Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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COMMUNICATION and TRASNCOMMUNICATION consist in the exchange of information. Thousands of billions (am. quadrillions) of systems exist, we exist in all of them. You (sing.+pl.) will be confronted with them sooner or later. All COMMUNICATION systems are, as a general principle, directed by mind/spirit. Telepathy. Only then you will be able to hear me via the radio. Every connection to other forms of life, be they ever so abstract for you, is possible through mental concentration. Relationship equal to mental/spiritual form. The hindrance proper of COMMUNICATION is the diverse programming of the consciousnesses. Telepathic COMMUNICATION consists in the exchange of thoughts and feelings through acceleration without gravitational circumstances. I wanted to code the on (from) your side to me directed messages only partly, because I did not allow the inner COMMUNICATION sufficiently (Bender).  

All probable answers lie in COMMUNICATION, not in TRANSCOMMUNICATION, because we do no longer aspire for the end in itself, and therefore completely different logics exist. This fact substantiates the different logic, and therefore renders the COMMUNICATION with you and other life more difficult. A with you unconscious personality structure, where however a conscious will is in the behind, and a on your planet permeable filter, enable mental meetings of different worlds, also via instruments.  

The with you understood TRANSCOMMUNICATION with men deceased on your side, from our point of view, is to be understood with/by the COMMUNICATION of with you living men, at which the finding of the truth remains (to be) difficult. If/When intense positive thought waves from your side can reach a coordination point, it is quite possible that a COMMUNICATION with other existences can come off. We here have to do with pure energy forms. We work hard in the COMMUNICATION with humans. Your (sing.) research in voices on tape is merely a fraction of the steps of COMMUNICATION with us. – (In a meeting) for you invisible COMMUNICATION problems will (come up) due to (the) diversity of the thoughts. You (pl.) see how difficult a COMMUNICATION within different reality systems can be. 

Communication and transcommunication are described in the simplest way as an exchange of information. Relation consists in the similarity of the mental/spiritual structures of the partners. The essential hindrance can (according to Burkhard Heim [6]) be formulated as ‚transdistance’, ‚dissimilarity of the patterns’, that, by means of adaptation, can/must be reduced to the extent till a kind of ‚catching/engaging’ brings the communication about. Transdistance has nothing to do with distances in space (and in time).

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