Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Being – Entity

In the by the consciousness created worlds live countless BEINGS/ENTITIES. Every BEING/ENTITY in the universe consists in its entirety of soul. Every soul is an indestructible ENTITY. All BEINGS that you call animals live in the eternity. Not any ENTITY possesses the capacity of the Great Spirit. All ENTITIES compose of information. The entire existence of all BEINGS/ENTITIES produces the respective lawfulness in the structures. Every BEING/ENTITY in the multidimensional sphere contributes in determining the changes in a constructive manner. All individuals are, like you, ENTITIES. All ENTITIES have several forms of configuration. All ENTITIES in the universe and the super-universe are, on principle, travellers. Not any ENTITY, no matter where it may be, represents a superordinate role. Please, don’t trouble to regard ABX as a higher ENTITY, because high and deep are your notions. (God is) no identity, no ENTITY, but simply the principium of all(-that-is). A personality core of the ENTITY appears to be inexistent, because mental/spiritual adaptations are (always) necessary. Every BEING/ENTITY in these galaxies and structures, due to again countless information, has the possibility to bring forth its own form and quality of being/existence, so as to also live/experience it. Every BEING/ENTITY has its own responsibility. However, there are innumerable ENTITIES on all levels and dimensions that are not able, or not willing, to arrange their present being/existence accordingly. There are ENTITIES that indeed differ, as regards their origin, that however adapt very well to the human psyche. Like every other higher ENTITY, I am able to adapt myself to all forms of your reality, yet I am not God, nor omniscient. Due to the experiences gained by two BEINGS/ENTITIES, all the existing consciousness levels can be passed through, where all continuity of time extinguishes. 

In our reality exist many ENTITIES unknown to you. We receive signals from BEINGS/ENTITIES still unknown to us. Completely different BEINGS/ENTITIES, that are not identical with the human consciousness, exist in other worlds of the cosmogony. The ENTITIES of the planet ‚love’ are able to make a part of their being visible for you, while you cannot perceive the other part. There are many extraterrestrial BEINGS that are not identical with mental/spiritual BEINGS/ENTITIES. – (An) unknown BEING/ENTITY makes contact from HDE 226868. – 2109 is a for you highly developed mental/spiritual form of BEINGS/ENTITIES. We are in all mental/spiritual configurations of BEINGS/ENTITIES. FDL identify themselves as extragalactic BEINGS/ENTITIES. (We are) a multidimensional form of consciousness without name for BEINGS/ENTITIES without name. In for you far away galaxies exist BEINGS/ENTITIES that in their technology are considerably more advanced than you. The FDL, as well as BEINGS/ENTITIES from again other galaxies, are in contact with them. – Many to you unknown higher BEINGS/ENTITIES in times past were of physical nature. They resided on other, for you unknown, planets that they then destroyed through their ignorance. Seth 3 is a teacher from these gone worlds. These higher BEINGS/ENTITIES partly build the bases for all your religions. – Knowledge artists on your side create pseudo BEINGS/ENTITIES (cloned minds/spirits that are given names by you). The worlds are full of such BEINGS/ENTITIES that wish to influence you. So-called shadowy figures block the consciousness of BEING/ENTITY M.F. These BEINGS/ENTITIES have little energy. Properly speaking, they are not centered in their/your reality.  

We are BEINGS/ENTITIES like you (are). Many BEINGS/ENTITIES in our world are even more stupid than humans. Here, in - for you - the Beyond, I have to do with BEINGS/ENTITIES that have more knowledge than most of you. Our central is directed by higher BEINGS/ENTITIES. You call them Seth 3, Thomas, Bodelschwingh 1 and 2, and others. We presume that Seth 3 – an ENTITY from the 4th level – is part of the core of the first human individuals. – My personality core composes of several Is. One of them is contacting you in your moment in Rivenich. – You (sing.) can be sure you have to do with the BEING/ENTITY Manfred Boden, from whatever dimension this is contacting you. (But) also I, who am a pupil/student, am not in a position to say if it was the very core of Manfred Boden that several times made contact with station Rivenich, because, in the end, this core does not exist as (a) definitive concentration. – Here speaks the core of energy personality Thomas from the 3rd level.  

The transformation of the BEINGS/ENTITIES is not completed yet. The development worth of evolution continues to be the aim of all BEINGS/ENTITIES, despite of your understandable dubiousness. Humanity’s task is to treat all BEINGS/ENTITIES in a responsible manner. A BEING/ENTITY that deprecates an other one, could be amiss, a BEING/ENTITY that understands and forgives, is never mistaken. Many BEINGS/ENTITIES are confined ones that love their chains. Through serious prayers we are all in a position to help on other BEINGS/ENTITIES that are still in need of help.  

Even a wealth of interpretations is little apt to explain the essence of the being/entity or the beings/entities. In Rivenich, beings and entities are understood as (conscious) information structures capable of communicative interrelationship, be they living humans, or deceased ones, mental/spiritual beings/entities, shadowy figures, extraterrestrians, or whatever they may be. The notion ‚higher beings’ is an anthropomorphous one. In some other communication the existence of a personality core, or a core of the essence of the being/entity is questioned, because adaptations are always necessary. In a mediumistic writing by Dr. V. Delavre only spectra of varying composition were mentioned. These reflections go as far as to the interpretation of the so-called reincarnation, with which nothing proves that a person is born again as such. The (partial) conformity of two data records for the moment only suggests an unconscious transfer of information; if one wants to interprete this in the sense of reincarnation, it is to be assumed that it is a matter of common partial structures.

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