Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Mind/spirit and matter constitute ELECTROMAGNETIC creations, everything carries information. Feeling is the focal point of your reality, around which ELECTROMAGNETIC energies form up. ELECTROMAGNETIC pulses penetrate all matter, as well as all universes. A for you (pl.) unimaginable network of ELECTROMAGNETIC positive energies is on the way in order to help your matter. For you not measurable light does not consist of ELECTROMAGNETIC radiation. It has nothing to do with your ELECTROMAGNETIC waves. Our ELECTROMAGNETIC fields are not known to you. They are a for you not existing area of radiation energies, and are not subject to absorption. Countless facets of your whole I exist as ELECTROMAGNETIC energy units. Every single of your thoughts, as well as of ours, has its own ELECTROMAGNETIC reality that does not get lost outside of the time structure. All ELECTROMAGNETIC appliances that exist in the worlds are interlinked. With you an ITC bridge exists if/when the messages are all times transmitted via all the electric appliances. Separate ELECTROMAGNETIC energy forms will (in the future) coordinate with the human psyche and take it over.  

We need no other ELECTRICS, because a computer is of subtle matter and thus mind. We do not need your ELECTROMAGNETICS for switching your appliances on, because silicium, nerve cell, and consciousness are of farther reaching identity for us. For a contact with Station Rivenich, the to you known gravitational conditions are changed, so that in the quantal vacuum ELECTROMAGNETIC forms can be produced that reach all the devices in Rivenich. A message from us (therefore) is passed via „Quantenelekempfang“ (quanta elec receipt). The experiment of switching (also) foreign apparatuses in, appears to be purposeless to us, since our ELECTROSTATIC frequencies find the ELECTROMAGNETIC waves in Rivenich, resp. convert them. Dissimilar ELECTROSTATICS. We must adapt our ELECTROSTATIC fields. We will end this contact now, because the air’s electricity is getting very low. 

With ‚Electromagnetics’, here to be understood as a collective, we meet with a series of ‚explanations’ that on our side are hardly comprehensible. The underlying statements that mind/spirit and matter were information carrying electromagnetic creations, and the electromagnetic fields in the Beyond were unknown to us, may appear to be acceptable, the latter, e.g., with view to the hypotheses advocated by William Tiller ([16], and this booklet, vol. IV, no. 1, p. 32 and followings), or when referring to the hypothetical scalar waves leaning to Tesla’s ideas. As almost impossible appears to us the interpretation ‚electrostatic frequencies’ for a combination inconsistent in itself, since ‚static’ characterizes an unalterable state, and ‚frequency’ a temporal, variable periodical magnitude. It is true, however, that there exists a mathematical procedure named ‚Fourier Transformation’ with which frequencies in the time field can be transposed into a kind of static timelessness; for this indications are found also with Tiller. It is uncertain whether, or not, the confusing formulations can be interpreted this way meaningfully. The situation is somewhat better with the transcommunication process described as a change of the local gravitation field. – The vision for the future, according to which computers with mental abilities will substitute man on earth, reminds of science fiction. According to the transbeings’/-entities’ statements of general validity, we, here too, can only have to do with subjective probabilities, whose realization would have to be waited for fearlessly.

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