Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Dream - Trance

The occurrences (in dreams) are reality. In your (sing.+pl.) DREAMS, that apparently are not identical with your reality, you experience the initial phases of the possibility of producing, and also experiencing, yourself(ves) your own form and quality of being/existing. Your DREAM is a constituant of earlier lives. Catastrophies in your environment have, in the end, been brought forth by yourself(ves), but in other dimensions. In certain layers/levels of your DREAMS you are united with your true being/existence, with your genuine I. In DREAMS and other trance-like states you are really yourself(ves). DREAMS are channels and bridges to other worlds that are unknown to you (sing.) at the moment. The contacts to other realities are built up through DREAM- and trance states, above all, however, by (the) psychic structures of both sides.

I feel like living a dream. With Seth 3 I have been on a journey to other worlds, for you these are not attainable, not even in your DREAMS. I am in a realistic DREAM world where everything is possible. I could have met you in any other place, this then would have had to take place in one of your DREAMS.

Tears and quaking/trembling are destined for those who live in uncertainty. You (sing.+pl.) will have nightmares till you will come to know that mind/spirit does not get lost. Please accustom yourself(ves) to a completely timeless DREAMlike condition. By this the fear will reduce, for without fear you have a better readiness for coordination. The human will waken from his DREAM and perceive other for him usable realities. Please, pay attention to your DREAMS.

The interpretation of DREMAS (and trance states) is at variance with the prevailing opinions of the psychlogists. As initial phases of self-created realities they are an anticipation of freer possibilities for framing/moulding the real dream worlds in the Beyond. This should be particularly valid for the lucid dreams, the events/occurrences of which can be consciously steered by the dreamer, and from which transitions lead to the well-directedly strived for experiences of the remote perceivers whose information on earthly data can be verified, but that report on likewise real experiences with other beings/entities in other worlds.

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