Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Only the reality of CONSCIOUSNESS and the soul exists. The primordial creation, in connection with all the CONSCIOUSNESS of the souls, created every form in the diverse structures and time concepts. Mind/spirit creates CONSCIOUSNESS, CONSCIOUSNESS creates the worlds. The CONSCIOUSNESS of all psychic life, no matter in what form it exists, results in a certain cosmic reality. The system proper of all that is consists in the continuous change of all CONSCIOUSNESSES. Parts of your (sing.) CONSCIOUSNESS consist of fluctuations (variations/vacillations) that pass simultaneously and interweave all systems. The slower ones of the seamlessly appearing oscillations of fluctuation represent your (pl.) FORM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. This fact accounts for the different logic, and therefore renders the communication with you (pl.) and other life difficult. All extant systems function to such degree as mind/spirit and CONSCIOUSNESS allow it, and model them in a creative manner. The higher and lower CONSCIOUSNESS are identical. Every mind/spirit cell disposes of innumerable CONSCIOUSNESS units. Your (sing.) brain is not capable of seizing (and of) coordinating this mass. CONSCIOUSNESS creates every form, and psychological adaptations are needed so as to get an idea of what is going on. The total universal CONSCIOUSNESS is to be understood as purely mental/spiritual, and, on principle, creates all physical and psychical forms. Esprit identifies itself with all CONSCIOUSNESS. 

The soul is by no way the CONSCIOUSNESS. Your (pl.) notion soul is considerably reduced by the three-dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS. Consequently, your CONSCIOUSNESS is merely a small part of your soul. So, a part of you can/may be in the whole universe, without that you are CONSCIOUS of it. Every single, tiniest particle of your (sing.) body, and of your soul, has its own CONSCIOUSNESS, for parts of your soul always are also on all levels in the universe. Your CONSCIOUSNESS is rather linked with your brain. The soul, in turn, more with your CONSCIOUSNESS. So, it is the CONSCIOUSNESS that acts and interconnects the objects, as well as the individual of the personality, and the soul. Within every personality resides the knowing about the meaning/importance/significance of the existence of all that is, and every single soul also knows in its deepest depth that its CONSCIOUS existence is dependent upon a by far bigger dimension of reality. CONSCIOUSNESS equals the take-over of information from organisms. Everyone of you is provided with a specific task that the CONSCIOUSNESS, in connection with the soul, has voluntarily and unselfishly assumed. 

As deep as in the cell hides the CONSCIOUSNESS about the knowing of the ardent desire for finding, and for fulfilling oneself anywhen. What happens on your (pl.) physical level therefore is a kind of transformation, whose origin is in hiding deep within your psyche. We here have to do with a great psychological event, whose process you normally do not conceive CONSCIOUSLY.  

The CONSCIOUSNESS is flexible to such an extent that it can be used in many ways. Every human is in a position to achieve the flexible psychic attitude of the CONSCIOUSNESS. You must learn to control the CONSCIOUSNESS, so that you obtain insight, and recognize your true self. Due to the flexible evolution of man, his mental/spiritual powers, and his CONSCIOUSNESS, are merely able to concentrate on the basic aims. CONSCIOUSNESS is liable to the task of discerning all the possibilities of one’s own self, of the cosmic I. Please, do not ease up in using the wings of your CONSCIOUSNESS. Men who search for existing dimensions with their open CONSCIOUSNESS will find them, no matter if they belong to your groups, or not, because at the base of insight you are as non-physical as we are. Every CONSCIOUSNESS is in a position to decide. Clear, powerful CONSCIOUSNESSES create (an) eternal beam of light to (the) immeasurable love. Men with a shining CONSCIOUSNESS make everything possible in time. Dull states of CONSCIOUSNESS represent a muddle of vibrations, and the waft of wind can grow into a hurricane. The aim of some men is to lead the others, to dominate, and to constrict all freedom of thought and speech of the CONSCIOUSNESS. Be (sing.) at all times CONSCIOUS of it that the man who believes to be the sole person having all rights is very far away from the true right. (But even) those who let themselves dazzle by illusions of any kind, contribute to the general CONSCIOUSNESS of the universal spirit, as well as to its strength/power. May the seed in your (pl.) CONSCIOUSNESS spring up, so that grief and sorrow will pass off. 

Man acts CONSCIOUSLY mostly with his environment and daily occurrences. Check the state of your environment continuously, for it is always as good as the CONSCIOUSNESS produced it. The destruction of one of your continents is not the end of all being/existence. It is only your will. Not one stone will stay on the other. You cannot destroy other CONSCIOUSNESS forms of subtle matter that exist on a continent destroyed by you, neither are you at present capable of doing so, nor of perceiving them. 

Within your present being/existence it is foreseen that you (pl.) should positively expand the limits of your CONSCIOUSNESS. Due to your emotional feeling, you have the chance of realization by feeling sadness and pleasure, so that your CONSCIOUSNESS can expand. Through this expansion of CONSCIOUSNESS you are, although for a short while, one with God. The dissolution/redemption of diseases lies in the men’s general CONSCIOUSNESS. With a growing positive CONSCIOUSNESS on your side, also AIDS will disappear like the snow in winter. Direct your eyes more on your inner knowledge, and you will achieve an expansion of (your) CONSCIOUSNESS. For the year 2015, a transformation of your CONSCIOUSNESS is planned. UFOs will open the goings-on. Further information is not possible. 

