Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The validity of the covenant (between Jahwe and his creation) abolishes the notion DEATH. All mind/spirit includes all life, because there is nothing DEAD. DEAD matter does not exist. There is only the physical DEATH of the flesh, only the psychical process of transformation comes to pass. The bodily DEATH does not consist in justice, nor in injustice, but in the reciprocal effect within God’s omnipotency. After your body’s DEATH the psychic soul consciousness goes into the multidimensional information, this is not subject to any separation, nor to DEATH. Beginning and end are accompanied by the pain that animates the human conscience.

Your (pl.) being/existence is a process of active living. In your structure a process of being born and of dying passes off. DEATH is part of this process because in every second of your time many cells die within you for being immediately born again. Therefore DEATH and life/living are always (with)in you. Since man fears the physical DEATH because of his being human, he does not perceive this continuous dying. To communicate this more definitely: In your (sing.) body every day (every second!) millions of DEATH cases take place. Particularly th(os)e men with the typically human rigid attitude in the psychic (domain) are those who have great fear of the physical DEATH. But also the one who goes in panic fear of DEATH, decided long before in an other dimension for his physical DEATH.

Since your consciousness does not consist of mortal cells, DEATH is not experienced as consciously as you believe (it does). There is no in time precisely determined moment of DEATH. Have no fear, your moment of DEATH is no specific one. Since I, too, have lived as a human many times, I can tell you that DEATH is nothing else than a positive adventure. Adventure because every man experiences a different transition. Not any transition is like an other (one). It conforms to the respective stage of development. While one sees an unimaginably beautiful landscape, the other one wakes up in a bombed site/site strewn with debris. Your actions, wishes and feelings, also those of the last incarnations, contribute in coining this adventure. Things that you create by your mind/spirit are always part of the life after DEATH and later on, whether they appear as real or not. The goal in itself finds itself in nonentity, its birth and its DEATH therefore are useless.

Have (pl.) no fear of the DEATH, for there is no DEATH. God will free the human and the animal from the terror of DEATH. Animal and human, DEATH cannot keep hold of you. With the individual’s physical end the prorammed consciousness changes. Your present consciousness is shapable, consequently you will change after your physical DEATH till, anywhen, you will experience the for you infinite cosmos. You will be absolutely free after your physical DEATH, and past and future are transparent/can be looked through. In our domains of being/existence a friendly world is waiting for you. (When you will have) arrived on our side, you will have many possibilities to progress also on other levels and in other worlds.

We, these DEAD living ones, as I would like to call us, express our thanks. Please bear all in mind that – speaking with your words – worldwide adequate material is available, that justifies an active continuance of life after the physical DEATH. There is no DEATH, there is only a life. DEATH is always a prolongation of life. This (your) world and the Beyond are to be compared with a room that separates two who love each other by a, for the moment separating, wall. The physical DEATH will unite the two. (The) DEAD are living. Why do you search the living among the DEAD ?

According to Sartre death is the ‚making nothing of all possibilities’ – a bigger contrast to the here available statements/expositions is not imaginable. They tally with some concepts of the Greek philosophers and with many conceptions/ideas of the early peoples. The transpartners deny the Christian interpretation of death as a ‚punishment for the sins’, (for them) death constitutes a part of the perennial life. The question ‚Why do you search the living among the dead?’ is taken from the Bible; it was repeatedly put by Bender for whom it was of deep personal import (see Vol. II, no. 3, p. 34 of this periodical).

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