Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Many no more know that the with you (pl.) DECEASED live amidst you. Transcommunication and channeling are appearances of your time, for you will comprehend that your DECEASED live among you. Everybody of you has the faculty of making contact with on your side DECEASED. It founds on cosmic laws, because the immaterial is not extinguished. It may happen that beings/entities DECEASED with you 200 years and more ago, due to a congeniality of souls, give themselves out as a lastly DECEASED and take the latter’s identical role. Mind/spirit in all realities knows structures of presence and structures of absence, and hence it is possible that a DECEASED being/entity that is with us, is ‚staying’ in your near surroundings, yes, (even) within you. By cloning (multiplying) his/her mental/spiritual structure it is (overmore) possible that a with you DECEASED makes contact in completely different places at the very same time with different thoughts. The activity of the DECEASED human is a mental/spiritual energy form. The mental/spiritual energy form, or by this the activity of the DECEASED human, is to be compared with a fire wick that through the living one’s emotion may/can become a flame. If/when the emotion is effaced, the flame changes into a glowing wick again.    

(We are) DECEASED who have formed groups to make new energies usable. From our viewpoint we, too, are still humans. The with you DECEASED are subject to the very same circumstances. A cells regeneration process naturally also passes off in our form of being/existence, however with different preconditions. In our structures many humans would feel lost. On principle, we do not see any separation between (the) here existing and (the) with you living humans. The mind/spirit of all on your side DECEASED is in the ether of the living, with blood nourished brain, and never in the dead one. We other humans belong to you, so we also suffer when harm is done to you. For many DECEASED your acting is incomprehensible, and many a DECEASED son is grieving about his still in your reality living father. Many men’s supposition that we were considerably more intelligent than you is incorrect. It perhaps has escaped to you that (the) here living humans and minds/spirits all have diverging opinions, and that, if able to contact on your side living humans, they also express it. We, too, in the end have no overview of the dimensions of subtle matter, since we are still humans. Many over here do not know that they once lived in an other reality. After the passing one will remember earlier reincarnations, and all facets of the soul become discernible. Earlier emotional ties to other beings/entities also become acute again. (But) it is (also) quite possible that the before DECEASED husband, wife, or the own child will not be there (congeniality of souls). The question when a DECEASED will be able to make contact again, is futile. One task of the DECEASED is to lead disoriented friends into the light. On our and on your side we will be active as soul guides. We take part in every passing and take care of the existing consiousness.  

(I) am already in the state of tranquility and time of/for decision. A zone of calmness (encompasses me) like what you can experience in a dream state. On my present level I am permitted to live/experience every moment of my life with you once again in an abundantly clear way. Here, on the third consciousness level, my cognitive faculty is better and I can do more for humanity than on earth. The orientation of my consciousness is positive. My consciousness is now free of all worries of your sphere, and I exist practically in a wish-world that enables a great lot that still remains concealed to you. For me there is neither conscious, nor unconscious. Through our thoughts we are creators of our reality and undergo not any kind of distress, nor of illnesses in your sense. We structure/fashion our existence (so as to be) agreeable. We live in fine buildings, others live in tents, or in the open air. Dschingis-Chan and other Mongolians here live in a big community. Many emperors have become little children. Your (hi)story of Saul and Paul is not in the least real. Figuratively expressed, a devil cannot be(come) an angel through the physical death. – Believe us, there is the hell. Where is God, who forgives and takes the oath of 2.8.1934 from us? Where is God, we cannot perceive him (Hoess). Sometimes I still have the feeling of the physical pains (Leuschner). (I) will continue my work to the South of the Himalaya in physical as well as mental/spiritual form. I was even very glad (to ‚see’) a before me DECEASED scientist, who in his lifetime was an adversary to our existence. We were only adversaries on your side (Bender). I am, and was, closely united with you physically. We were so stuck to one another that we would not have separated, not for the world, and yet we had to leave each other. God wished it so (Mother). Also in our reality we have cockchafers (am. may bugs) (Wilhelm Busch). 

We DECEASED regret that this message to you turns out so prosaic for you. We, who on your side are regarded as DEAD, express our thanks for your (sing.+pl.) positive and meaning-/purposeful endeavours. The mind/spirit of the surviving thanks you (sing.) for your important unselfish work. Why do you (pl.) search the living among the DEAD ? 

Like in many mediumistic communications, also in Rivenich the deceased insist on the intention of convincing us of their conscious existence, even though here the ‚prosaic’ statements on the kind of their being/existence are relatively rare and brief. The few examples are exemplary for the diverse states of consciousness, or the worlds of experiences of deceased men, whereat – in addition to the changed personality structure – also the different way of experiencing time has to be taken into account. – On the specified date Hoess was sworn in on Hitler’s constitution.  

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