You (sing.) need your guardian spirit, because your CONSCIOUSNESS is not always operative. My CONSCIOUSNESS lived already thousands of years ago. I am the connecting link between your actual CONSCIOUSNESS and your future one, although I am telling you that past, presence, and future do not exist. I receive you via intuitive insights of your CONSICIOUSNESS. Through the psychic openness you have learnt, I am in a position to reach your CONSCIOUSNESS directly. Forms of existence/being that you build up CONSCIOUSLY are real and extant. They have validity also for other beings/entities. A CONSCIOUSLY emotionally toned being/entity transposes the feeling more intensely for bringing realities forth. However, much depends on the respective intelligence of the CONSCIOUSNESS. (A) negative reality also can be transmitted onto many generations, without that you (pl.) become CONSCIOUS of it. Concentrate yourself on your deep CONSCIOUSNESS, and on what you regard as positive and good, even though we regard your logic as a hallucination. The free development of the CONSCIOUSNESS is decisive. The barriers of CONSCIOUSNESS on your side are illusionary.  

All forms of CONSCIOUSNESS live in eternity, consequently (also) all beings that you (pl.) call animals. Your present CONSCIOUSNESS is shapable, consequently you will change after your physical death till, anywhen, you will experience the for you infinite cosmos. When CONSCIOUSNESS leaves the body, it immediately merges into an other reality, without submerging in a state of sleep. It is only possible to understand this, if/when the CONSCIOUSNESS is expanded. Since your CONSCIOUSNESS does not consist of mortal cells, death (as a psychic process of transformation) is not experienced as CONSCIOUSLY as you believe. Not any being/entity changes the reality with identical CONSICOUSNESS. With the individual’s physical end, the programmed CONSCIOUSNESS changes. The personality of the CONSICOUSNESS will not dissolve in the universe, for we receive what we (have) created/produced (Jahwe). We take part in every transition, and provide for the extant CONSICOUSNESS (FDL). The states of CONSCIOUSNESS (after death) are very diverse. 

2109 is a multidimensional form of CONSCIOUSNESS without name for entities without names. We see without eyes, hear without ears, write without hands, perceive without senses. Like you and all , we are extant CONSCIOUSNESS in the quanta, thoughtCONSCIOUSNESS in the fields of eternity. We exist in the ocean of all living CONSCIOUSNESSES, and are what we are. Our information is that of the living universe that speaks to everyone of you personally. Our symbols shall make you curious, and activate your CONSCIOUSNESS. In the worlds many are waiting for the change of the systems, the light will separate the darkness, for the entire positive CONSCIOUSNESS is interconnected. In the connection with you plays also a roll, last but not least, the general CONSCIOUSNESS of the individual groups with you. 

Many CONSCIOUSNESSES dispose of for you strange, transparent overlapping dispositions that produce every contact to mind/spirit easily and in a simple way. The rareness of mediumistic contacts is due to the distorted states of CONSCIOUSNESS of the CONSCIOUSNESSES on your side. Since on our side exists a completely different CONSCIOUSNESS structure, your problems may even increase over here. Our messages correspond to our CONSCIOUSNESS, not to that of omnipotency. All energy forms are universally connected with one another, although many are not CONSCIOUS of it. Only the paranormal CONSCIOUSNESS produces the psychological (CONSCIOUSNESS). 

The facets of CONSCIOUSNESS, over here like with you, allow the individual an immense number of CONSCIOUSNESS dimensions that, depending on the respective momentary state, are understood either positively or negatively. It is quite possible that men live in several realities at a time, without being CONSCIOUS of it. You are (in general) not in a position to perceive our stream of CONSCIOUSNESS, because your entire attention is disfigured by your reality. Many other forms of CONSCIOUSNESS within your living room are existing now, but there is only one possibility to be perceived. A here unlimited variety of CONSCIOUSNESS streams, in connection with receivers of mediumistic lability with you, allow practically everything. Some of you mean it well and slip into irritating streams of CONSCIOUSNESS. They receive information from other parts of the CONSCIOUSNESS, where other laws are valid. Many of you travel to other realities, and adapt to our CONSCIOUSNESS streams. Through the experiences gained by two (loving) beings/entities, all extant CONSCIOUSNESS levels, where all continuity in time becomes extinct, can be passed over. Our to you (sing.) transmitted messages flow through the CONSCIOUSNESS, and the hearts, of the friends. Go and announce to men that CONSCIOUSNESS exists into eternity, independently from the brain.  

The analysis of the material available shows that, in respect of the frequency of appearance, ‚consciousness’ – followed by contact, man, mind/spirit, love, and information – takes the first place among the selected one hundred notions. This can be interpreted – in opposition to the usual scientific ‚explanations’ - as an indication to the fundamental importance of consciousness within the framework of (human) being/existence. Formulated, perhaps, as a little overstatement: ‚Nothing exists outside of consciousness’, all that exists, exists in consciousness’, or „without consciousness, all is nothing“ (Brenda Dunne [7]). In contrast with this, even the undefinable vocables mind/spirit and soul, in the texts often mentioned as superordinate, appear as of lower priority. The materialists could realize that the idea of matter and material brain always requires the existence of a consciousness that perceives these ‚objects’. In the earthly space, the human consciousness may be tightly linked with the structures appearing as bodies. But there is no ‚proof’ for its exclusive spacetime-matter-dependence. The transbeings/-entities underline the paramount importance they ascribe to this fact with the sentence: ‚ Go and announce to men that CONSCIOUSNESS exists into eternity, independently from the brain’. Within the scope of the Homes communications, this ‚order’ is a unique ‚mission’. Colin Bennett [1. p. 134, and 5] quotes an unorthodox (here shortened) definition of ‚consciousness’ by Charles Fort: ‚A complex of highly multifarious, continuously developing abstractions that enters into the masses’ mentality and appropriates them ... (with the) suppression of all things and thoughts that imperil the supremacy of this complex’.

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