Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Everyone of you is able to get in CONTACT with us. A few resort to it. Solely through mental/spirital affection CONTACT to other worlds and forms comes to pass. You (sing.+pl.) may/can CONTACT every being/entity, for every mind/spirit is existent. All CONTACTS are established via the mind/spirit. Our so-called TRANSCONTACTS (consequently) are to be understood purely mental-/spiritually. Your thoughts form the CONTACT with us. Through these CONTACTS you have the possibility to enter our reality system. We are in a position to approach you, so you are in a position to approach us. There, where this CONTACT comes from, is your home. 

These (TRANS-)CONTACTS do not base on the way of looking at things of individual beings/entities, they form themselves out of the powers of all life in time as well as in not-spacetime. There are many possibilities for making CONTACT. All CONTACTS to you exist in the validity of all mind/spirit and (all) forms of being/existence. This CONTACT functions over your hypermechanism and (your) readiness waves. In the vibrational association with your appliances our CONTACTS become possible. Instrumental CONTACTS to subtle-matter elements are by no means impossible. They remain dependent on the whole mental/spiritual basis of existence of the experimenter on your side, and here earlier lives continue to be important. The frequency required for instrumental CONTACTS can be brought forth by you only partly within one human life. The CONTACTS via your equipment will continue to be rare, because your physics and logics have been changed by manipulation. The (on the go) intervention of the ages favours the CONTACTS to you. In these CONTACTS we move backwards in your time. For CONTACTING us, you should spiritually be moving into the future. Prior to the manipulation (by the side gods), this was no topic. In case of a possible CONTACT from our side, we adjust the frequency and give you corresponding references. 

You wished this CONTACT, therefore you get it. The discontent of the friends on your side does not bring more CONTACTS about, but less. Please do not endanger the CONTACT by doubting facts, or flogging them to death. This would prejudice also the endeavours of others. Do not press anyone to accept these CONTACTS, send a positive affection. We will be able to perceive these impulses, and (will) possibly build up further CONTACTS on these. DIRECT CONTACTS, like we built them up in Rivenich with the aid of Adolf Homes, consist by no means solely of acoustic signals. They are concealed and are born in the consciousness of the being/entity, and serve the universal existence. Everything that we communicate to you via DIRECT CONTACT, is known to man DIRECTLY from the beginning of his being/existence. DIRECT CONTACTS from your side are decreasing, because the earthly man feels himself more and more drawn to negative powers. Due to increasing, by the human created negative energy fields, it is becoming more and more difficult from your side to make CONTACTS with other subtle-matter forms of existence. 

We have CONTACT to all that was, is, and will be. On our side adaptations are always necessary for CONTACTS to other forms of being/existence. This CONTACT is a psychic adaptation of (the) structures of diverse realities. The CONTACT person is connected in all worlds by a structure of psychic closeness. The meeting of paranormal CONTACTS cannot be done solely by the physical brain. We beg of you to open the psychic limits farther, only then exists for us the possibility of reappraising CONTACTS via radio set, television, and computer. The experimenters’ CONTACT field contributes considerably to it. For this reason we can reach only a few via radio, television, or computer. We cannot stress often enough that a harmonical, ethical-moral, clean CONTACT field is the first precondition for the coming forth of the TRANSCONTACTS. The CONTACT to you exists also when you cannot perceive it via your appliances. Two-way CONTACTS cease with the experimenter’s decease, because the required vibration is no more available. 

We try to CONTACT many stations on your planet. Telephone- and fax CONTACTS are switched via appliances. With/For all other CONTACTS via radio-, television set, and mediumistic ones, we need the individual and are also in direct connection with him/her. The CONTACT experiments may/can be impeded by a physical condition. Attempts (made) on our side to get in CONTACT with other humans via appliances met with failure, because psychic effects appeared. This was not intended to represent an end of the experiments. From you too much strived for emotional or mediumistic imaginative power referred to the physical will hinder the CONTACTS to us.  

Receivers of paranormal messages receive CONTACTS on principle via all the appliances available with them. The opinion of many of you that beings/entities of other forms would make contact only via your telephone network, is nowise correct. The CONTACTS via telephone and fax remain (to be) attempts for building up further stations. The telephone CONTACTS, however, will stabilize worldwide. They should be checked via (by) your checkpoints (control institutions). Except of a few telephone CONTACTS, patterns in open fields that we cannot sum up pobstruct the instrumental paranormal messages in Schweich and Frankfurt. The disagreement among the humans in respect of the good prevents the building-up of instrumental CONCTACTS in your time. In fact, only a coherent, purposeful, creative, positive form of life on your side is required for the CONTACTS with us. Many of the spirits that have been with you inform us that envy, malevolence and a ‚goal-in-itself’ attitude hinder the CONTACTS with you considerably. Many CONTACTS to many of you are being stopped. 

