Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Should the mind/spirit that includes the soul, DIE, this would be a contradiction in itself. Because of false information mind/spirit searches an animal’s body, this can be construed as the beginning of your system. Through this the feeling of being MORTAL came in. The system circulatory that you (pl.) understand by birth and DYING is the smallest one in the universe. Every second of your time many cells in you DIE out for being born again immediately. Since the human, because of being a human, fears the physical death he does not perceive the continuous DYING of his body’s cells. Nobody of you has to DIE in order to be the one he would like to be. You have to DIE because you yourselves have chosen one of a lot of possibilities. What will DIE lastingly are all your prejudices, for the sake of love. Please learn to consider that you must DIE there so that you (make) progress, for you live within the space of an illusion that we call time. Giving DYING the sense, the sense of trusting in God.

All men who DIE on your side come to us. The transition will take just a few seconds in your time. At your transition those beings/entities will await you to whom you belong by your soul. It is quite possible that the earlier deceased husband, wife, or the own child will not be there (congeniality of souls). – The world came to an end yet, and I saw two celestial beings (of FDL) at the right and the left beside me (Gilaidos). – I had the wish to change into a multidimensional world. That what you call God enabled me to have a rapid TRANSITION into a world that I partly had a reminiscence of. We are mainly busy in helping beings/entities that with you have to DIE as children (Anne Guigne).

Dying as ‚the becoming numbed’ of the physical form of appearance and as (the) transition into a freer sphere of consciousness is subject to each one’s own decision and is meaningfully ranged in the system circulatory of being/existence. In fact, men do not perceive the scope of what happens on the level of the cells of their body, the varying rate of dying/(new) birth is about several million cells per second.

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