Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Mental/spiritual primary structures have their own energies, a form of creative powers that penetrates everything. From these dimensions proceed ENERGY and drive. Love is the purest form of ENERGY. Should you associate information with ENERGY, we partly agree to it, for both are fundamental elements that never end. Concentrated ENERGY produces patterns and forms. From this, pinpointed ideas can/may take a pseudophysical shape. Also all forms include ENERGIES, by, or out of these sending and receiving are possible. (On our side we have) ENERGY exchange, and ENERGY coalescence of mind/spirit, thoughts, and feelings through acceleration without gravitational complications.  

The natural laws hinder us to destroy ENERGIES. In the so-called Akasha ENERGIES nothing gets lost, for their time continues eternally. Light composes of (the) creation of all existence/life, the way and the aim of every life, (and is) cosmic ENERGY. Your structures, like ours, prove to be minimal ENERGY forms that, in turn, are not perceived by still finer forms. Nevertheless, all ENERGY forms are universally interlinked, although many are not aware of it. Your notion ENERGY form does not clearly correspond with our reality. In our systems your present demand of ENERGY is not needed. Long before Atlantis, it was already possible to change and convert for you negative ENERGIES into positive ones. These ENERGIES led to complications, and finally to destruction. All the existing ENERGIES should therefore be subejct to a psychical control before they are employed. 

The FDL (Federation of Light) is an ENERGY collective. We are energy. Our ENERGY concentration bases upon other mental/spiritual forms than yours. We wish to energize you, and prepare you for what will come. Always use your common sense. Please, learn to practice patience, we can do for you only what you yourselves wish, and you have enough ENERGY for that. As is known to you, the entire human body possesses an ENERGY that you understand as electrophysiology energetics. During a transcontact we influence the to you known physical fields with the following ENERGIES and fields: unequal electrostatics – electrophysiology – mysticism – radar – telepathy. Your corresponding measurements are not correct. (Our) radar ENERGY has nothing to do with yours. Tachyons are pure energy forms.  

(We are) deceased who have formed groups in order to make NEW ENERGIES usable. Through the intensity of all of us, NEW ENERGIES are brought forth. The ENERGIES with which we move are not known to you. (The trans-)contacts (come on) via concentrated ENERGY streams. ENERGY, no difference in what form, is of importance for the (instrumental contacts). Majo will now repeat the contact via your (sing.) computer in OFF state. The ENERGY is furnished by us. Coordination points are fed through ENERGY agglomerations. From these, for you and your science not provable, pure positive ENERGY quanta enter into the universe, and with this also into the psyche of active humans. These ENERGY quanta I am speaking of cannot be produced by you (pl.). They are rather the origin of all consciousness. It is known to us that the negative is a powerful ENERGY, whose origin lies in the general evolution of all existence/life. Because of increasing, by humans produced negative ENERGY fields, it is getting more and more difficult from your side to enter into contacts with other subtle-matter forms of existence/life. Connection contacts can (also) be obstructed by a too weak energetic radiation from the receiver’s side. You call it Od force. Many human ENERGIES get lost. They are landed in super-relativistic hallucinations for glorifying themselves. Serious prayers are positive ENERGIES, they can help. Energetic healings are contingent upon the cosmos, symbolically, a pebble can effect healing, it always depends on what forms you project into the stone.  

Here is not the right place for entering into the changeful history of the abstract notion of energy, whose Greek stem ‚érgon’ is related with the German ‚Werk’ (work, act, action, deed), and ‚wirkende Kraft’ (acting, active, efficacious force), ‚enérgeia’. It cannot be stressed often enough that – after 200 years of a muss - the physical energy notion with its today’s sense was for the first time formulated in 1870. Not earlier than parallel with the technical developments it gained its commanding importance, that nowadays is due to it in the economical life, not least because of its equivalence with ‚work’ equal to ‚money’. What we really perceive in our environment (correcter: in our consciousness) are structural changes that we ‚explain’ as causally conditioned effects of ‚forces’ and ‚energies’, preformed according to the logic of language. The application of this sanctioned method does not shrink from anything – up to the idea ‚God were the highest energy’ – and veils that it represents a superficial view of all-that-happens. In the modern way of speaking ‚energy’ has to do (as is likewise with the notion ‚force’ used on the model of the human bodily feeling) – with a special information, whose problematic transmittance from physics and technique onto the psychic (trans-)spheres can only lead to pseudo-explanations. Naturally, in the earthly existence/life we will never be in a position to withhold from the anthropomorphisms the tribute due to them. Nevertheless, as a minimal solution, one would recommend the spirit(ual)ists, esotericists, healers and physicists practicing alternative methods, since yet they believe in the existence of their ‚energies’, to characterize these as ‚subtle energies’, what would reduce the permanent confusions/mistakes. It is true, however, that it would be better to describe the alleged ‚energy transmissions’ as a mental-emotional activation of out-of-spacetime morphogenetic (information) fields, and the results as psychophysical reciprocal effects that link mental/spiritual, biological and physical occurrences that to us appear to be separate. Besides it is not surprising that the transpartners take our current conceptions up in order to make themselves fairly understood. The frequent pseudophysical notions in the transmessages should be regarded as concessions, and should not delude us as to their relativity and poor definition. In a dialogue transmitted via the medium Franz Schneider it is said on this subject: ‚We must use notions of which men believe to be able to make themselves an idea of.’ (see [14]).

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