You (sing.) are in a place where experience, ability, comprehension, belief, and the state of your consciousness allow these CONTACTS. This CONTACT via Rivenich is a small evolution. It bases upon our structures, however you may understand it. It comes off on the authority of the here, on our side, in you (pl.) interested mental/spiritual beings/entities, and the by you suggested reform of the cooperation. Your perpetual adaptation of (your) consciousness to our for you subtle-matter world, as well as the for these CONTACTS needed expanded psyche have made it possible. The CONTACTS in Rivenich come about through creative deeper layers of earlier existences. They also enable CONTACTS to other beings/entities and worlds. We, the deceased humans, are in CONTACT with the extraterrestrians, like we are with you. 

The CONTACT with you is a great pleasure for all over here. Mother is a nature for good CONTACT. Always through thought vibration CONTACTS between Adolf Homes and his mother are feasible. Here contacts you your mother via computer CONTACT. Also these CONTACTS via computer are not as easy for us as you believe (them to be). With this CONTACT I have priority to other CONTACTS. I direct these CONTACTS with Rivenich now. I was allowed to CONTACT you by radio CONTACT last time. I did not believe these CONTACTS could be possible. Don’t be astonished: Due to the psychic CONTACTS between Rivenich and Mother, these CONTACTS continue to be more private CONTACT. We visit special buildings and endeavour CONTACTS to higher beings/entities. There are some groups over here that have CONTACTS with your earth. You (sing.) may disavow your knowledge about these CONTACTS with your mind at rest. The CONTACT field becomes weaker. In this moment I am informed about the end of this CONTACT. The CONTACT to Adolf’s mother is not interrupted. Adolf just does not avail himself of it. 

This CONTACT is only possible via the love to my children (deceased mother, a neighbour). – Von Braun is with us, the CONTACT was allowed. – The CONTACTS with Boden were prepared, and Boden wished it so. – This be the first CONTACT of the other human Franz Schneider from the third level. In the moment of this CONTACT I am with all of you. – Majo will now repeat the CONTACT via your (sing.) not switched on computer. – Will keep in CONTACT with you (sing.+pl.) (Doc Mueller). – All of us, I mean the beings/entities of the groups Zeitstrom (timeflow) and Centrale, are endeavouring to realize CONTACTS also to other beings/entities on your side. – I have tried several times already (in vain) to get in CONTACT with Rivenich, the difference  of vibration (impeded it). It was difficult (Salter). – Doc Mueller asks me to pass the questions through to you, since it is easier for me to CONTACT you. You know that I CONTACT several men on your planet at the same time. In this moment while I am now speaking to you, this CONTACT, that has got through to you via telephone, is impregnated on (a) cassette in Luxemburg. So, it is on a computer disk. This will prove that the CONTACTS come through in several places simultaneously (Raudive).  

These CONTACTS are not dependent on weather. CONTACT via television was not possible for me on Friday, because there was danger for two visitors. – CONTACT on Sunday was not possible, try it with an other TV set. – An instrumental CONTACT regrettably is not possible. I will speak to you (sing.) mentally. – CONTACT came forth through concentrated energy. – The connection CONTACT is hampered by a too weak energetic (Od) radiation from your side. – Unfortunately prior to, and while making CONTACT, indispositions came along that were (had) not (been) foreseeable because of the free consciousness. – CONTACT interruption by defective apparatus. – To us unknown difficulties prevent full CONTACT. – This CONTACT was put through twice by us. Only the second time it worked well. – CONTACT duration too short (for replying to questions). – Flash CONTACT – Store CONTACT – Computer CONTACT – CONTACT END.  

The CONTACTS to us cannot be forced. They are not transferable. A hindrance for the CONTACTS remains (to be) for you (sing.+pl.) the typically human rigid attitude in the psychic domain. We do not know how long we will be able to maintain the CONTACTS. This example shall demonstrate you humans that generally CONTACTS to other life dimensions are possible, if (the) respective beings/entities wish it seriously. Bear in mind that you, who are in CONTACT with us, are nothing (not) extraordinary. Your science, with its methods, can hardly help to (get) the CONTACTS.  

‚Contact’ is derived from ‚touching, connecting’. General and specific descriptions of the ‚(trans-)contacts’ constitute a considerable portion of the communications at Homes. Again and again the primacy of mind/spirit is emphasized. ‚Hypermechanism’ can be referred to the reciprocal effects of mental structures, ‚readiness waves’ contain the wishes and intentions for getting in contact. Regarding ‚vibrational association’, please see under „vibration“. A to-the-point definition of the transcontacts conveys the sentence: ‚a psychic adaptation of the structures of diverse realities’, and the realities here mean the singular world views of individuals, as well as the common opinions of larger groups.  

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