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My presentation is concerned with the exceptional Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) experiences that have taken place in Grosseto, a little town in the centre of Italy, at the laboratory of Marcello Bacci. Bacci can be considered a leading expert on ITC, given his 35 years of exceptional experimental activity. The ITC voices that have been received during these 35 years in Grosseto have by now been heard all over the world.

Marcello Bacci’s first encounter with the paranormal goes back to 1949 when he occasionally participated in mediumistic sittings in London, and his life was indelibly marked by these experiences. His relationship with research into the paranormal, which began at that time, developed in the following years into a deep and abiding interest, and early in the 1970s he became involved with the phenomenon of EVP when he learnt of Friedrich Juergenson’s experiences in Sweden. Bacci was mainly stimulated by the fact that a simple tape recorder, i.e. an electromechanical device, is needed for these experiences rather than a human medium.

Marcello Bacci in his lab

The imposing phenomena that have occurred in the past 30 years in Grosseto indicate that this persevering investigator is always ready to locate new openings in this "wonderful world" - as he defines it – openings with which he is never satisfied due to his abiding wish to explore all possible perspectives. Bacci is a man with wide-ranging creativity. When one knows him well his personality reveals itself to be unconditioned and free, intolerant of any restriction coming from the dogmatic and cultural pressures that seek to dismiss realities that his personal experience has indicated are possible. In his experimental work he has tried and tested various methods and devices, initially using microphone recordings but followed over the years by many other trials with newly developed technical devices. However, for the past 15 years he has been obtaining his contacts through the medium of an old Normende valve radio.

His experiments are carried out in the presence of many people, sometimes as many as 70 at a time, and I met him for the first time in 1974 when I attended some of these experiments. At the time he was using the microphone method, and the paranormal voices he was receiving were of average quality for this method. However, when I visited him again in 1978 to attend another microphone experiment the voices were noticeably improved, and had assumed the basic acoustic characteristics present today in his radio voices. The voices were loud and clear, revealing something like an apparent acoustical vibration that lasted for the whole length of each communication (5 seconds approx.). The singing quality, typical of the speech rhythm present in microphone voices, had practically disappeared, and the voices had assumed an "impulsive" speech articulation as if expressed by means of what might be called "energy packages". The radio voices currently obtained by Bacci show further improvements in sound intensity, in clarity, and in the length of communications. The "impulsive" character in the word utterances has become more evident as a consequence of a continuous change of phonemes and in the speed of utterances, as if the communicating personalities are continually trying to adapt their extra-temporal conditions to our time flow.

Let me now proceed to describe how a Bacci’s experiments are carried out. Normally he tunes his radio to the short wave band, at a frequency ranging between seven and nine Mhz, in a zone of the waveband free from normal radio transmissions. After a wait of 10÷20 minutes the background radio static noise changes. The loud static disappears and a typical acoustic signal, like an approaching wind vortex, comes from the loudspeaker, repeated three or four times at short intervals. Silence then follows, at the end of which an entity starts to speak by establishing with Bacci, and/or with the people attending the experiment, an effective dialogue. The paranormal vocal utterances are not continuous but interspersed with pauses. They last for varying lengths of time, from a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of three to four minutes. Sometimes the contact ends with the singing of a very evocative and solemn choir. Once the contact is concluded, the normal background static of the radio returns. The whole experiment lasts on each occasion for about 40 minutes.

The invisible communicating entities affirm that they are Spiritual Beings. Sometimes they say "The Spirit is speaking to you", and sometimes they begin the communications without giving this indication of identity. With unequivocal clarity all the communications reveal the presence of autonomous intelligent beings, differing from each other by acoustics, by speech fluency and, last but not least, by the emotional and conceptual content of the communications which characterise each personality. The voices deal with the most varied themes, freely chosen by the communicators themselves since Bacci has no wish to interfere, and only occasionally asks some questions. The main theme of the communications concerns the purpose and meaning of the contacts, whose ultimate goal is to help people in their understanding of the ‘beyond’. Frequently there are invitations to listeners to ‘reawaken’, to undergo an inner change and a conscious modification of "gnoseale structure" (the word ‘genoseale’ is a neologism, derived from the ancient Greek word «gnosis» i.e. knowledge or research). By this invitation the communicators mean that we should not reduce all our knowledge to rational laws, thus attempting to rationalize phenomena that they tell us ‘are not of a scientific order but of another order’.

Two examples of communications on this theme (translated from the original Italian, as are all the communications quoted in this paper) are as follows:

‘Here is the Spirit, he is speaking, Bacci. He is saying something more. This is a new way to conceive a new truth and the true values of life, of our Life.’

‘Here is "il Saggio" [the Wise One] and this is my voice, or better, this is the objective presence of my words. This way is a personal way for bringing to the light wonderful things and for communicating my thought. Listen and let yourself be guided by these words in order to enrich more and more your big treasure born in far away lands. For all of you, it is necessary to replace the claim to be an elect who already have the Truth with a commitment to search for the Truth, jointly with others, for the benefit of everyone.’

