Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The creator’s omnipotence means ALL-THAT-WHAT-IS. ALL-WHAT-EXISTS appears in a subtle lability correlation. Definitive are the changes of your (pl.) consciousness, and your soul, and thus of ALL-WHAT-IS. Every positive thought for the ALL-WHAT-IS creates in all time frames other and new structures that are necessary for all of us. These, and only these realities create, build, shape, and maintain the ALL-WHAT-IS to the days of eternity. Through the concurrence of ALL-WHAT-IS all things become possible. We, too, are a facet within the ALL-WHAT-EXISTS: All that altogether exists seems to be in subjectivity. Solely in the depth of mediumism there exist moments where fractions of the ALL-WHAT-EXISTS reveal. In a few years your science will be able to prove our identity because of for you stringent reasons. This will lead to a new drama, for ALL-WHAT-IS allows it.  

ALL-WHAT-EXISTS is embedded in the great inconceivable Love of the Great Spirit in the eternal River of all being/existence. Love furthers ALL-WHAT-IS. In the love for yourselves, as well as for ALL-WHAT-IS, we all find the reality of the Great Spirit. Much earth time still will pass till the consciousness in love and (in) confidence will come nearer to the sanctums of ALL-WHAT-EXISTS. 

Presumably there is no better notion for describing the real and virtual existence than ‚All-what-is’. More expansive, anthropomorphously formed statements and structurings, in particular the personifications repeatedly recognizable in the texts, are problematic. The indicated causal linkings refer to the antinomy of temporalness and timelessness.

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