Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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On our side, ADAPTATIONS are always required for contacts with other forms of being/existence. For you not measurable light sources meet your wave ranges through adaptation. I would ask for your understanding (for contact termination). ADAPTATION is used up. 

In all areas/spheres of existence a mental ADAPTATION, up to coalescence, is quite possible, if it is wished. The mediumistic contacts on your side are a psychical ADAPTATION of the information fields. (Transcommunication requires an) ADAPTATION OF TIME with foreign structures. A continual ADAPTATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS to our – for you a subtle matter - world, as well as (the) for these contacts needed expanded psyche, made this (the communication) possible. Because of the for these contacts necessary synchronization, only a positive mental/spiritual cooperation from our, as well as from your side could be developped further.

The multiversum contains innumerable forms of existence, and highly complex basic forms of consciousnesses, that can lead to psychic troubles at the APPROACH and overlapping of the other one. The APPROACHING of two dimensions is getting better and better. A lack of APPROACH to the Great Spirit for the sake of love prevents our answers. Does our information scatter like the pollens of the bread-fruit tree? 

The consciousness creates every form, and psychological ADAPTATIONS are needed to get an idea of what is going on. Just a few of you are capable of adapting themselves to our way of thinking. Like every other higher entity, I am in a position to adapt myself to all forms of your reality. (Our) forms of appearance are ADAPTED to your psyche. I could also become visible as a stone or a plant. We must adopt your characteristics of being. It continues to be difficult. Our messages, as far as possible, are ADAPTED to the receiver’s psyche, in order not to confuse him. Creative ADAPTATION for the sake of love.  

Adaptation processes are a necessary condition for realizing the communication between different systems. Approaches, assimilations, and adaptations are essential tasks of the communication partners. Due to their greater flexibility, complexer systems dispose of better abilities of adaptation than less complex ones. This is valid in the technical, and in the psychic fields.

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