Sometimes, in a critical and ironic mood, the entities exhort listeners to overcome the human incapacity to project ourselves onto a higher plane. For example:

‘Certain persons here are not driven by faith but by curiosity. Many of you apparently come here searching for a sign. Spend your lives wisely and reflect carefully on these extraordinary events. Dear Bacci, this is a wonderful privilege to be here close to you, in such a dark and intimate living room. It is beautiful of you to give hospitality to the Spirit! To the [bereaved] mothers here who do not correctly understand what I have been saying, life does not finish on Earth when you die, don’t forget this! There will be a new world! Put away your uncertainties, your doubts, and your anxieties: dear children, look at me, I am alive here!’

As already mentioned, Bacci’s early experiments were carried out using the same methodologies as famous experimenters of the time such as Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive but, as made clear, in the past decades the phenomena have considerably improved. Many factors contribute to this improvement – for example the application and perseverance of Bacci, the regular and stimulating presence of fellow researchers and close friends like Luciano Capitani, Sergio Giomi and Silvana Pagnotta and of many others who have joined Bacci in his work over the years, building up in the process a harmony that is an essential requisite for the psychological optimisation of good teamwork in ITC research. Another decisive factor was the opening up by Bacci of his laboratory to bereaved parents, as the contact such parents have had with their loved ones has brought them much comfort. The combination of these various factors has surely produced an improvement in Bacci’s mediumship that has resulted in a significant increase in the length and acoustic quality of the communications and also to some associated phenomena involving physical effects.

That Bacci’s mediumistic abilities play a part in the success of the work is undoubtedly confirmed by the fact that the paranormal contacts happen only when he is present. Sometimes, when Bacci is away from laboratory, some of the regular visitors try to establish contacts by working with his radio, but without results. This important detail is highly significant in that it demonstrates Instrumental Transcommunication needs mediumistic support. Further evidence to prove this hypothesis can be found in two quite significant episodes that happened in the course of Bacci’s experiments. The first one is the perfect continuity of the communicating voice observed even after the removal of some of the vital valves from his radio. The second is the same continuity of voices observed when the receiving frequency is changed by rotating the tune control knob during the reception of paranormal voices. In both these instances the communicating voices are altered in no way. The two episodes provide evidence that once the phenomenon commences, re-adjusting the radio interferes in no way with the detection and demodulation of the communications.

Since the beginning of his mediumship Bacci has always rejected going into the trance state because this would make him a passive instrument. Such a condition is absolutely incompatible with his practical turn of mind, a turn of mind that is directed towards the complete control of the phenomena occurring during the experiments. His research has always been dedicated to finding tangible and unequivocal proof of the reality of the phenomena - oral communications from the entities alone have never completely satisfied him. For this reason his initiative and determination have spurred him on to invent new experiments in order to obtain tangible proofs, although these attempts have often resulted in the disapproval of his invisible partners. However, his continuing wish to demand more and more evidence has generally been met by the entities with patience and understanding, since they recognise they are unable to interfere with his original and unusual approach. In a contact dating back to the early 1990s his behavior toward himself and the phenomenon were criticized in the following terms by the communicators:

‘Frustrated by the skepticism, obsessed by the nightmares of his experience, he is a hypochondriac and an unhappy man. He is unable to have a normal life. He doesn’t make an effort not to think about it and to continue his daily life. He doesn’t feel the exciting outcomes of the difficult trip toward the great and infinite possibilities of human spirituality. Marcello, please answer only this question: of all you wanted from me what didn’t you get? What didn’t you find? What didn’t I give you?’

The invisible communicators have always indicated they like the contacts with humans, and it is not out of the question that they themselves may obtain some benefits from them. This is clearly stated in a communication by the entity known as ‘Gregorio’ (Gregory), a Christian monk who lived in the 6th Century, who In the same communication also kindly invited Bacci to have a positive attitude towards the contacts.

‘It’s a pleasure for you and for us to be in company for the longest
time possible. Marcello, don’t hear me in an ill-disposed frame of mind,
as if my thoughts only concerned your person, but properly value
my words. Conduct yourselves so that these walls don't prompt you to question anymore!

The pleasure the communicators derive from the contacts is further confirmed, by the following excerpts:

‘Now I can see you: I am in front of those my very dear friends
that are listening to me. All this arouses in myself a feeling of deep joy.’
This half an hour passed together has been a big comfort also for us;
all of our friends know your name.’

Hundreds of communications have now been received that allow those present to recognise the identity of the communicators. I would like particularly to mention the case of Sergio Giomi, a close friend and collaborator of Marcello Bacci, who worked with him for over 20 years. Sergio Giomi died in January 1992, and on the 2nd of February of the same year he manifested himself, with his own voice, through the radio. By doing so he fulfilled a post-mortem pact established with Bacci. The pact stipulated that the first of them who passed over would make himself known through the radio, thus providing proof of his own survival. Sergio Giomi’s voice was preceded by the voice of another of the spirit entities who said: ‘Here Sergio introduces his own voice and returns; now Sergio speaks’. This was followed by the music of a beautiful choir, at the end of which Sergio spoke in his own voice, recognized with great emotion by all the friends participating in the experiment.

