Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The centre (of existence) lies in cosmic spiritual principles that base on ETERNAL existence/life. All what exists is embedded in the great, unconceivable love of the Great Spirit in the ETERNAL flow of all existence/life. Every mind/spirit created by God remains preserved for all ETERNITY. All consciousness forms live in (the) ETERNITY. Independently from the brain, consciousness exists for all ETERNITY. The benignity, and the love of omnipotence makes the light of ETERNAL closeness/unity shine in the souls. Lightless humans will slowly (begin to) think of the ETERNITY of what exists/lives, since the creator sent messengers to you (pl.). We are, like you and all, consciousness of thoughts in the fields of ETERNITY. Each and every thought of your world is stored with us for ETERNITIES in form of light patterns. All ETERNITY values of man originate from the decisions of the consciences of the acting persons, and from the probability- and reality-dimensions of all life. It is of no use to deny the ETERNITY of all existence/life, for quite soon every earthman will come to know of the infinite existence and wealth of the universe, wherein God’s heart is beating. 

Eternity goes hand in hand with timelessness and In-finity, all exclude any beginning and any end. With this view, the endeavours of deriving from physical theories a starting of the ‚machine-cosmos’ are extremely naive. They can neither escape the never ending question on the respective ‚before’, nor are they – under the pre-requisite that space and time would have come forth with the famous-ill-famed big-bang – capable of explaining how something could (have) budd off from nothing. One is tempted to set these widely propagated views on an equal footing by the side of all continents’ indigenous inhabitants’ myths about the genesis of the world, that ‚explain’ as much, or as little as the modern scientific model conceptions that – thanks to our very industrious journalists – are continuously confounded with reality. The cosmos – or all-that-is – exists in the consciousness.

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