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We are very thankful to Dr. Paolo Presi, Italy that he sent us an article written by Prof. Salvatore Mario Festa (physicist), Italy which we are allowed to publish here:

by Salvatore Festa 

By now, Marcello Bacci deservedly belongs to the History of Paranormal Phenomenology. The “Voices” at the radio of Grosseto have travelled the world and, without any doubt, today the “Bacci phenomenon” is one of the most important, if not the most important one, in the psychophonic field. Many books have already been written on the subject, but this has not effected Bacci’s determination to continue researching, using his old valve radio. He has been contributing to this research for more than 35 years. So many mothers have visited the “centre”, so many researcher have come to test the authenticity of the phenomenon; but no-one has ever tried to decode the “mystery” of how the communication with the supernormal “Entity” works using an old valve radio and tuned on short waves and therefore at high frequency.

It has been a long time now, but no-one has really taken the time to reflect on what was happening during the experiments, which, among all paranormal phenomena, is to-date one of the most authentic and fascinating.

For years, Marcello has been meeting with the friends of the group and with those “lucky” mothers who manage to make a mark in the heart of an old man (so to speak) from Maremma (*2). For all, the appointment is on Fridays, a quarter to 9 pm to start the experiments at 9 o’clock. In a unsurprisingly crowded room, Marcello signals the beginning of the “hostilities” asking to shut the door (nobody will be allowed in from this moment onwards), turn off the lights and keep the tape recorder on hold, waiting for the “connection”.

I have been privileged to witness Bacci’s experiments for six years now and even more fortunate to sit, firstly behind, and today’s next to Marcello after the unforgettable Silvana Annovazzi Pagnotta (her preferred signature) has passed away. Silvana has been a strong point of reference for all of us and an important force of advancement for the psychophonic centre of Grosseto.

It is thank to this privilege, that today I could “analyse” the phenomenon through many different angles and facets, therefore acquiring immediately the certainty of its authenticity. The phenomenon of the voices of Bacci is authentic, there is no trick of any sort! After approximately 30 minutes of waiting, during which Marcello moves the tuning knob between 7 and 9 MHz looking for a zone of white noise, the silence is broken by Marcello’s voice announcing that “he hears Them”. Immediately after a something sensational happens: in the zone of white noise above mentioned, all radio signals stop and one, predominant, noise takes over. This sound is similar to the noise of the wind. Marcello then talks to the radio and calls out “FRIENDS” we are here, can you please make yourselves heard? And them, who are waiting for nothing else, they do exactly that and with such determination! I am not going to run through what happened thereafter, because all the experts are well familiar with what happens: clear and convincing messages are heard, messages filled with esoteric content and answers more or less in line with the questions asked. What can be said about the voices of the “youngsters”, who always generate the most extraordinary emotions amongst those present? When the “youngsters” talk, a heart warming and all embracing atmosphere is created in the room and the emotions (and often tiers) take hold of those directly related to them.

My testimony does not intend to add anything to everything that has already been written on the phenomenon of Bacci’s voices, this brief note aims to be a simple recall of the sensational and extremely important facts that have occurred from a research perspective. The events that have taken place during the last experiments on Saturday April 13th in Grosseto.

Before we get into the description of the events, it is necessary to make a short introduction, just a few words, to the newly established research centre “IL LABORATORIO” ( Here, a selected number of professional independent researchers, such as Daniele Gullà, Dr. Marabini, Paolo Presi among others, are in charge of “scientifically” testing the authenticity of the paranormal phenomena that currently take place, with the specific task of validating the authentic phenomena and expose the fraudulent or improvised ones. This is a particularly strong point, considering the large number of phoney claims made by some people with the sole intent of taking advantage of those who have recently experience a loss (and are therefore more vulnerable). Those people are particularly harmful to the authentic paranormal phenomenology because they offer the opportunity to the “scientists” at the CICAP (*3) to disparage and mock the entire issue and the research carried out.

At this point, it is necessary to mention the duties of science and those who practise it, which, in my opinion, should always be aimed to the search for the truth, by objective scientific means and the power of the human intelligence. This is in sharp contrast with the concept of using science to negate, at all costs and a priori, without even trying to verify the claims personally and experimenting.

I was given the opportunity to join that important project by the “LABORATORIO” group, with Daniele Gullà, and took part in the meeting on August 13th at Marcello Bacci’s lab. I brought with me two of my professional tools to measure electromagnetic fields to use during this experiment. This is how I have introduced a smooth and quick procedure, which follows a simple and coherent line of thought.

