Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The universe consists of the Great Spirit’s form of existence/living, of consciousness, intelligence, as well as of self-consciousness/-confidence. From these DIMENSIONS proceed energy and vigour. Every DIMENSION knows other conceptions and truths. The occurrences that happen for the cosmos are DIMENSIONS of experience(s) that are not subject to any time, but either jeopardize, or have positive influence on every action and every experiment between the worlds. Spiritual teachers come and go in order to interpret to you the DIMENSIONS of the specific systems. Do not compromise yourselves by embarking too much on the issue of the DIMENSIONS. We cannot explain these to you for the moment.  

We exist on other DIMENSIONS. Also we are not able to see out over the DIMENSIONS of subtle matter down to the last detail, because we still are humans. The subtle matter behind the subatomic DIMENSIONS is not accessible to us. Connections to all forms are possible within the spectrum of quanta; not earlier than with this the DIMENSIONS are brought forth. The gates come about through controlled modulation of the form of mind/spirit, as well as by a shifting of DIMENSIONS. The respective senders and receivers partly stay in intermediate worlds and enable the transformation. Many symbols come from other DIMENSIONS. The spiral is the key to all DIMENSIONS. 

All that constitutes the life on your planet, on principle comes to pass in all DIMENSIONS. These are countless, and every DIMENSION is a part of an ongoing course of physical, but mostly psychical states and processes. (So) your DIMENSION is just a product of the general, entire existence of all life/being. Despite of all (the) negative occurrences, all life in all DIMENSIONS concerns itself with the (cap)abilities of inner perception. Innumerable DIMENSIONS are open for us as well as for you; nevertheless I continue to be a shaman. The facets of consciousness allow the individual, over here like with you, an immense number of consciousness DIMENSIONS. Due to countless DIMENSIONS in form of thoughts, that you (pl.) can/may realize also in material form, you have the possibility of creating many things, what we cannot bring about in the same manner. I (however) exist practically in a DIMENSION of wish that for me makes a great lot possible that still remains hidden to you. 

Contacts with other life DIMENSIONS are generally feasible, if beings/entities wish it seriously. The cosmic spirit creates the (transcommunicative) activity DIMENSIONS. Your emotional mental/spiritual DIMENSIONS, and those of the deceased overlap sheer perfectly. The introduction of selfish rules separates the DIMENSIONS, and they become illusionary. The spiritual purity of the hearts can open the doors to all DIMENSIONS. Humans who seek existing DIMENSIONS with their open consciousness, will find them. Solely love is in a position to land us all into DIMENSIONS where, in the end, we also will feel well. The light of love allows to live all experiences in all DIMENSIONS: A larger reality DIMENSION can only be materialized through love. The shamans hope for the Great Spirit who interconnects all worlds and DIMENSIONS. 

The best would be to avoid the notion ‚dimension’, that etymologically is coherent with ‚measure’ (extent, size) and ‚measuring’, because its utilizations are likely to suggest innumerable misunderstandings. In addition to the - in science and technique useful - three dimensions relating to space, and the – by a trick - to these added time as a fourth dimension, ‚pseudodimensions’ of most varying meanings are employed. Among these count, f.i., consciousness, intelligence, and self- consciousness/confidence as forms of life/existence of the Great Spirit. Occurrences in the cosmos are dimensions of experiences. Those in the Beyond exist on other subtle-matter dimensions they can have no survey of. The individual disposes of countless consciousness- and wish dimensions. There are life-, activity-, and reality dimensions, and, in the end, even every thought is a dimension.

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