. 348, and WALTERS).

[222] The demand: ‚reproduction at any time by every- and anyone’ is not realizable. In general, long years of a special education (say: programming) as a scientist is indispensable, and a precondition for the verifying of specific results is the availability of the required material-energetic structures. One of the peaks constitutes the ‚reproduction’ of ‚elementary particles’ in huge accelerator plants. It is pure eyewash to here speak of reproducibility in the habitual sense. For the rest, it commends itself to reflect critically on the kind and provability of the ‚existence’ of these ‚particles’.

[223]  An analogy to the Irish physicist FYNN’s play with ANNA: The projection of a three-dimensional object onto a (cardboard) plane is cut out and pictured a second time with its surface parallel to the direction of radiation. The projection in length direction of the thus produced line produces a dot. When inversing, every three-dimensional body could be developped out of a dot.

[224] An extreme case: DAVID-NEEL’s creation of a Tulpoid (or Tulpa) as a lama accompanying this creation, as well as  - by a pseudospiritistically acting group - of a rapping, or tables levitating ‚ghost’ called PHILIP (OWEN: Canadian (TV) documentation). Beyond the ‚production’ of material ‚objects’, living persons consequently (can) succeed in ‚provoking’ unusual ‚forms’, which can assume a kind of life of their own, and appear as autonomous.

[225] The transgroup maintaining contact with the Luxemburg station called itself ZEITSTROM (time stream), the station COZEIT (co-time), since 1987. An equipment system mediumistically conceived at „Metascience“, was called Vehicle-for-Time-Translation. DEVILLE used the formulation ... in that moment to try to master time. Long time before, at least two dozens of the author’s VOT referred to ‚time’, see F-38.4. – We find similar allusions in the movie „The Unicorn“: ‚Go through the clock’, and in Michael ENDE’s „Momo“.

[226] The imaginary unit i with i2=-1 is indispensable for mathematically describing, f.i., EM and quantum-physical processes. According to LEIBNIZ: ‚i’ represents ‚foreboding, prediction/forecast, portent’ of the ideal world. An operation by way of i can convert a real number, which is the symbolic representation of an object, into an imaginary number, which is the symbolic representation of the idea or concept of the object. For our way of thinking, the imaginary number i continues to be a phantastic unreality’. MUSES calls i to be the first hypernumber, and introduces further ones. ‚By this he dissipates the erroneous concept that the highest levels are not within the reach of our understanding. At present, hypernumbers are able to describe transcendental or inaccessible experiences.’

[227] step principle, see WEISENSALE in B-9.3.1.

[228]  Â-field: FEYNMAN (Lectures). In their constitutive work, AHARONOV and BOHM theoretically derived – already in 1959! – that in quantum physics physical significance has to be attributed to the EM potentials (scalar electrostatical potential and vector potential), which in classical physics are regarded as mathematical auxiliary magnitudes. In the SCHROEDINGER equation, the potentials play a role analogous to the refraction index in optics, and the EM fields appear as their derivations. Experimental confirmations of the effect of scalar fields exist, for technical applications suggestions have been made (ECKERN). Form waves are in the ether, accompanied by the Nabla waves. On form waves see also: CARADEAU and LOOS/SPIRIK).

[229]  Successful realization in a laboratory is affirmed by BEARDEN in a here not verifiable report which is insufficient in respect of the details.

[231]  FLANAGAN (according to BEARDEN) and SEIDL: clipped signals for the irradiation of EM fields of the audible sound range into the brain of deaf patients.

[232] HONORTON. LEM: Cyberiada. VOT: Wir kommen mit dem Rauschen. (We come with the noise.)

[233] LAKHOVSKY and PRIORE: complex vibration mixes and fields of multiwave oscillators for therapeutical purposes, putatively PRIORE had spectacular successes in fighting cancer; see HARTMANN et al.: ‚instrument for high-frequency EM energy with modulated LF signals’.

[234]  In the former USSR, dependencies of parapsychological results from solar flares’ activities, resp. of changes in the earth’s magnetic field, appear to have been observed. Atmospheric influences on ITC have not been evidenced.

