Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Coordination Point

The entire COORDINATION, as regards the sense of your (pl.) present being/existence, is in a for the universe alarming state, because, in the end, after your physical death, it is possible to continue to pursue the goals one has set in one’s life. Please, accustom yourselves to an absolutely timeless dream-like state. By this, the fear will decrease, because without fear you have more readiness for COORDINATION. 

COORDINATION POINTS are points on your planet where the being/entity has more energy than elsewhere. They are fed by energy agglomerations. Furthermore, in such points several realities can meet, without that you perceive it. Like the physical body produces its breath by itself, not measurable impulses come to you from these COORDINATION POINTS. In these COORDINATION POINTS various realities merge into one another, and satisfying communication is possible. Nodal COORDINATION points can be generated by the cosmos. They come about from both sides through psychic creative activity. The COORDINATION POINTS are nothing else than subtle-matter capacity carriers that are built up absolutely intentionally by two fundamentally different life structures. We always have to take the example of the funnel that exists in the central point, the point of intersection, between your and our dimension. For you not measurable light sources meet your wave ranges through adaptation: COORDINATION linkage. COORDINATION POINTS are the result of a vibration that equals ours. An increased psychic vibration is required (from your side). The human brain is overcharged. Under preconditions learnable. Learning process. If/when intense positive thought waves (identical with tachyon radiation) from your side can reach one of these COORDINATION POINTS, it is quite possible that a communication with other existences will come off.  

As regards the transcontacts, considerably more would be possible if there were more of these COORDINATION POINTS. This refers not only to instrumental transcommunication. If the COORDINATION POINTS built up (for a short while) would continue to exist/be maintained, the (existing) potential could be developed to a COORDINATION POINT where various realities (would) merge into one another, and satisfactory communication would be possible. The contacts in station Rivenich, as well as in station Luxemburg, partly base on this fact. In the moment of a COORDINATION POINT you can hear us, while we perceive your thoughts in form of light patterns. 

The general meaning of ‚coordination’ (‚attribution’) is skirted only briefly, great weight is lent on the neologism ‚coordination point’ that is described in several paragraphs. It refers to the ‚points’ in space (the ‚places’) and to the moments (of time), where and when transcontacts take place. Those in the Beyond use the monstrous word ‚nodal coordination point’ as if they wished to stress the network-like linkage of the dissimilar realities. Tachyons are hypothetical particles faster than light that here are interpreted as information carriers. Those in the Beyond perceive our thoughts as ‚light patterns’. This notion, same as ‚invisible light sources’ equals light with information.

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