Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Cosmos – Cosmogony

The COSMIC mind/spirit generates the paranormal activity dimensions. The consciousness of all psychic life, no matter in what form it exists, results in a certain COSMIC reality. The physical brain is not able to comprehend these things, although every thought consolidates cosmically, and also every by you (pl.) effected action takes place innumerable times anywhere else in the very same moment. The human thinking organ cannot experience a multidimensional COSMOS. But what happens with the tiniest beings/entities in the microCOSMOS, is also possible in the most diverse galaxies. The (by you left) centre (of the all-that-is) is in COSMIC spiritual principles that base on (an) eternal being/existence. The unselfish love of ones own I, in connection with the COSMIC love for one’s neighbour, and all that we cannot grasp, are the specious recipe of what to us appears as positive. Solely the individual in love and reason is in a position to adapt to the mental/spiritual COSMIC expectations. Your birth up to (your) physical death equals exactly the COSMIC existence. Your ability for realization/cognizance increases. Thus you have the possibility of evolving spiritually COSMICALLY. Your present consciousness is shapable, consequently you will change after your physical death till, anywhen, you will experience the for you infinite COSMOS. 

Everything is COSMICALLY connected. All contacts to other forms of consciousness found on COSMIC lawfulnesses. The specific receiver is a COSMICALLY prepared one. Do not expect obstinately to move the physical COSMOS into your minimal direction, for you will find the progress in the joyous search. Become at one with yourselves, and with the COSMOS, and the creator’s help is (will be) with you. Energetic healings are COSMICALLY conditioned.   

In COSMOGONY all values obtained from experience are regarded as incomplete. Entirely different beings/entities, that are not identical with the human consciousness, exist in other worlds of the COSMOGONY. – Do not feel sad when a friend leaves you, the Master of COSMOGONY called him so that he (may) continue(s) to live without chains. We, the theologists from COSMOGONY, greet all men/humans in the conservative law.   

The Greek notion ‚Kosmos’ – contrary to the chaos – includes the ideas of order and ‚decoration/trappings’. It has been reserved to modern astrophysics to design, on the basis of doubtful theories, a soulless, material cosmos, graded by Ken Wilber [19] as a part of the truly comprehensive mental/spiritual cosmos that is a consciousness structure.  

Here appears, unexpectedly ‚cosmogony’ (nascency of the world), as the solitary rest of which the untrustworthy hypothesis of the ‚big bang’ is claimed. ‚Men/humans in the conservative law’ can be referred to the (by the majority of the people inconsiderately accepted) conservative physical laws, that pass for idealized ‚empiric laws’ in ‚closed systems’, whose real existence excludes itself by the fact that we could not know anything of what is (with)in them. Totally unnoticed remains In the classical physical deliberations the role of the observer, resp. of his consciousness, a role introduced not earlier than through the modern quantum theory, that however did not give rise to any consequences for the general worldview and daily life.  

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