[235] For utilizations in military, Secret Services and power politics, by BEARDEN imputed particularly to the Russians, see LUETZENKIRCHEN and MECKELBURG.

[236] Every technology may be designated as ‘magic’, even if things are done in an absolutely ‘natural’ way. Question: How is a house heated with flowing cold rivulet water? – BODEN: How do you get into the line? Per Magie!(By magic!). BACCI: We are the magicocrats. NAEGELI in his book ‚circumsession’. VALLEE sees ‘UFOs’ as ‘material apparatuses’ for influencing the human consciousness; see also GRISCOM. The statement suits with the possibly paranormal telephone contact the author had, and in which it was said: Wir beeinflussen die Erdbewohner/die Welt durch unsere galaktische Parallel-Liga (We exercise influence on the inhabitants of the earth/on the world through our galactic parallel league), and as well to the TECHNIKER’s statement: Wir veraendern das Bewusstsein der Menschen durch die Verbreitung der TK. Wir beeinflussen die Menschen mental, um die Geschicke der Welt zu leiten. (We alter the humans’ consciousness by the spreading of TC. We influence the humans mentally in order to guide the fate of the world.) – For the time being has to be left open whether the pictograms in cornfields, or the ‘circles’ in snow and ice have to be interpreted as transcommunicative signs (possibly in connection with UFOs) (HESEMANN).

[237] To avoid any misunderstandings be stressed that we have not to do with telecommunication here. The term ‚non-local’ implies trans-actions independent from spacetime, wherein ‚trans’ can be interpreted in our sense if the (sub-)quantum vacuum includes the transareas/-spheres (TI from SALTER).

[238] Caduceus was the wand of gods’ messenger HERMES, who used it to guide the dead into the nether world (Hades). Its basic form: two opposite helical lines on a cylindrical rod.

[239] Calculations bei EINSTEIN and WHEELER resulted in an absolutely unimaginable energy density of 10127 Ws/m3. Compared with this ‚fluctuation energy’, our (nuclear)matter appears as a non-perceivable mist above an ‚energy sea’ (DIRAC). Some experimental results become ‚understandable’ as a consequence of the factual existence of these energies, and can stand for confirmations. The problem of extraction and conversion lies in the here unimaginably tiny geometric domains, and in the difficulty to find suitable ‚rectifiers’. A minute degree of conversion efficiency would solve all energy problems.

[240] In physics and technique, the mathematical procedure of the ‘harmonic’ analysis and synthesis of complex oscillations according to FOURIER is used.

[241] The textbooks on physics certainly deal with KEPLER’s laws on the planets’ movements, but the ideas on the ‘harmony of the worlds’ which underlie these movements, are passed over in silence - as is the case for harmonic cohesions, which are recognizable, f.i., in the TITIUS-BODE series, and for which no physical ‘explanation’ exists, except of the extremely abused ‘by coincidence’ and adapted computer simulations.

[242] According to EINSTEIN’s communication via medium PATTY ANN, TESLA published several discoveries too early. It is said that SDI was not a conventional technique, as it is tried to make the public believe, but the development of hyperspace weapon systems of extreme dangerousness based on incomplete information and not understood connections/coherences (F-37.7).

[243] Indeed, inner harmony appears to be a precondition. As to the technical side (or generally), any coherent states would be the optimum, f.i., also laser irradiation (BISCHOF, INYUSHIN, POPP, WOLKOWSKI, ZACHNER).

[244] If sufficiently high energies are involved, photons, f.i., are detectable by the mechanical pulse which they transmit onto electrons in impact processes. In the low- and high-frequency ranges the energies and pulses cannot be detected with measuring technique, and they cannot be localized.

[245] Complex harmonic relations of non-sinusoidal time functions are imaginable.