If it is true that during the voices phenomenon a carrier-wave is created, after having eliminated all the other frequencies, this carrrier should have been originated from some “transmitter” and have the same physical structure of the electromagnetic fields those which form radio waves. This is how, by using this instruments that create radio waves, one should be able to measure both the intensity of the electric field (measured in volts/ metre -V/m) as well as the intensity of the magnetic field (expressed in millitesla - mT), exactly at the moment when the carrier is created. This carrier will then give origin to the voices phenomenon.

The professional instruments used were the following:

The following results have been recorded 

with radio switched off:


with radio switched on:


In the instant when the carrier was created and the voices phenomenon started, no significant variation in either electric or magnetic field was recorded.

Thereafter we began what was to be, in some way, a surprising and shocking experiment to the astonishment of the people present, especially for the mothers. Marcello Bacci’s former collaborator, electro-technician Mr. Franco Santi, to whom we owe a special thank, bravely, and with my agreement, took out two valves from the radio while the experiment was taking place. Firstly he took out the valve that controls the frequency modulation, an oscillation converter type ECC85. This did not have any impact on the working of the radio, as the receiver was tuned on short waves.

Then, as the people present continued to look and comment with disbelief, he took out the second valve, a local medium frequency oscillation converter type ECH81. This silenced the short waves completely.

It was then (with the agreement of Marcello) that I could move the tuning knob up and down the frequencies to find “the total absence of any signal” while the connection with the voices from the other dimension continued unchanged. This is amazing! What was happening? The rule of standard physics had been turned upside down and the “entities” continued talking as nothing had happened.

A quick look at the instruments registered the following facts:

ELECRIC FIELD: 0,54 ( 0,81) V/m

At this point, I felt lost, I was searching for a physical explanation for what was going on, but could not find any. On one hand, I was “disappointed” because the instruments had been unable to register the “birth” of the voices phenomenon; on the other hand, they were also giving me other indications.

Approximately 40 minutes later, when the voices phenomenon had ceased, I started to move the knob along the frequencies, but there was no signal at all. This is when Mr. Santi put back one of the two valves, and the radio started to work normally again and the instruments recorded the same field values as when we started.

How can we interpret what happened?
Was the experiment successful or not?
What have we discovered that was new?

It depends from which angle one wants to look at the phenomenon. First of all the fact that when the carrier was created the instruments did not record any change in the electric and magnetic fields, officially validates the authenticity of the voices phenomenon, because if it was a “trick” (there was a transmitter nearby) the instruments would have picked up an increase in the electric and magnetic field.

However, this also mans that, and here many questions arise, that the creation of a carrier by the ENTITIES and the resulting voices phenomenon, in spite of looking like a transmission system based on electromagnetic waves, is a phenomenon completely unknown. Maybe we could explain it with quantum mechanics, generating the appropriate hypothesis around the ENERGY of the SPIRIT and MEDIUM intermediary between the two dimensions.

One thing is certain: the voices phenomenon happens only in the presence of Bacci. Then what is the role of the Medium?

The energy (the thought) of the Spirit, appropriately modulated (They talk of vibrations!) is transferred on the medium, who then transforms it with his brain in electromagnetic waves creating the radio transmission. All this can be explained with traditional physics. Of course it cannot be! One has to formulate the appropriate hypothesis, those who do not go beyond our knowledge of the paranormal phenomena, extraordinary and rich knowledge acquired via the messages received. Man survives death and his energy (the Spirit) does not dissolve, but comes back in the form of waves, its original home in the large cosmic depository and keeping all its knowing abilities, etc., surviving the death of the physical body. Continuing in our quest for the truth, we will use our modest knowledge of physics and, with the help of sophisticated instruments, we will try to shed some light on the extraordinary phenomenon of the voices. In a departure from other researchers, we don’t hide. On the contrary, because we “believe” through our experiences and experiments, we try to explain, to understand how to find a solution to the problem. It is all too simple to choose to negate what is happening. Fortunately we, differently from others, have the GIFT (apologies for our lack of modesty) of FAITH and, as the Great INITIATE once said, it enables you to climb any mountain, no matter how difficult it is.

(*1)  Translated from Italian by Paolo Presi
(*2)  Maremma: so called a particular land of centre-Italy where Marcello Bacci is living.
(*3)  CICAP: acronym of  Italian Committee for the Control of  Assertions on the Paranormal.

Jan 2005

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