Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Our contacts to their worlds need a kind of hyperspace BRIDGE (thoughtBRIDGE) that is activated by the cosmic consciousness. Contact BRIDGES consist of structures resembling pyramids. The energy emitters stay longer than is normal. We all continue working on the from both sides wished translation BRIDGES. The for these required geometric light formulas, life forms of the universe of gross and of subtle matter, are not yet in line with the fields of many of the experimenting groups. ITC BRIDGES are not called by telephone. Psyche, consciousness, and soul create, in connection with (the) Great Spirit, tension-free BRIDGES within time, as well as (within) not-time. Tension-free BRIDGES in ITC, as a general principle, are explicable by contacts via all existing electromagnetic devices. I expressly point out that ITC BRIDGES function solely with all the devices connected to your (pl.) (electric) current. With you, an ITC BRIDGE exists if/when the messages come on via all electric devices at a time. From our viewpoint and knowledge, the connection channels to other structures can only be established, if the receiver lends itself to it. Only when all the psychical frequencies required for these instrumental messages tally, it will be possible to coordinate further BRIDGES via your appliances.  

A small part of you (pl.) knows of the BRIDGES that are thrown from one dimension to the other. A (single) human consciousness (however) is not able to receive our information. Individual activity on your side indeed is received by us, but in respect of its volume, it is not strong enough to be able to build a BRIDGE to it. Solely love is in a position to BRIDGE space and any time. In the name of life and love, I would ask you all to continue working at the BRIDGE to other men, so as to leave the past limitations behind. Should this not be the case, we will close the ITC BRIDGE again.  

We are endeavouring to build up new BRIDGES to the earth. We all are happy about the with you existing ITC BRIDGES, though few for the moment. We have been successful in making a BRIDGE to you also via (the) Mose pseudonymus (Adolf Homes). The Rivenich BRIDGE is built upon identical soul forms. Contact BRIDGE is built. The emergency BRIDGE stands. Seth 3 helped a lot with this BRIDGE. I am so happy that the BRIDGE to you, and from us, can be maintained. Please have more patience, otherwise you (will) harm the BRIDGE. I state that there are not sufficiently stable ITC BRIDGES in a bigger number. The coordinated BRIDGES are not expandable within a for you near time.  

I transmit the message of a young man who has not yet acquired the ability of crossing the BRIDGE himself (Raudive). The new voiceBRIDGE is a great help to put this into practice. Due to the Burton-2 BRIDGE it has become possible that the stations Hesperingen (Luxemburg) and Rivenich (Germany) are in a position to build up a constant connection. Entities that hithertoo contacted you (sing.), are occupied in TC with other BRIDGES to other realities. Pay more attention to your (sing.) dreams, they are channels and BRIDGES to other worlds presently not known to you.  

We are for the building of further BRIDGES on your side, not for a removal. Please, first establish, all of you, a sound, uniform basis in your TC with us, so that more BRIDGES can come forth. The receivers of our messages may work in modesty, so that the BRIDGES remain stable. Do your work in humbleness, so that new BRIDGES can come about. Because of the dissensions (between the groups), no further ITC BRIDGES can come to pass. As long as transcommunication is not practised by you all absolutely unselfishly, and to the creator’s honour, no further BRIDGES with direct contacts are feasible. The few ITC BRIDGES that exist thus continue to be emergency BRIDGES in this respect. For the further BRIDGE building between the worlds is solely essential if (that) very willing men cooperate in comprehension and harmony. At this, never forget tolerance. It is the bond that unites us all. We thank all men who expand their conscious(ness), and collaborate with us in BRIDGE building. 

Traditionally ‚bridge’ defines a material connection of two banks of a river. In ITC, a metaphorical informatory bridge between differently imprinted consciousness structures is meant. The transinformation realized in Rivenich can – very roughly – be classified into two groups. At the beginning of the development, it was mainly a matter that concerned the build-up of the contact bridge on the other side, and of the therewith related problems, that are described also under the notions communication, coordination, contact, and transcommunication. Of great volume are the repeated indications to the necessary –and till this day lacking - mental and emotional unity of all the individuals, and groups taking part in the contact experiments. Under the aspect of regenerative morphogenetic fields according to Rupert Sheldrake, this demand makes sense. The second group of the contents comprises the circumlocution of expanded earthly notions, and a general view on being/existence. – „Burten-Bruecke“ (Burten bridge) (Harsch-Fischbach, Luxemburg), named after the English global traveller Sir Richard Francis Burton; see Philip José Farmer: „Flussweltzyklus“ (River world cycle) (Heyne-Verlag).   

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