[246] With the physical term ‘field’ (FARADAY) a (spatial) region is meant within which - by means of appropriate instruments - certain (dynamic) effects (of ‘force(s)’)  can be evidenced. In fact it always is just an observation of changes in (remembered) relative position-(‘states’) which are conceived as ‘movements’. Already the term ‘force’ as a cause of ‘movement’ is a straight anthropomorphism (see POHL). In modern physics, ‘force’ has therefore largely been replaced by ‘reciprocal effect’. – ‘Contact’ (lat. contingere = to touch one another); ‘tact’: sense of touch, feeling, effect, influence. In music: ‘the measured tempo of a rhythmical movement’. – Terms of interesting construction are: Kohaerenzkontakt (coherency contact) and Synchronkontakt (synchronous contact). Inside a contact field (e.g., around a medium) comes to pass a ‘confusion’ of double sense: lat. confundere = to pour together, to mix, to melt; but also: to confuse. At BACCI: melting pot. Psychic processes can hardly be described more precisely. To the transpartners an earthly medium appears as a ‘light’. A (partial) ‘melting’ of the TE with the medium is a necessity for communication. Already within this process ‘confusion’ is possible, but in addition also by several entities’ tendency to manifest themselves, or due to diversiform thoughts of earthly persons’. An equal situation is accosted many times in instrumental contacts: There is a great run. It is becoming a bottleneck from the many ghosts. The communicators, too, may become confused because of the ‘splitting’ required for the contact: That is dissociate.

[247] Regarding the eventual existence of transtechnical apparatuses, we naturally are dependent on the statements of the partners in the Beyond, statements which partly appear to be contradictory. Corresponding messages have been recorded repeatedly also by technical laymen. They are supported by signals of technical quality that have been observed, and whose earthly-psychic generation is rather unlikely. ‚Transtechnique’ is found in transtechnische Hilfe (transtechnical aid), see also AARON.

[248] On the conformation of rate-of-time-flows, since JUERGENSON plenty of TI has become available. To him it was said that the ‚radar screen’s’ function was the Zeitwechsel (time change). Terms like Zeitkonverter (time converter), Zeitbasis (time basis), Zeitteil (part of time), Zeitverschiebung (time shifting), Zeitverwerfung (time warping), Zeitkompression (time compression), Zeittakt (time measure) in VOT (F-38.4), and the speed effects (see T1 in B-11.1) attest the connections. On this at CETL dialogues have come about in which several explanations have been attempted; see also the Spiricom Manual and the latest TI received by HOMES.

[249] If in the case of analogous signals the wave forms were essential, the phase positions of the partial oscillations would be of importance. In our language and in music they have no effect, it is only the partial oscillations’ relative amplitudes that matter. FRANZ, p. 77: ‚In this time-phase structure (time phases of the dynamic internal structure of the quality fields) exists ... an isomorphism with the archetypes of the collective unconscious. The (Chinese) numeral designations are phases of change.’ Tote koennen Phase nur so halten. Wir/sie hoeren nur, wenn wir Phase reinkommen. (The) dead can keep phase only this way. We/they hear only if we get into phase. The use of impulses may lead to ‚grids’: Wir finden/waehlen das Raster fuer unsere Sender. (We find/choose the grid for our senders.) – In Greek: ‚phasis’ = ‚appearance’, is etymologically related with ‚phainomenon’ = ‚that what appears’, in English ‚phenomenon’, the Indo-Germanic root means ‚to sparkle, to shine, to gleam’. ‚Phase’ means also ‚the passing (by/away)’!

[250] It is true, on the other side, they are well aware of the ‚energy problem’, see, f.i., RAUDIVE: Bewusstseinsenergie (consciousness energy), F-38.11.1. See VOT, and information in MEEK’s Spiricom Manual. In a superordinate sense: Energie durch Liebe. (Energy through love).

[251] In a considerable number of cases the energy expenditure factor is far higher than that of time saving. Extreme examples are a) the huge accelerator plants in which the improbability of generating a ‚ghostly’ elementary particle (a ‚resonance’), that nobody can see or hear because of its ‚ephemeral lifetime’ (up to 10-23 sec!), has to be ‚paid’ with such an amount of energy that mischievous or spiteful critics since years have been sardonically speaking of ‚energy annihilation machines’; b) rocketry for ‚conquering the outer space’, where a theoretical value of about 2000 DM (approx €  1.090) for ‚bringing’ a ‚useful load of 1,000 kgs up into space’ is set over against millions of DM (and €); c) the absolutely idiotic idea and practical execution of nuclear weapons with which within msec up to msec vast stretches of land can be reduced to rubble: what a grandiose time saving! – An opposite development can be recognized in data processing.

