Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Emotion – Feeling

Your reality is created by you EMOTIONALLY. Very often, from your side the ‚mistake’ is made that the EMOTIONAL I am speaking of here, is seeked in the external world, and not within oneself. EMOTIONS are generally important, but they want to be lived and understood in special ways, they need not make powerless/helpless. Many men, however, let themselves get fascinated by their environment and EMOTION, so that the sense of their life passes by them. They should keep their - quite necessary - EMOTIONS more under control. The growing development of the I on your side, in the EMOTIONAL like in the psychological (domains), is taking alarming forms. As long as the beings/entities search only their advantage in the existential, EMOTIONAL, or religious, also the universe’s eternal yearning for perfection will remain mere piece-work. Christ was the first to bring, through the father-son relation, an other EMOTIONAL conception into the new world. 

With many of you the necessary reason was restricted by confusing contacts, and through by these released EMOTIONS. From you too much aspired to EMOTIONAL, or mediumistic, imaginative power that refers to the physical, will hinder the contacts to us.  

FEELING is the central point of your reality, around which electromagnetic energies form. Your life/existence is brought about by your FEELINGS. Every FEELING is reality, and you are responsible for everything. Through this your life/existence gains its purpose. A consciously EMOTIONAL being/entity transforms the feeling more intensely in order to produce realities. On principle mind/spirit does not need a ‚solid body’. Because of erroneous information, it searched an animal’s body, (and) this can be interpreted as the beginning of your system. Through this, the FEELING of being mortal came forth. You all are manipulatively controlled by the play(ing) of the FEELINGS, and of curiosity, and the thirst for action. Due to your emotional FEELING you have the chance to realize all this, by feeling mourning/sadness, and joy/gladness/delight, so that your consciousness can expand. Through this expansion of your consciousness you are, although shortly, at one with God. Man makes the mistake of searching the FEELING of being at one with God in his exterior world, and not within himself. Your FEELING of identity becomes weaker. Through a negative FEELING, love can get lost for a long time. Only true sympathy and love bring you insight/comprehension, that you need for approaching the divine/godly. Extend your sympathy also to those who transmit our thoughts to you. The soul’s sympathy is the diamond’s hardness. 

The integral importance for life of the emotions, in the text not clearly distinguished from the feelings, is unquestioned, since they serve the evolution of the consciousness. In view of many misguided developments, there should be no doubt about the necessity of living/experiencing, and controlling emotions/feelings consciously (see this booklet, vol. IV, no. 1, p. 42 and followings). Of significance may be the indication to the beginning of our system, when our animal body conveyed to us the feeling of being mortal.

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