‘ Here we are in the Light! I explained this to you and you have to face it.
Here Life continues. The hills, the green lawns, even there is Life.
Here we are all well. You should remember that you spoke to them
through the radio. Know that I don't need anything! The cosmos is ours,
our mind is pure. Remember Marcello the difficulties of communicating
with the Spirit … the good of Love.’

About one third of all the contacts are devoted to family-related messages that provide parents with direct evidence of the continuity of life after death. In these personal contacts children who have passed on to the other dimension are mainly involved, and their communications are an attempt to reassure their parents of their new existential state. These contacts, besides producing an immediate emotional impact that is profoundly moving for the recipients, represent the most convincing evidence of the authenticity of the phenomena. Usually another voice precedes that of the child and informs the parents of the presence of the deceased loved one, but at other times the child directly manifests and repeatedly pronouces his/her own name and expresses, even if only in a few words, his/her own emotionally charged message. Amazingly, the children’s voices are sometimes modulated with a tone, lilt and inflexion recognized by parents. In addition, the children’s voices are very different from each other: They can be male or female, childish, juvenile or adult as the case may be. Sometimes the sentences are pronounced slowly, as if the speaker has met some difficulty in finding words, while at other times they are fast and expressed without hesitation.

Thanks to the great number of cases now recorded we can legitimately believe that beyond bodily death, the survivor (‘quid’) maintains the ability to express with effectiveness and intensity memories and feelings of affection. As previously stated, the invisible communicators always provide personal messages; and often encourage attendance at the sessions by many people so that they can relieve suffering. In a communication the entity known as "il Saggio" (the Wise One) affirms this as follows:

‘In the Centre [Bacci’s laboratory] many persons have been participating,
their condition is of intense unhappiness as a result of the
overwhelming problems arising from their life situations. "Il Saggio"
is able to deeply understand men and events, and his assignment
is to communicate this knowledge to the public.’.

The entity called ‘Gregorio’ has also addressed parents with words of deep understanding, reassuring those who are doubtful as follows:

‘Dear mothers, we have already told you that your loved ones suffer
only if you are suffering. A day will come where the mysteries
will be disclosed to you, the haze will be dissipated and all
of you will be embraced by a clear light. One day you will leave
your body where you have found it to reach another order of being.’

And now let me conclude by saying that there are many other ways to study the paranormal phenomena that relate to the survival of human personality after death. Many people try to investigate them driven by motivation in which the content of the messages is the most important thing as they look for contact with their loved one in the other dimension. Others, even though they are conscious of the great importance of what is at stake in this respect, are oriented towards understanding the phenomena in their multiple forms of expression. For this reason they are trying to catalogue all the elements that contribute to give significance and validity to the results arising from the various practical experiments. Those who are familiar with my own work over the past 30 years know very well the form taken by it. Every day that passes I become more convinced that I am moving in a fruitful direction. It is my view that in order to give value and credibility to the facts we need objective data, and for this reason I consider it indispensable that the phenomena that we witness must be investigated using all the means identified as adequate by current scientific research. For this reason it is the task of researchers to document all the events identified by them as anomalies in terms of the known laws of physics. Only by acting in this way can we hope to successfully alter the cultural environment in such a way that it is prepared to review paradigms that are currently considered unchangeable by academic science. This is a very slow process, as is always the case with advances in knowledge and in the evolution of thought.

To assist this process my friend Daniele Gullà and I started in the year 2000 a preliminary research program (using sophisticated appropriate professional software) designed to analyze the electroacoustical structure of the paranormal communications received by Marcello Bacci from Friedrich Juergenson, Guglielmo Marconi, Chiara Lenz, and the deceased daughter of our common friend Giuseppe, In addition we have compared these paranormal voices with recordings of the above people made when they were still alive. The results have been really encouraging and have convinced us we should go on with this work. In addition to evidence of electroacoustical anomalies in the paranormal voices (anomalies that seem in fact to be a characteristic of ITC voices) the software used for the analyses has revealed a highly significant resemblance between the paranormal voices and those of the people concerned when they were still in this world. In particular the paranormal voice of Chiara Lenzi was found to resemble her voice when alive on 90 per cent of the measurements.

I hope that my report on the phenomena happening in the laboratory of Marcello Bacci at Grosseto has provided all of you with some food for thought on the extraordinary events concerned. I am fully conscious that decisive proof of the reality of the afterlife will never be reached since, if God allowed it to be achieved, our free will would inevitably be compromised. In addition I have often wondered what kind of proof given to us by a surviving being would provide us with the certainty of his or her real existence in another dimension. After many years of searching my conclusion is that such proof does not exist since, even in the case of exceptional and extraordinary events, our rationality will always try to provide an explanation in terms of the interpretative models dictated by it. Thus although what we have been experiencing in Grosseto is relatively far from being considered as decisive scientific proof, it nevertheless gives us a great deal of precious circumstantial evidence that our own free will may be prepared to accept as signals from a Spiritual Reality.

"Lecture presented at the First International Conference on Survival/ITC, organized by ITC Journal, held in Vigo (Spain) on 24th April 2004".

Jan 2005

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