Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The PRIMORDIAL CREATION, in association with all spiritual consciousness, created every and any form in the diverse structures and time conceptions. The CREATOR’s omnipotence signifies All-that-what-is. The primordial God’s CREATIVE power is more extensive/comprehensive than you (pl.) can vision. More beautiful and prodigious than all physical dimensions and realities. Mental/spiritual primordial structures possess (their) own energies, an all penetrating form of CREATIVE powers. All that lives, and all does live, is part of the CREATION. The CREATOR’s fundamental order allows many facets. Many of your natural scientists see no CRREATOR in their research, although they grasp that the building plan of the universe cannot have come off by accident.

We all pertain to the multidimensional power of CREATION. We all move towards the CREATOR, only the speed differs. Believe in the CREATION. All within you is a CREATIVE PROCESS that does not end. We all are part of (the/a) PRIMORDIAL CREATIVE godly order. We are CREATORS, but neverthless CREATED (ones). I, too, am only a CREATOR, and notwithstanding a CREATED (one). The CREATIVE formations/schemes are about all probabilities. Body and mind/spirit are illusionary, but the CREATION saw a sense (therein).

You possess merely a part of the PRIMORDIAL CREATIVE information. It is known to us that for you all things appear as subjective, but (also that) what you represent in your conception remains (to be) important and fosters an advancing towards the CREATOR of all things. The tiniest, ostensibly unimportant information may/can be a part of the CREATION’s primordial plan. Because of your emotional feeling, you have the possibility of descrying the multidimensional CREATIVITY. Every being/entity in these galaxies and structures, due to again innumerable information, has the possibility to produce its own form and quality of being/existence, in order to also experience it.

The whol(ly) mental/spirit-worlds are allied/united by modulation. CREATIVE adaptation on account of love. Except of our CREATOR there are not any guaranties, because all universes are constituted by change/transformation. There is nothing that could evade the PRIMORDIAL CREATIVE change/transformation. Without freedom of decision there is not any positive CREATIVITY. Some of you lack of the necessary deep confidence in the CREATIVE. The human will learn that he is for ever united with himself, with those he loves, with the whole universe, as well as with his CREATOR. Stay humble and still CREATIVE.

Whether you are there or with us, you are continually within the Great Spirit’s CREATION. In this moment I am in every individual CREATION of our Primordial God. All is blessed in the CREATOR’s power. All secrets are inherent in the CREATION of all things. You and we are seeking ones on the way to our origin, towards the CREATOR.

Presumably in order to avoid any mistake or confusion, the creation is imputed to the primordial God, and, as parts of him, we, like those in the ‚Beyond’, are likewise created ones and creators. Strangely, also mind/spirit here are said to be illusionary. This statement can only have bearing on the for us accessible (reduced) mind/spirit, in contrast with the superordinate MIND/SPIRIT as Ken Wilber [19] understands it. One cannot fail to notice the claim to every respective one’s own creative power; many people do not only lack the confidence in the bearing All-that-is, where nothing can get lost, but also the belief in the reach of their own creativity that, due to its unrestrained possibilities of realization in the Beyond, may/can lead to considerable problems.

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