Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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BEING is living to see. Living to see is experiencing, no matter how and where it happens, for all happens now. The mind/spirit of the infinity of all FORMS OF BEING continues to be incomprehensible for you (sing,+pl.). God is in all BEING/EXISTENCE. All implies/includes a BEING. All mental/spiritual is an open rhythm of the thoughts in the changing of all BEING. The cosmic spiritual principles found on eternal BEING. Your BEING composes of complex facets of earlier, present, as well as partly of future information and forms. Information is that what you (pl.) understand under BEING. The feeling of the eternal BEING is not in (the) fear, but in the certainty and realization of the Great Spirit that has several names on terra.

All that exists is nestled in the great unseizable love of the Great Spirit in the eternal flow of all BEING. All BEING composes of innumerable experiments and (a) constantly changing reality, wherein every form of life attempts to fulfill its (then) present task. Within every personality resides the knowledge of the significance of the existence of all BEING. The sense and (the) purpose of the immeasurable BEING lies in the realization that the next comrade-in-arms is a brother, but also a creator at the same time. All your hope and expectation in our view are partial aspects of the infinity of BEING. The transformation is necessary, for it favours the BEING. The mortals’ mentality of „who cares after I’ve gone" brings forth considerable disadvantages for all of us, for the BEING is in a position to feel. May your general way of thinking be stimulated by our signs and symbols so that you (will) discern the true sense of your BEING, and (will) re-approach creation.

Your values are determined by yourselves. Definite values, however, are codetermined by the godly BEING. You all have the lights that your BEING depends on an other great/huge reality dimension, but the vast majority of you are not in a position to organize your existence/BEING in your dimension accordingly. A senselessness in the BEING is not subject to any statement of reasons, for this would be a contradiction in itself. All BEING always serves psychological aims. After the physical death you will be given the opportunity of learning to see, and your BEING will advance towards the truth.

The psychical striving towards the reality of all BEING is the aim. Please stick to your (sing.) flexible psychic attitude towards all BEING/existence. The entity that lives in peace with itself, as well as with its fellow-creatures, calls a for all of us satisfactory FORM OF BEING into life/existence.

Martin Heidecker regards the undefinable ‚being’ as the most universal notion. It were self-evident, and the issue of being/existence would have superiority over all other issues. For other philosophers the talking about ‚being/existence’ is a senseless fictitious problem. The transpartners trouble themselves a lot in characterizing the being. The simplest version is ‚being is living/experiencing’, a more involving one regards being/existing and information as identical. In every case, a sense is attributed to being/existence.

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