[252] For this purpose we transform the PLANCK-EINSTEIN formula W=h·f (energy of a quantum=action quantum x frequency) with f=1/T (T = period of vibration) to H = W·T’, in which we substitute h by a general action/effect H.  The total differential DH = (DW·T’)+ (DT’·W) can be interpreted, with T’ as ‚time flow speed’, as a: change of action/effect = change of energy at constant time flow speed, plus a change of time flow speed with constant energy’. Perhaps this thought implies more than pure speculation. Today’s human engineering bases upon the realization of actions/effects through energetic transformations. Our machines can be described as converters of energy forms. It is imaginable that in ‚magical technique’ the actions/effects can be achieved by time transformations. For example: Normally the bending of a metal rod requires a certain amount of physical work or energy, since ‚force’ has to be applied along a certain distance. In a paranormal case no expenditure of energy is detectable, and it ‚bends nevertheless!’ See also KOSYREW.

[253] Roughly expressed, the elementary particles behave like tiny magnetic spinning tops.

[254] Are also thinkable changes of the matter’s and the vacuum’s properties, such as that of electric conductivity, of permitivity, permeability, and others, by which the light speed would be changed as well; see EGELY, C.B. SMITH; supermodulation could be effected.

[255] The Christian churches know the conception ‘Community of the Saints’. By this perhaps have to be understood less those canonized than those having ‘become healed/whole’, the ‘deceased’ on sufficiently high X5 levels: Wir sind in uns geboren. Wir sind alle gesund. Nur die Wunden tot. Jetzt sind wir glueckliche Menschen. (We are/have been born in ourselves. We are all healthy. Only the wounds dead. Now we are happy people).

[256] HEIM defines the earthly level as X5 =0 .

[257] In TI is repeatedly stressed the possibility of a finding again of individuals: Kommen alle zusammen wieder. Die Einheit ist gluecklich konzipiert. Wir sind eine Familie. Wir sind gegangen, wir sehn uns am Ende wieder (Come all together again. The unity is felicitously conceived. We are a/one family. We have gone, we see/meet each other again in the end).

[258] It is easier to communicate something to a being of simpler structure than it is to expand one’s own limited notions into the infinitely open.

[259] The relative X5 levels of LIFELINE and ZEITSTROM (timestream) are unknown. Via medium PATTY ANN it was said of the TECHNIKER that he holds the gate between heaven and earth. The formulation reminds of Wir/hier von der Grenze, wo die Hueter stehn (we/here from the border where the guardians stand).

[260] The destruction of the conditions of life on this planet is on principle condemnable not only with view to the coming generations. Under the reincarnation aspect those acting irresponsibly today possibly would have to bear the consequences themselves.

[261] The informatory union between one another embraces also the relations between men and the non-human biosphere. The many well attested cases of ‘finding home’ of (domestic) animals or, even more surprising, the finding of their petty masters across large distances in unknown surroundings, and under circumstances excluding (to us accessible) sensory contacts, belong here just as does the communication between men and plants. In a larger sense, the earth can be conceived as a living being: Gaia hypothesis.

[262] In his contacts with O’NEIL, MUELLER referred repeatedly to this book of which one copy was found after months lasting endeavours. He had indicated the page of interest.

[263] In fact, some of the TI wear an appearance of giving evasive or veiling ‘answers’ on physical-technical questions.

[264] See the industrial manufacture of apparatuses by auxiliary staff.

[265] It is not sure whether here ‘light’ is not meant rather in the mental-spiritual sense (W. RUSSEL; MARCINIAK).

[266] ‘Subsensual’ telecommunication can be regarded as a material reflection, or an incomplete ‘objective’ realization of the unconscious linkages. It bridges the earthly space practically timelessly.

[267] DEVILLE: Eine starke Kraft, die Traegheit der Normalitaet, regiert das Universum (A mighty force, the inertia of normality, reigns the universe).

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