Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Love is the root of all that exists. The whole EXISTENCE of all beings/entities produces the respective lawfulness in the structures. Within every personality resides the knowledge about the significance of the EXISTENCE of all-that-is, and each individual soul also knows in its very deepness that its conscious EXISTENCE is contingent on a by far larger reality dimension. The human brain contains all galaxies and universes, Copernican EXISTING. Your dimension is (only) one product of the whole EXISTENCE of existence/life. All has been, and is created through a multidimensional ongoing form of EXISTENCE of all beings/entities in all worlds and on all levels, consequently also by our and your acting. Every personality is inextinguishable, and each EXISTENCE is important. The shape of appearance doesn’t mean anything with it. (Comparable with your thoughts), our EXISTENCE represents itself shapeless. My EXISTENCE is of a mental/spiritual form. For your understanding, I would name me an electromagnetic impulse, similar to your electromagnetic waves. 

We are who we are, in the ocean of all living consciousnesses and EXIST only in the now. We receive all your thoughts, for they, too, are part of our EXISTENCE. There are many other forms of EXISTENCE. Human reports on our EXISTENCE are merely partly correct. The EXISTENCEs (in the earthly world and in the Beyond) are not very different. The information about the EXISTENCE Rivenich comes from the shamans. Many of you are already able to take a survey of various EXISTENCEs. 

For you (pl.), I practically do not exist, but through our EXISTENCE, you are also capable of living/possessing vitality. In line with your meaning I EXIST in a super-reality system. It is like with the risen Christ. For who believes in him, Christ lives. For who doubts the EXISTENCE of the dead, we do not exist either. Your (sing.) EXISTENCE harbours short-sightedness that you cannot escape of. All that at all exists appears to live in subjectivity. But for the human, a new way of EXISTENCE is planned.  

Two items be picked out of this text. The remarkable sentence ‚The information about the EXISTENCE Rivenich comes from the shamans’ can be interpreted as ‚The information received at Rivenich comes from the shamans’, or can be referred to the existence of the mediumistic transmitter Adolf Homes. The with caution formulated statement ‚ All that at all exists appears to live in subjectivity’ finds its justification not only in the messages about consciousness, but also in the originally Latin meanings of the ‚subjective’ and ‚objective’ as ‚that on what a statement is based’, or ‚what is thrown towards (someone/-thing)’ (i.e.: ’what one is confronted with’). In the strict sense there are only intersubjective concurrences that, with a sufficient number of advocates of similar opinions, are called ‚objective’.

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