Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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To live is to EXPERIENCE, no matter when, where, or how it happens, for everything is happening now. The occurrences that happen for the cosmos are EXPERIENCE dimensions. All the values of EXPERIENCE in cosmogony are regarded as incomplete. The information of the unconscious is the live message of the universe. These values of EXPERIENCE bring forth all mental/spiritual potential. The first step should always be the EXPERIENCE with one’s real I. Nothing makes you wiser than EXPERIENCE. Again and again, search into your own EXPERIENCE, so that you (pl.) get insight. The positive that lives within you (pl.) springs from your earlier EXPERIENCES. The glimpse into the face of one of your fellow men shows you how far you have come with your spiritual EXPERIENCE. The light of love allows to live all EXPERIENCES in all dimensions. I have built my present knowledge up from what I have learnt/EXPERIENCED with you, and over here. I will try to let all present EXPERIENCES flow into your psyche. As regards the EXPERIENCE after the physical death, so be informed (that): your existence/life is a process of active living. Death is always a prolongation of life.  

For assuming for ITC a sufficient(ly) informative task, paranormal EXPERIENCE, as well as the realization of innumerable facets in the different worlds and structures, are wanted from both sides. Frequently the voices on tape are thoughts of earthbound spirits. They believe to still have a physical body. This EXPERIENCE, too, is important for you, for without any success the interest will soon die out. However, we would urgently recommend to collaborate in peaceful harmony with the with you already existing groups that have paranormal EXPERIENCE, because through one-sided information light is always shed upon merely a part of a facet. We all declare that there is no other possibility than the cooperation of EXPERIENCED scientists. 

The to Doc Mueller attributed sentence ‚To live is to EXPERIENCE, no matter when, where, or how it happens, for everything is happening now’ refers to the presence, wherein solely we – whatever the researchers may find out about the brain processes – have our momentary experiences (see below). Apparently we begin already in the pre-natal stage to build up a more or less stable ‚scleromorphic’ mental structure that is remotely comparable with a computer’s fixed program. In contrast to that, however, our ‚memories’ are not established fix in form of exact data, and are not at any time callable as such, but they are subject to multiple ‚rheomorphic’ changes induced by inner and outer impulses. Every new experience is consciously, partly consciously, or unconsciously confronted with a part of the ‚stock’, and is modified, or it modulates the whole lot in an unforeseeable manner. The memory’s significance for our conscious earthly life generally is not sufficiently attended to. Every mental linkage of (in succession occurring) events depends on the memory’s capability/possibility; without this causality collapses like a house of cards. For us it is plainly unimaginable what transentities mean when they say they live in timelessness, time would not exist, or similar ‚things’.

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